Wedding dress size 52 to 50 - photo

In the past, the ladies were curvaceousneglected by the designers of wedding dresses. Therefore, the choice of attire for non-standard shapes became a real test of strength. Dresses with a pile of frills, bows, lush skirts in shop windows could not satisfy the tastes of donuts, because making them even more voluminous. Fortunately, this time has passed, and completeness is not an obstacle to the selection of a beautiful and elegant wedding dress size 52 to 50. With our tips and submitted photos, you can determine the correct model without difficulty.

Tips for choosing a large dress

Wedding Dress with a belt under the breast

When choosing a wedding dress for yourself, stopon an important part of the process - the right to determine its size. No need to hide themselves in the free cut model in the hope that folds hide a custom shape. So you make a fatal mistake! However, at the other extreme, you should not rush - the delay in tight corsets, smaller outfits will not make you slimmer. When choosing a wedding dress, follow these tips:

  • Highlight the shortcomings and dignity of the figure. Some women suffer from excess centimeters at the waist, the other - on the shoulders and arms, and others are trying to hide curvy hips and large breasts. Rate yourself, carefully examining their photos, measure the parameters, because the only way you will be able to choose the perfect wedding dress size 52 to 50.
  • Closely match colors. Some colors and shades look good on lush ladies, while others can not match tsvetotipu. Determine your skin tone, the colors that will work for the benefit of, and select one, emphasizing the beneficial desired area.
  • It is best to avoid very large parts - flowers, colorful embroidery, large stones. Such elements can visually add a few extra kilos. Stay concise but beautiful design.
  • Most brides underestimate the importance of lowerlaundry. Corrective underwear helps to give a more slender contours of your figure. Do not buy too slimming underwear, which is very uncomfortable and tight.
  • Choose the wedding dress size 52 to 50,that will make feel like a princess at the wedding ceremony. It should be a most enjoyable day in the life. Therefore consider when fitting internal state.

Lace Wedding Dress

Also, when choosing a wedding dress size 52 to 50, consider the type of shape. Among the total proportions of the figure often found in the form of pear, apple and hourglass:

  • If the lower half of the body, including the legs and thighs,wider than the shoulders, then you feel about pear-type figure. You should stay away from patterns that emphasize the bottom. These include the mermaid dress. Give preference to the style, which will accentuate the upper part of the figure, for example, beautifully decorated neckline highlight the chest, diverting attention from big hips. Among the fabrics give preference jersey of silk.
  • For impressive bust and round belly sizecharacterized by a form of "apple." Consider models that balance hips and big bust, while providing a more pronounced waist. For example, severe chest and pronounced decor hide the bottom of a small stomach. Suitable version of the dress, which is waist belts to its smallest volume, because it will accentuate the bust line and drape hide excess in the abdomen. Bride with curvaceous dress suit, where the bust is made of adherent ryusha lace. Avoid patterns, similar to a pipe that highlight the area, the most extensive in your body, align them to the knees and feet.
  • Women with an hourglass figure havewider, but proportionate to the thighs, breasts, narrow waist. Consider a photo of wedding decoration 50 52 size decorated with a belt or strap, profitable emphasize the waist. Perfect choice - dress mermaid.
  • In general, women are incredibly lush wellIt looks like wedding dresses in the Empire style with a skirt that begins under the chest and slowly falls to the floor. Just make sure that the fabric is not plissirovok, cutting line goes under the breasts, not swimming away for the bust. Too easy the flowing fabric is not necessary to choose, look at the wedding dresses of satin. If you like romantic airy fabrics, the dress must have a rigid base to which is added an embroidered tulle top.

Full'll also concerned about the issue, choose dresseswith a corset or not, because the photo busty ladies, corseted, look so tempting. Corset has to go exactly to size, because divergent lacing on the back will look very ugly. With a large bust corset with straps fit. So you can wear a bra that will provide alluring beautiful roundness. A strapless dress will crawl.

