Wedding Dress Greek style

For girls Wedding - a special, wonderful and oneof the happiest days of his life. An important question in the organization of festivities - the choice of the bride's wedding dress. Start your search with popular models. Learn about the wedding dress in the Greek style, its features, advantages, and what accessories to fit.

Dress for a wedding in the Greek style in 2016

Recently gaining increasing popularitywedding dress in the Greek style. Season 2016 - example. For tailoring of wedding dresses designers used this time matt fabric: chiffon, viscose, silk, thin jersey. Greek apparel will help you to feel the ancient goddess.

Ancient Greece Clothing differed smoothlines, simple, elegant silhouette, and the traditional white color makes such apparel is particularly delicate. Long skirt (perhaps with the train) and overestimated waist visually make a figure slimmer, leaner. A short-cut bodice emphasizes the face, shoulders and neck. Drapery hides figure flaws.

An important part of the "Greek" dresses arestraps. Wide straps outline a neckline and draped - make your image elegant. Fashionable asymmetrical straps over one shoulder will focus on the upper chest.

The main differences between the wedding dress for brides in the Greek style in 2016:

  • The combination of white and gold. gold trim used on the straps and a belt under the bust.

Wedding bride clothes in Greek style
  • In addition to white tones suit well: ivory, bleached pearly gray.

Apparel for the bride in the Greek style: colors
  • Embroidery, lace fabric is used as a decoration. Such a style in the Greek style is well suited necklace and tiara with a veil (or without it).

Dresses for pregnant women

Girls waiting for the birth of his crumbs, alwaysYou should feel comfortable. Therefore, future mums choose the dress is with great thoroughness. Wedding Dress Greek style is perfect for pregnant women. It is easy and due to the lack of a corset made no pressure on the body. This dress will make your look stylish, beautiful and confident (for example, see the photo below).

Greek decoration for pregnant brides

Features dresses in the Greek style

  • Drapery. This feature gives the cut wedding dress special flavor. Delicate pleats accentuate the figure.
  • Asymmetry. It can be of two types: when the dress with one shoulder (shoulder strap), or with an asymmetrical neckline.

As in ancient Greece: clothes for the bride with straps over one shoulder
  • Waistline. Most of the Greek styles implies inflated waistline that adds harmony and hide problem areas. Wedding models with well-defined waist suitable low girls.
  • Stratification. The dress is made of assembled multilayer thin materials. In the course of the skirt flows effectively.
  • Breed. Style Dress conceived not lush. Its design is comfortable, allows you to move freely throughout the day (which should not be expected from the ballroom styles).

Florist Camisole dress for the bride in Greek
  • Details. Making wedding decorations in the style of ancient Greece is always concise. It can be a finishing tape or a golden chain around the waist.

The video below will help you better visualize the wedding dress in the Greek style.

Advantages of dresses in the Greek style

Wedding dress in the Greek style have certain advantages, why they are needed:

  • Comfort and convenience.
  • Suitable for hot summer.
  • Hide figure flaws.
  • Suitable for pregnant women.
  • Do not restrict movement.

Styles Greek dresses for brides

Selection of dress on a figure

To wear for the wedding harmoniously looked at you, you should take into account the nuances of the figure. The cut of the Greek dress is suitable for all, but there are details that can be beneficial to emphasize your image.

  • Bride with forms suitable dresses with sleeves, they will hide the fullness of hands.

Clothing for the lush brides in Greek
  • Inflated waist will hide plump belly and thighs, but accentuate the chest and pull the figure.
  • Petite girls should opt for models strapless, or with narrow straps. This visually add a few centimeters of growth.

As in ancient Greece: elegant wedding decoration A-line
  • Tall and slender bride can choose any Greek dress, regardless of whether they are with or without sleeves, with any draped neckline.


To complete your wonderful image of a wedding dress in the Greek style and hairstyle, choose accessories that fit the antique style.

  • A good choice of footwear are sandals flat shoes with leather straps. They are comfortable and will complement the image. Under these shoes fit massive, bold jewelry.
  • For a spectacular wedding image, selectopen sandals with high heels (having a plurality of leather straps). Ornaments can be used bold: gold bracelets, wrist, thin chains, flashy antique earrings.
  • If you like the shoe model Wedge, then the jewelry is best to choose gold products (possibly with semiprecious stones) and jewelery.

Accessories for women's wedding decoration in Greek

Tips professionals

  1. To be like the bride of ancient Greece, pick a beautiful ring or wreath, decorated with berries, leaves, ribbons, flowers.
  2. Underline style will help open sandals.
  3. There are no restrictions in the choice of the bouquet, but if you will be a wreath or rim, the bouquet should be in harmony with these accessories.
  4. Short cuts do not show all the adorable this style.
  5. Complete the image of hair will help correct (see video examples).

Photo of wedding dresses in the Greek style



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