Wedding dress with a blue belt

Modern designers offer a wide range ofwedding dresses of various styles and colors. Spectacular dress, decorated with delicate blue ribbon is a great choice for the brave women who do not wish to go against the traditional view of how should look like the bride, but want to stand out by applying in its image bright stylish accents. Blue belt decorated with rhinestones or elegant lace, will emphasize a thin waist, give the image of femininity, glamor.

Ideas wedding dress with a blue belt

Elegant dresses for a wedding with a blue ribbon

The blue color in clothes symbolizes stability,loyalty to the eternal family values, a state of bliss and contentment. Bright belt on a snow-white cloth will help to express the depth of feelings that fill the happy bride in a wonderful light on her wedding day. This focus will be a kind of recognition of the groom in love and faithfulness, trust in her chosen. Bright deco set the tone for the wedding theme, for example, if you want to organize a celebration in a nautical style.

Fashionable Satin detail make the silhouette culpritsharmonious celebration, pay attention to her slender waist. If you place a strip of beautiful bright cloth under the breast, it will emphasize the bust gorgeous bride. Lush bow, rolling in a chic trail, will visually pull the figure will make the bride above, slimmer. This elegant piece will be a wonderful complement the traditional model of evening dress. Bride remains only to decide which will be replaced by ribbon in her way.

Under the breast

Blue belt under the breast

Bright strip of cloth, placed on the chest orbeneath it, ideal for Wedding A-line styles. No less harmoniously and effectively an element will look for a dress in the Empire style. Focus on the upper chest to visually lift the chest. So times divert attention from the shortcomings of the figure girls in other areas, such as the abdomen or thighs. Fashion designer prefer to resort to a trick, if the wedding dress simple cut.

At the waist with a satin bow

Ribbon at the waist makes the silhouette slimmer

Classical piece wedding dress - elegantsatin ribbon with a lush bow. It can be as neat short belt, emphasizing the waist of a girl and a wide satin stripe fabric, draped in a luxurious bow. Thanks to the boundless imagination of contemporary designers, every bride can find your perfect option, this stylish accessory. Bow can be located both behind and in front of or, for example, sideways. As a rule, such a decorative element in front is small, and behind the complex multilayer compositions can be created.

With a blue belt, passing in the plume

Bright plume for wedding image

Bright satin fabric tied at the waist orhips, blending smoothly into the gorgeous trail, will look perfect with a corset and long flowing skirt to the floor. This style will give a royal bride be, make an image very feminine and elegant. Along with the striking train visually lengthen legs, pay attention to the chest, will create the visual illusion of perfectly correct proportions. No less impressive looks wide belt, rolling in the ribbon cable, on a plateau with lush layered skirts.

Options decorations blue belt on the bride

Blue Belt, an unofficial symbol of prudence andsincerity, a sign of stability and generosity, will be part of the original colorful wedding dress of the bride. In India, this color symbolizes wisdom and protection from evil spirits. According to legends, if a bride's wedding day is the blue part of the wardrobe, a husband and wife will be a lifetime devoted to family values. Bright belt on her wedding dress - a spectacular piece, which make even more elegant and unique decoration will help. Placer of stones or delicate white lace on a blue ribbon look particularly graceful and elegant.

openwork lace

Blue ribbon on the bride dress, decorated with lace

Blue satin ribbon decorated with delicate lacefinish. With such fine detail designers make wedding dress more feminine. Numerous variations lace ornaments allow every bride to choose the right decorative element. Effectively looks delicate snow-white lace, which will be beneficial to contrast with the main color of the tape. Interestingly decorated belt can be a key piece of wedding dress.

Stones and crystals

Stones and crystals in the form of a wedding

on a festive dress belt decorated with rhinestones andstones that make the image of regal luxury and majestic. This could be one large stone, mounted in the middle of a satin bow, or flower of rhinestones adorning the openwork embroidery. Modern resourceful designers offer a rich spectrum of possible variations of jewelry beads, pearls and sequins. Choosing finish for a given item outfit, do not forget to take into account the number of such items on the dress. Too congested shine gems garment will look ridiculous.

Photos wedding dress with a blue belt

Blue ribbon - a bright accent in the form of a beautifulBride. This item is successfully combined with dresses in white and shades of ivory and champagne. In the salons there and complete styles with ribbons, often decorated with elegant lace draperies or stones. Choosing the dress with decorative element assumes that the bride's image has at least one piece of blue. It can be a bouquet of cornflowers or earrings with blue stones.

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