Wedding Bridesmaid Dress in the style of the VDV

In today's world, more and more wedding festivitiesorganize in unusual styles - Maritime, rustic, retro, and the like, there are even a celebration in the style of airborne troops! What can coerce newlyweds combine such seemingly incompatible things - Airborne and wedding. Often, this is a simple explanation: some of the young men who served in the air force, combine the two holidays at once - a wedding with my girlfriend and VDV day. Therefore, the future wife raises the question of how to choose a dress for the day, to look feminine?

What is the dress in the style of the Airborne?

In all cases, the following would be appropriatecombine bride with individual elements, reminiscent of the shape of the fighters airborne troops. It may be taking a blue vest, patchwork inserts in dress khakis or dress, made entirely in the palette. Airborne Wedding dress style young girls chosen for several reasons:

Form Airborne soldiers
  1. Future husband served in airborne troops -the bride can add to your image a small item or accessory, symbolizing the VDV and the groom wears a solemn form of paratroopers. So the bride, and will continue to emphasize the theme of his suit, it would be appropriate if the groom had just returned from the army.
  2. The bride herself served in the Airborne Forces - which means that itIt combines more with the period of the military activity. Chances are she'll want to emphasize this feature of your wedding dress, especially if the bride and close friends were there as well.
  3. The wedding takes place on the day of the VDV - bride betterrefrain from the use of direct paratroopers characters (if she or her husband have not served), because the fighters airborne troops belong to this disapproval. To pay tribute to the holiday can be a different way, for example, using unobtrusive accessories that resemble the attributes of the paratroopers, but do not copy them (Blue takes the groom's striped top dress like vest - for the bride).
  4. Themed wedding military-style -bride, groomsman, and other invitees may be dressed in the style of airborne troops using any of their symbols, from berets to vests.

Wedding dress military

Bride choosing wedding dress in an unusualAirborne style, needs to know that her whole image can be in one of three styles, based on the intensity of the manifestations of symbolism. By adjusting attributes such intensity, it can make your wedding more feminine image and expressive on the background of the wedding entourage. Three image of the bride style Airborne:

  1. Military outfit - dress, completely made inmilitary style (dress-camouflage) or VDV-style (instead of corset vest with a blue beret or hoop khaki). This kit will look good in the wedding photo shoot.
  2. Along with accessories Airborne style - simple whitedress with beret blue or khaki jacket, earrings or bracelet with the symbol of the paratroopers, is easily transformed into the original image of the military.
  3. Attire à la VDV - a wreath of blue flowers insteadblue beret, belt dark green, reminiscent of khaki striped rim on the top of the corset or horizontal stripes (stitching) of blue hues, reminiscent vest. Only vaguely reminiscent of the style of the VDV, but is associated with it at a certain design and appearance of the celebration guests.

Blue wreath - alternative blue berets

Vest and dress khaki

This set of attributes included in the weddingbride's outfit, the most expressive and direct indication of the style of the wedding. It can not be bought, but because the bride will have to think of the most fashion and dress ordered from a master. To her image was feminine and easy to VDV dress style when planning is necessary to use techniques that emphasize femininity.

Wedding dress with vest

It can be:

  • drooping shoulders shirt-vest(Bomber around the waist), sleeveless, with thin or thinning up straps that open décolleté and neck - they will add to the romantic image of the bride;
  • Bomber full skirt khaki, with peeking below Petticoat lace or tulle - it will emphasize the feminine silhouette future wife.

Tips on creating an image for the bride

Of particular importance when creating the image of a bride onwedding day VDV are some elements that can radically change it, make it easier or more aggressive. Thinking appearance as a whole, it is necessary to determine with a degree of expressiveness attire (that did not work crudely) with the groom attire, costumes and decoration of guest room. Everything should look harmonious.

Druzhki in the form of paratroopers

What hairstyle would be appropriate to together?

Hair should be slightly careless,as natural. Do not make too sophisticated styling - they will distract the attention on himself, the image will become oversaturated and will look ridiculous (military style - minimalism). Hairstyles easily adjust wedding image, but because:

  • to make the image more feminine - give preference to a raised hair, laid bare the line of the neck and shoulders;
  • to look confidently and safely - braid hair oblique and pick up pins or braid braid, starting with a bang over the head;
  • to look flirtatiously - leave loose hair but their curl curling.

Wedding accessories military

What kind of accessories to suit?

Accessories for a wedding dress on the day of the VDV can be:

  • blue beret airborne troops;
  • camouflage ribbon color instead of a belt at the waist;
  • wedding bouquet, made in blue and white colors, decorated with ribbon khaki;
  • Corset khaki top of a snow-white wedding dress, etc.

The main rule - all this should not bemuch in the same package. The image of the bride should be in harmony with the festive attire of the bride and wedding general concept. Learn how about looks Airborne wedding style, you can, watching the video:

Pictures of the bride dresses in the style of the VDV