Wedding dress made of feathers

A rich variety of wedding dresses, generousdecorated with all sorts of stones, sequins, beads, appliques, lace and other decorative elements, gives brides the perfect choice, the ability to find the perfect wedding dress for yourself. Bird feathers - another popular nowadays decor detail that modern designers are increasingly used for decoration of wedding dresses. This elegant element will make a festive image of a delicate, feminine, angelic.

Possible wedding dresses with feathers

Wedding dress with a skirt of feathers

Numerous models of wedding dresses,submitted to the court the general public, often characterized by bold shapes and colors. However, the originality of these models not only does not prevent, but even helps to make holiday costumes more feminine, delicate. Tight-fitting corset combined with a fluffy skirt bride turns into a real fairy princess-like beauty graceful swan.

Original insertion of feathers in the neck- An interesting option to use this decorative detail in a wedding dress. From dresses, the most decorated this delicate decoration element, to models where the data items used as a subtle hint of elegance and sophistication - modern designers have developed a whole range of all possible variations, among which every bride can find the wedding dress of her dreams.

Feathers the entire length of the skirt

Wedding dresses of feathers with spectacular skirts

Luxury festive attire, richly decoratedthe entire length of lush skirt tenderest feather trim, a great choice for a romantic sensual girl, dreams transform into a fairy princess. Such a model will make the image of the bride's incredibly feminine and beautiful. Another option - an elegant evening dress with a narrow bodice and tight skirt, decorated with this amazing material. Refined and elegant, this model will turn the bride into a lady, will highlight the delicate taste of its owner.

The neckline of feathers

Wedding dress with a neckline of feathers

Feathers on a wedding dress

Modern wedding fashion offers manyVariations on wedding dresses, decorated with exquisite delicate feather trim. The most popular among brides today are models, only slightly decorated with these wonderful decorative elements. Effectively looks elegant and feminine style "Fish", the bodice of which is framed by a delicate pen décor. No less fascinating is as an option with luxurious fluffy skirt.


Corset bride feather

Original pen parts can bedecoration bodice dress not only, but also all of the corset. This option decorating festive garments will help to make the image of the bride's surprisingly gentle, elegant, refined. Elegant dresses with feathers often choose bold, self-confident women who want their wedding day to show all their femininity and charm. Dress with a corset made of this material is the perfect choice for a bride.

Train wedding dress

Luxury plume of feathers

Traditionally, wedding dresses with long, luxurioustrain decorated with bright sparkling brooch or a belt at the waist, sequins, beads, lace. Today's savvy designers have proposed another option refined decoration the plume - a gentle bird material. This design festive attire looks impressive and fascinating. However, this material is characterized by brittle, so the bride should reflect on the way to the end of the evening the hem did not turn into unattractive tatters.

What is the pen used to sew wedding dresses?

Peacock feather detail how spectacular wedding decor

Beautiful view of the original decoration dressfirmly consolidated its position and continues to evolve. The feathers are used as decorative accents and as a basic material for skirts, bolero, brocade, different wardrobe items. To this end, designers have begun to actively apply not only to the natural bird stuff, but also artificial, due to which such orders are available now and is much more practical.

Natural Feather: peacock, swan and heron

Bird feathers to decorate wedding dresses

For finishing used wedding dressesa variety of types of materials, among which in the first place is to provide a unique exotic option - the peacock's tail jade color with golden highlights. Color males, unlike females, brighter and more saturated. From a spectacle when the bird dissolve his luxurious tail, it is breathtaking. Many designers have also resorted to the use of cock feathers, egrets, swans or, for example, quail.

Incredibly soft and elegant on a wedding dresslooks goose, duck down, by means of which, as a rule, make out the individual elements of attire. From marabou feathers, turkey, herons, bird of paradise made interesting decor details: belts, flowers, decorations for handbags and hats. The process of preparing the material for finishing involves passing several stages, including the color. To create elegant dresses, some designers are using a similar type of decoration, only obtained by artificial means.

Artificial feather

Artificial feathers on dresses

To decorate wedding dresses activelyuse artificial feathers. This helps to significantly reduce the cost of the finished outfit, making it available for a wide range of girls. This material is not afraid to molt and its price is significantly lower. Thanks to the disposal of fashionable designer decor of this option, every bride can afford on your wedding day to be reincarnated as a refined lady and a beautiful princess.

What accessories will suit the dress with feathers?

Stylish accessories for wedding dresses made of feathers

Wedding dresses reminiscent of fine birds,always look luxurious and impressive. This outfit is quite self-sufficient, so the choice of accessories should be approached very carefully. If fluffy skirt consists entirely of this material, the remaining elements of the image must be restrained and elegant. If in addition to the same kind of dress will decorate decorated hat, handbag or jewelry, the bride runs the risk of making way too congested.

Another thing, when decorated with only a smallpart of dress, such as the top of the bodice or waist. In this case, you should pay attention to exquisite accessories that will blend in with the style of dress design. Suitable neat lady's hat with a luxury pen and clutches, decorated with the same kind of decor. Most of these dresses can be attributed to the style of 50-60-s, so you need to choose the accessories corresponding to this style.

Photo of wedding dresses with feathers

Wedding dress with feather trim alwaysIt looks spectacular, fabulous, feminine. This option will give the image of festive attire bride tender, make it elegant and charming at the same time. Often designers make a special emphasis on this form of decoration for festive outfits. Modern wedding fashion industry representatives offer the widest range of possible variants of this type of finish.

The models of wedding dresses with feathers

Styles feather bride dresses

The original model of the bride dress