Wedding dress with pleats on the skirt

As for optional accessories, you cansafely choose a bolero, cape, shawl with an open dress, it will cover the completeness hands. Dress decorated with a brown or black belt, black and white flower, looks unusual and interesting, especially in the wedding photos. Belts other contrasting colors add visual harmony. A small flower that connects the upper and lower part of the dress, distract attention from the magnificent forms. Finally we give a few general tips:

  • V-neck, open neck visually pull the silhouette, reduce chest. Shallow and wide necklines make thicker neck.
  • When you complete hands-free short-sleeved suit. With full hands, give preference to long-sleeved with cuffs flounces.
  • Tonyusenkoy shoulder straps emphasize fullness. Sleeve-puffs and add volume.
  • Avoid shining, glossy, shimmering fabrics. It is better to give preference to matte material which masks the deficiencies.

The color and fabric

White wedding dress with tulle

Wedding dress size 52 to 50 may bewhite when properly selected style. It will make you charming, beautiful bride. The drapery embroidery can be used, which is identical in tone or contrast with the color. This method would divert attention away from problem areas. The more daring bride may prefer bright colors, such as red, black. Bright can be some details on the dress, as demonstrated in the photo collections of fashion: black or red sash, bow, flower.

Dress for the wedding should be in harmony with tsvetotip:

  • cold type Blondes with light eyes suit white color with blue, gray shade.
  • Winter, which is characterized by porcelain skin, dark hair, silver-gray suit, a snow-white, pale pink color.
  • Redheads can safely select all shades of lavender, creamy white color.
  • Swarthy brunettes suitable red, golden tone.
  • Gray-eyed brown-haired women can stop the choice on the plum, dairy, greenish white colors.

Attire large white to a wedding

To outfit looked good on you, you mustto choose the material from which it is sewn. Prefer light fabric, too heavy to anything a bit fat ladies. The matter must rest, but not oblipat body closely. Avoid fabrics with sheen that makes the piece visually more. Two-layer model consisting of satin and lace, look great, giving finesse and ease.

The length of the dress

Attire for the bride to complete the floor

Traditionally, the bride married a longdress. To give full preferable to choose the floor. This is especially true of models with high waist. Do not discard the ribbon cable, because it will give grace, visually lengthen the figure. But do not limit yourself - full of ladies can afford a short length to the knee or covering it, if the shape of beautiful legs.

What style of wedding dresses to choose size 48-54?

A variety of options proposed by the designersallows you to choose the wedding dress size 52 to 50 in accordance with the wishes of the bride. The only prohibition for pyshechek are layered model, as well as skirts, narrowed down to even more visually complete. Full lace tight styles can emphasize those problem areas, which are preferably hidden. Below we look at the most successful examples of dresses with photos.

Trapezoidal shaped fashion A

Attire for the bride to complete trapezoidal

Dress in a trapezoid shape expanding downwardtherefore it is compared with the geometric figure. This option is perfect for complete brides who want to put an emphasis on seductive breasts. The majority of the collections of wedding photos of models made in this style. In such an outfit as a whole body looks more elegant, visually lengthen the lower part.

Dresses in the Empire style

The Greek outfit for the wedding to complete

For full girls dress in the Empire style orGreek ideal. They are characterized by inflated waist, tight-fitting top, a skirt with a slight flare flowing downward. Cutting Line is under the breast. These models always look elegant, true and beautiful. They are able to hide protruding belly, full hips. If you have too broad back, this style - not your choice.

Dress "mermaid"

Mermaid Dress for obese

Photo models mermaid dresses look veryimpressive, luxurious. Especially beautiful it looks in the hourglass figure, which is characterized by lush breasts and thighs. If you are proud of these forms of nature, do not hesitate to choose this model. Not forbidden to further buy slimming underwear to dress sat on you even better.

The nuances of the selection of short dresses of large sizes

Short dress for the wedding to complete

Many girls, not paying attention to theircompleteness, dreaming of a short wedding dress size 52 to 50. And why not, because it looks playfully emphasizes youth, youth. Especially popular short model with corset. Atlas together with lace gives the image of elegance, romance. Light cape or bolero in addition help to hide the fullness of hands. Short models can choose a bride with a relatively proportional figure, beautiful shape legs, ankles.

Photo of a beautiful wedding dress size 48-54