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Every bride thinks about your comfort onwedding party, because it will have a very busy day: registry office, walk with the guests, evening dances and other activities. Grand finery looks nice, but deprives the convenience, but you do not have to give up this option. You will find for a wedding dress, a transformer, and a lot of photos of different styles will help to choose the optimal model.

What is the dress-transformer

Wedding Dress-transformer, as a rule,It is a short dress, to which by means of special hooks, snakes, buckles or buttons attached full skirt or train. It allows you to convert his bride during the wedding decoration - volume skirt is removed after the marriage ceremony, exposing the legs, giving the opportunity to feel freer. Consider more style dress-transformer in the video:

Features and Benefits

Dress-transformer has several significant advantages over conventional lush or a short dress:

  • Practicality. Long dress ideal for painting the couple and a photo shoot, and after the official part of the loop using the rented it turns into an elegant cocktail dress for the banquet.
  • Diversity. This kind of wedding decorations will allow the bride to change their way for a holiday - guests will appreciate her creativity, when a long skirt will subside, revealing her shapely legs.
  • Saving. Girls do not have to buy two dress to feel comfortable.
  • Little tricks. If you want to hold a wedding, but you do not like a long skirt, dress-transformer helps keep church traditions, without losing the image.

Wedding dress-transformer


In this model, chic wedding has its drawbacks:

  • There is always a risk that someone will come to a skirt or a long train, and reveals a secret dress-transformer ahead of time.
  • Transformers only gaining in popularity,so it does not take up each seamstress sewing a pattern. However, the designers follow the new trends, create dresses-transformers, so the bride has the opportunity to purchase one of them in the salons. For example, papilio brand produces wedding dresses-transformers of good quality.

Options-Transformers dresses

Adjustable bra

Some dresses transformers providechange the appearance of the bodice. This can be a delicate chiffon and lace, which are removed, worn, or even transform the top using the bottom of the skirt. You can find options with retractable straps.

Photo of wedding models with variable bodice

Zip-off skirt trail

Light, airy skirt plume makes bride of the Queen at the ceremony. It can hide a short skirt or slightly open it, going back.

Photos for wedding dresses with a skirt-train


A la mermaid (year)

Model mermaid accentuate feminine, shapelybride's figure, and unfastened the petticoat allow her to feel comfortable after the ceremony. Note that this option is most suitable for brides with the perfect physique.

Photo Dress-transformer: Model Mermaid


2 lengths

Modern girls are increasingly abandoningtraditional classical models of wedding dresses, preferring short and comfortable. But many of them are planning the wedding ceremony in the church. In this case, a small length is invalid. Provides 2-length convertible dress is the perfect outfit.

Photo of wedding dresses with convertible 2-length versions


Additions and accessories

To look equally elegant in bothDress-transformer options, you need to intelligently approach to the use of accessories. Shoes, jewelry, hair style should be ideally suited to all of its variations. Carefully pick up the gloves should be - with a different length, they will look different.

At the wedding ceremony dress-transformer owner can show all its originality, and its easy to allow them the whole holiday feel at ease.

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Photo dresses Transformers