Wedding dress, embroidered

When a girl's life there comes the exciting momentmarriage, you always want to be the most beautiful and original. First and foremost, it chooses a bride - a wedding dress. Modern designers offer a large variety of styles and decor dresses. The most unusual is considered to be a wedding dress with embroidery. The image of the bride becomes a memorable, bright.

Types of embroidery for the decoration of the wedding dress

In our time, the bride often choose modelswedding dresses, decorated with embroidered patterns or beads. Such exclusive expensive outfits for the price. Unable to create exactly the same decoration in the form of embroidery. Figure is small size, but that he is good, that discreetly adorns the bodice and hem. In short model embroidery available on all cards. Different approach to a method of decorating a wedding dress brings its own flavor.

Wedding dress with embroidery - it's stylish, fashionableand incredibly beautiful. Decor on any clothes, and even more so on the wedding decoration, gives a special glamor and splendor. There are two methods of embroidery machines and manually. It is often used surface, cross or cutwork. To decor element of contrasting with the background or other details of dress, use the wizard and white tone threads, beads or colored.

textured embroidery

By the methods of textured finishes include dressesribbons embroidery floss or thread. Created by drawing a three-dimensional image. Used belts can be silk, satin, transparent organza and dense velvet, corduroy. The width of the strips 2 to 80 mm. Tape width 20 mm is not recommended to pass through the fabric, so as not to damage it. Large flowers or other decorations made separately and attached to the ready-made wedding dress. Ribbon Organza used to impart along lightness and volume. With a pattern of dense bands garment becomes richer.

Model with textured pattern

For embroidery embroidery national motives oftenused thread floss. A striking example - Ukrainian style decoration of wedding dresses. Volume, like living flowers, branches, organically looked on a white background. Fashion ivory color in the wedding theme is also an excellent platform to create a man-made masterpieces. Embroidery looks outwardly lush, eye-catching. Bright colors of blue, yellow, red and green thread create an overall picture of the Ukrainian people symbol - poppies, viburnum branches. So there is unity of folk art and the style of the wedding.

Ukrainian motifs in the image of the bride


To create a greater effect embroidered volumethe composition is often used to combine. For example, when the daisy petals are made of thin white satin ribbons and the core - by the yellow iridescent beads. The combination of tape and cross stitch also creates an interesting effect of fullness pattern. Beads, which acts as a circuit pattern, catches the eye with their shimmering details. Wedding themes can combine with each other different techniques of embroidery.

Combined models


Traditional ornaments are techniquesembroidery cross. A variety of bright colors, used to create patterns, creates a festive mood. Drawing on a wedding dress with embroidery can contain two colors: blue and white, red and black or several shades, depending on the region or country where the wedding. Patterns that are used to create the pattern, have their values.

For example, branches and vegetation - "treelife ", four pieces of the divided apple - a symbol of love. The interpretation of abstract repeating geometric patterns more to do with the color value and form of figures. To embroider wedding dresses often choose white thread as a sign of tenderness, purity of the bride. Modern sewing equipment can be transferred to the fabric pattern of any complexity. But hand embroidery has been and remains the subject of admiration.

Unique floral patterns

Finishes wedding dresses embroidery

From which option is selected for the finishwedding dress, the overall impression is dependent on apparel. Type of decor chosen based on the type and density of tissue for the wedding dress and designer ideas. Brilliant iridescent material such as satin or silk, can be a bit muted matte, dull embroidery. Volume textured decor looks better on a smooth, denser tissue than lace.

The vertical arrangement of contrasting blackpattern on light background silhouette of a bride will make higher slimmer. Bright embroidery along the contour of the neckline draws attention to the bodice dress, if you want to smooth out the disadvantages of the figure at the bottom. Decor at the waist visually will remove a few centimeters at the waist. Embroidery with gold or silver thread, pearls or rhinestones decoration will make the bride dress elegant and expensive.

Gold embroidery on the skirt and neck area

Sparkling gold thread embroideredwedding dress, create the effect of nobility, wealth. Lush elegant skirt, decorated with ornaments in the form of flowers or smooth lines, will allow the bride to feel like a queen of the day. When decorating the neckline is important not to overdo it. Otherwise the decoration will make the chest girls are more massive than required. Embroidery in gold is not as common. Engineering work is complicated, requires special skills. Therefore, along with gold ornaments valued much more expensive and luxurious and glamorous look.

Golden decoration motifs on

Black embroidery at the bottom of the dress and corset

Blekvork (black embroidery) is traditionally performedsilk thread on white fabric. To create the effect of volume, while drawing on the bride's dress, use yarn of different thicknesses. The play of light helps to create the illusion of a convex pattern. Extravagant corset black thread embroidery combined with wardrobe items, accessories are the same color. The bottom of the dress, fringed with dark pattern, looks no less beautiful, boldly and defiantly.

Black-and-white contrast

White ornamental embroidery on the back

White pattern on the same color of the fabric requiresgreat care and skill. The fabric should be very thin or transparent, then the picture will look airy, gentle. The combination of embroidery and lace makes a bride weightless. To emphasize the beauty of the back, in the back make a deep cut, framed embroidery along the contour. Translucent fabric on which patterns are particularly well visible, attracts the eyes. That there was no surplus in the decoration of the wedding dress embroidery, trying to keep ahead of the minimum amount of decor.

Openwork lace on back

Photo Bride with handmade embroidery

Wedding dress with beautiful embroidery alwaysIt looks very impressive and unique. Even famous designers are increasingly returning to the theme of the decor. Embroidered dresses are updated every year a big hit in the fashion world. There needlewoman, who are willing to work independently on their wedding attire. Hard work rewarded by the admiring glances of others will appreciate the splendor of embroidered wedding dress.

A variety of styles and patterns