Trying on wedding dresses

If the wedding preparations have already reached the stagechoice of dresses, and you are going to the bridal salon on fitting, we advise you to carefully read what is written below. Taking into account the advice offered fitting wedding dress in the cabin will be for you pleasure.

  • To determine in advance with the day to march onshopping. Find a few salons and call there to consult about the availability of your size orders. So you do not spend valuable time in stores where there is nothing for you. This is especially true ladies, who do not have the most running clothing size. Pre-plan your route to get there in time in several salons of the day.

  • On the phone, is to clarify whether the practiceWedding Salon Pre-registration for the fitting. You do not want to stand in line? Do not be late. In addition to the elementary etiquette, you yourself would be better to try on wedding dresses without any fuss. Also ask whether you need to pay for a fitting. Most often, a couple of dresses you can try for free, and the rest of the money. The amount is small, but if you buy a wedding dress, the money will be deducted from its value.
  • Postpone trip to the store, if you have a bad mood. You should enjoy even the selection process rather than sullenly walk between the hangers and mannequins.
  • Do not go to a bridal salon in the fitting alone. Take at least one person whose taste in clothes you feel good. It can be a mom or girlfriend. And bring your camera. So you will be able to hear the views from the side and see with your own eyes as you sit on a particular wedding dress. But remember, you have to take a decision. It is important dress of your life. If the cabin can not be photographed, your reliable assistant to become a mirror. Look at yourself from all sides.
  • Before fitting be sure to go to the shower. No need then to be smeared lotions, creams, etc., because they leave greasy stains on things. Suffice it to a deodorant that does not leave traces or smell. Even better would be if the day of the fitting you forget about makeup. Tonalnika or lipstick can easily spoil the expensive wedding gowns. Refrain from using perfume.
  • All leave their jewelry at home. To decorate wedding dresses often use lace, mesh, etc. And all this is easily spoiled, you only catch.
  • Bring shoes. Of course, the wedding shoes you most likely have not yet acquired. But probably already know, how high will your heel. Take any shoe with a heel height. So you can be sure that your chosen wedding dress is perfect in length. See here the photo of wedding shoes in 2016.

  • The same applies to clothes. If you have already bought a set of clothes for the wedding, be sure to grab it with him. There should be no doubt like "and will be seen whether the bra?". If the wedding clothes do not have to select in his closet flesh-colored set. Straps should be unfastened or absent altogether. Lingerie should be as concise: no lace, bows and other decorations.
  • When the counselor asks about the amount youwilling to pay for a wedding dress, answer honestly. Do not waste precious time on things that you can not afford. Do not rush into the fitting room with all the clothes that you offer. Took seriously the choice and decide with five dresses. It is better to try only those dresses that you really want to buy.
  • Consult your advisor. Let more talk, wedding dresses which styles and colors suit you, taking into account the features of the figure and skin.
  • Before buying meticulously and carefully inspectWedding Dress. If you have any defects (holes, protruding threads, stains), then they need to find right now. So you can get a discount on the item or abandon the purchase. If in doubt, you will find what you need, or not yet, ask to postpone prismotrenny outfit until the morning.


Positive attitude, patience and faith in success is sure to help you choose the wedding dress of her dreams.

If you have anything to add, or do you wantto share the secrets of their own choice of wedding dress, share your opinion in the comments. You can tell your story to the wedding dress purchase.