Wedding Dress fish

Having acquired a wide popularity in the lastcentury wedding dress fish is still one of the most beloved bride dresses. The image of the girl in a dress becomes a sophisticated, romantic and slays its charm.

Suitable for fish dress?

The silhouette of this wedding dress - fittingthe upper part (usually up to the knees) and a dramatic flare to the floor, resembling a mermaid tail. Just for this reason it was called "fish" or "mermaid". Not everyone can afford to appear at the ceremony in a dress. Best of all it looks slim tall girls. However, there are a few little tricks to help others and look good in a dress:

  • Girls with wide hips and small breasts can visually align the figure, if the pick up model with lace or ruffles on the bodice.
  • Those who have the waist is weak (Figure"Carrots"), can try to pick a dress with a skirt that begins to expand sharply down from the mid-thigh. The slender figure - the smoother the transition can be.
  • If you are not very straight back that this dress - one of the main conditions will be the salvation of crossed straps on the back.
  • Even girls with short stature can afford to dress-fish, if they are proportional to the form.

Photo: Silhouette of a model fish

Owners too wide hips or waist mild better pay attention to the model, which will emphasize their dignity - wedding dress Empire in the Greek style, or dress A-silhouette.

Types of fish dresses (PHOTO)

All kinds of "fish" are sewn with a form-fitting corset,emphasizing the waist and have an extension to the floor. Depending on design solutions may end fitting portion at both knees, and at mid-thigh. Hem can be sewn from lighter fabrics, having a different texture. It is necessary to choose it, given the form and preferences of the bride. Slender girl will suit any style:

  • Nepyshny bottoms and smooth transition in the loop.
  • Wide flared, fluffy skirt, the volume of which is achieved through several levels of fabric, ruffles, drapes, petticoats.

Figure with full hips better fit the latter.

Photo: Silhouette of fish cuts

Designers each year adding new details andclean old. Usually, back and shoulders in a wedding-dress fish open, but can be met and fully closed dress with a train, and options with sleeves. This wedding dress should have a snug fit on the figure, so it is best to sew his custom, to individually choose the appropriate elements. It remains unchanged only silhouette - slimming top and flared fishtail.

With a loop

Style wedding dress fish itself adds grace and elegance of the bride. Option with a train, which smoothly into the bottom of the skirt, made of a real future queen wife.

Model fish with a train


Lacy model transform a lady to charactertales and underline the innocent, fragile image. Lace can be a major element of decorating the whole wedding dress, or be present in the form of accentuating the details - on the back, sleeves and bottom hem.

Lace dresses in the style of fish


The sleeves underline the elegance of the bride. They can be short, long, start from the forearm or shoulder to hide the bride. The latter option is perfect for the wedding ceremony of the couple. Material sleeves also varies - it can be easy or tight satin lace.

Photos: Dress with sleeves fish

Accessories to dress fish

Wedding accessories to such a style should be chosen wisely, so as not to overdo it and not to make an image of the bride too "heavy".

Types of accessories:

  • Most girls back and shoulders are open, so in case of cool weather it is recommended to choose a bolero. Winter variant - stole fur or fur bolero.

Bolero for the dress in the style of fish
  • Footwear. To make the wedding completely harmonious way, you need to choose the appropriate footwear - sandals or high-heeled shoes. Ballet shoes with low or go "landed" sublime image of the bride, dress crafted.

suitable footwear
  • Bridal bouquet. Pay attention better on cascading bouquets with flowing plants. Option-balloon bouquet suited least. The bouquet will look great roses, lilies, calla lilies.

Cascading bouquets
  • Jewellery must be chosen as simple as possible. Massive and frilly options, a variety of decorated rhinestones, gems, beads, are not suitable for dress-fish. A graceful diadem, long narrow earrings or necklace stylish - perfect.

  • But in choosing a veil brides have to be limited only to your taste. Such image will fit almost any veil - short, medium, long, lush, and not very much.

Fata to along with the silhouette of fish
  • A suitable hairstyle for this image - neat curls, cold waves, raised upward hair. With some models are perfectly combined in vintage style hairstyles.


Good advice for women who want to appear onceremony in this model: body-hugging dress with a train is not very convenient, it can hamper the movement of the bride. To experience the inconvenience of the wedding day and look great, practice walking it home on his heels.

Wedding dress with a train in this style looks regal and elegantly adds femininity. He will emphasize all the advantages of a slim figure of the bride and decorate it.

Do you like the image of the bride in this model? Would you like to present themselves at the ceremony in a dress with a train-Fish? Tell us in the comments at the bottom of the page.