Unusual wedding dresses photo

Such a celebration, like a wedding - it's a greatand moving day in every girl's life. On this day bride wants to look not just beautiful and charmingly, but also original. Therefore, the wedding dress should be not just beautiful, but unique and allows to attract the attention of others and enthusiastic guests. This article presents the most unusual wedding dresses, photos of which you will be able to see and appreciate. Let's see which ones are the most magnificent, unique and extravagant.

The most beautiful dresses in the world

Collection of wedding dresses so unique,the girl even with the most demanding taste will find in her dress, which could not take his eyes. Extraordinary details that are sewn or attached to it, make each model an unusual and interesting in its own way. Designers have made sewing wedding dresses in real art. She wants to be unique in the day of his wedding. Therefore, the first thing you need to decide - it is design and style. It can be as simple, classic and unusual extravagant as long or short as lush and fitting. What option is best? It's a matter of taste. Ideas and fantasy fashion embodied in life, you can create a unique and unusual way. But he will be gentle or shocking - it's up to you. An excellent option wedding dress, which is always in fashion, continues to be the classic white dress. It is a versatile choice for brides all over the world.

Classic white dress

Along with the white clothes designers released for other wedding colors and shades such as pink, blue, beige and elsewhere. Together these colors are also popular among fashionistas.

The outfits of different colors

His splendor striking dress made of lightair material, which have a multi-layered full skirt and lace corset. Such clothing will allow any girl feel like a queen of the ball. Lace and optional accessories allow such dresses look even more beautiful.

Dress with a fluffy skirt

They are original and beautiful dress,made of light, flowing fabrics that gently wrap around the figure. They can be supplemented by a lace or fur bolero, gloves, and have a long train.

Apparel, fitting shape

Dresses from world famous designers suchlike Alfred Angelo, Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Justin Alexander, Vera Wang et al., one of the most beautiful and popular in the world. They present their creations in a variety of colors and styles. Some of the designers pay special attention not only dresses, but also wedding suit, which remain relevant for a long time. With the above-mentioned models of designers you can see in the photo.

  • Alfred Angelo
    Dresses by Alfred Angelo designer
  • Badgley Mischka
    The outfits from designer Badgley Mischka
  • Carolina Herrera
    Wedding dress by designer Carolina Herrera
  • Justin Alexander
    Dresses for the wedding of designer Justin Alexander
  • Vera Wang
    Designer clothes for the wedding of Vera Wang

Creative wedding dresses photo

Along with the classic wedding dressThey are very popular and creative dress, which is required to present a "zest." They are unusual in that they have unusual wedding dresses for an unusual color or shape. They can also be made of various materials and be complemented exclusive details. Pay attention to these unusual models of wedding dresses, photos of which are shown below.

Unusual wedding dress models

Unusual color

In place of clothes for the wedding classic whitecolored dresses come in different colors and shades that give the originality and uniqueness of the image of the bride. In fashion, as a quiet bed tones and bright and flashy colors such as deep red. In order that the image was complete, it is necessary to supplement and groom's suit details of the corresponding color. This may be a tie, boutonniere, and others.


Dresses of different colors

in form

Popular and sought after are the outfits,who bare feet of the bride. They look beautiful and sexy, and underline femininity and unique image. Also unusual shape - clothing, extra long back, with a train without it. Notice in the photo.

The unusual shape wear to a wedding


Continues to be extraordinary and those weddingdresses, photos of which can not leave indifferent not only women but also men. They are sexy wedding dress. Their main "highlight" that they bare one or more parts of the body such as legs, back, chest and so on. D.

Erotic outfits

Famous fashion designers and designers use tosew wedding dresses different material. The main thing is to model different individuality and uniqueness. As an experiment, they use materials such as paper, pens, tires, balloons, and condoms even. These masterpieces can be placed in a museum, where visitors will be shocked by his eccentricity and extravagance.

From paper

In New York, designers creatively came to makingwedding dress and carried it out of such a simple material, such as toilet paper. At its production took a thousand paper rolls, a few liters of glue, thread and tape. More videos will tell:

Of the money

Unusual and original looks garment made of banknotes. It is unlikely to survive the wedding ceremony, but it looks impressive.

Clothes for the wedding of money

Because feathers

The idea of ​​creating an unusual dress, made ofpeacock feathers, belongs to Chinese designers. In order to produce it, it took 2009 peacock feathers and 60 jade stones. Wear it on your wedding day is not a good idea, but it just looks delicious.

Dresses peacock feathers


An excellent idea was to create a dress of flowers. It looks just gorgeous. Flowers as an element of decor, give the image of freshness, beauty and originality.

Floral dress

From balloons

Thelma Levett bother to create dressesballoons for his beloved daughter. She spent five thousand balls to get this exclusive outfit. But it is not practical, because the cumbersome and does not allow freedom of movement of the bride.

Dresses made of balloons

From condoms

The material for the creation of dress for a wedding, canserve, and condoms. At the Nineteenth annual event in New York, dedicated to the fight against AIDS, was presented this dress made of 12,500 condoms.

Dresses for the wedding of condoms

With LEDs

A truly shine at the ceremony the bride will allow outfit, which consists of three hundred lamps on batteries, hidden in lush skirt.

Along with LEDs

From sweets

Another masterpiece of design - from sweet clothes. Lauren Smith of Edinburgh presented the dress out of chocolate, decorated with orange slices and chili peppers. Desyatikilogrammovy outfit consisting of small cakes, created baker Valentin Stefan. A chef Juan Manuel Barrientos worked on the creation of exquisite dress of rose petals covered with powdered sugar.

Sweet wear to a wedding

Body art outfit

Look spectacular and original in their ownthe wedding would allow this kind of art as body art. Almost every city has an agency in which the services are wedding of body art. This type of jewelry is suitable extraordinary and brave girls and allow to hide any flaw in the body -. Birthmark, scar, etc. Because of this, the bride can wear any outfit openness. Master will be able to paint any sort of girl body - arms, legs, shoulders and chest. He can make an image of gloves or stockings, dresses continued to paint, and perform image instead of underwear that can surprise the newly made husband.

Body Painting

Current models of wedding dresses are differenthis originality and novelty. They - spectacular and creative. You can quickly and easily pick up a special style and color to your liking. We hope that our article will help you decide on this choice. Do not forget to leave your comment below.