The worst wedding dresses

Wedding event - a solemn event andresponsible. Preparation for it takes a long time. For the bride is the lengthy process - the choice of the original are identical attire. In an effort to stand out from the mass of the spouses, the girls often picked too bright or pompous clothes. Terrible wedding dresses are often put on the famous and rich people. Their failures are especially noticeable because of the omnipresent media representatives. On the error of such orders should learn.

Examples horrible dresses for wedding

Choosing outfit for the wedding ceremony, the main thing -do not overdo it. Any extra accessory or the wrong cut can destroy the overall ensemble of dress. Veil, gloves, ribbon cable must not stand out too much of the picture. In order not to make fatal mistakes when selecting or tailoring of the dress, ask the advice of close friends. Even when ordering garments from the famous fashion designer, one can not ignore the opinion of parents or girlfriends. They can see the wedding garment side and sincerely tell all the pros and cons.

In order not to fall into the rating of the most terribletasteless wedding dresses year gala attire should be sewn on the figure of the bride. Its length - appropriate to the nature of the event. Apparel can be long or short, tight or open the shoulders and waist. But this is not a guarantee. Terrible wedding dress could be due to implementation of the plan or the characteristics of the material.

Wedding dress in the form of body art

Body art - translated as body art. The bride adorns herself with various patterns in pastel colors. Use white or gold color. Any bare area of ​​the body decorated with beautiful, original drawing. Wedding body painting - a special form of art. He may like to give the bride a unique charm and oversaturate image details. For figures on the face or hands should be treated especially carefully. They will pay attention. Body art complements, rather than the basis for creative makeup.

Body art for the bride

We must not forget that the body art - it is not a substitute for a wedding dress, but only emphasize the beauty of the drawings on the body. When choosing colors, striking patterns. you must be aware of the big picture. The overabundance of accessories, always leads to bad taste. In bright, beautiful dress is not necessary to decorate themselves with colored drawings or rhinestones. It is better to use pastel colors and coat patterns are not all exposed parts of the body, but only some. Body art, fully replacing the bride can look terrible in the eyes of untrained people.

Dress out of toilet paper

To stand out in the wedding ceremony, the bridepick up creative dress. For their production used the most unexpected materials. For example, there is a contest in which prizes are assigned for the original dress made using toilet paper. Since 2005, the United States handed the certificate to 500-1000 dollars most beautiful and practical addition. It is believed that as significantly reduce the cost of the wedding ceremony. After all, for the manufacture of dresses, according to the rules of the competition, only use toilet paper, thread, glue, adhesive tape.

Wedding dress from toilet paper

It is clear that such orders are made onlyfor contests. They can not "survive" a long ceremony. And explain to guests creative ideas will not be easy. In the form of jokes at the wedding make endless trail, using a few rolls of toilet paper, or other such competitions. The image of the bride has to be not only original, but beautiful, and the use of such unexpected materials show the bride is not in the best light.

From balloons

If the young have the desire to do a special,unforgettable photos, then for making the wedding dress used even balloons. Himself to create this outfit will be very difficult. More and more designers and fashion designers start to work with this material. Using balloons, made beautiful translucent wedding dresses of all colors of the rainbow. On this solemn occasion it only gets brighter.

Bride of balloons

On the creation of the original wedding dress withusing small balloons design suggests itself is a festive ceremony. The bride should be light and airy. This outfit looks unique, but some consider it terrible. Air dress is often used for photo-installations, as to spend it all in a ceremony impossible. Any sharp objects or careless movement will spoil views forever.

The dress in the Gothic style

To outfit the bride did not stand out against the generalholiday concept, it is necessary to combine it with the idea of ​​celebration. For example, a bright accent theme wedding can be a dress in the Gothic style, which does not necessarily have to be dark and gloomy. When you take into account the peculiarities of its manufacturing bride figure, what kind of underwear she prefers bodice depth and other factors.

The Gothic style of dress of the bride

From plastic spoons

Wedding dresses are created not only byTraditional materials used and as unexpected things. For example, disposable cups and plastic spoons. This dress will be the most unforgettable way to the ceremony, the main thing - is to agree with relatives. Some designers decorate their works plastic crafts. For example, the colors of disposable tableware.

The original decoration of the wedding dress

Terrible wedding images of stars of show business

Failed to choose a wedding dress can be aordinary bride and a celebrity with a world name. The fact that the stars pick up the image of famous fashion designers, does not insulate from the tastelessness. This confusion happened with many of the actress and singer. For example, in the list of the most horrific wedding dresses got Celine Dion. Her outfit ruined a huge ungainly crown and wide, six-meter loop.

For Britney Spears and Pamela AndersonIt proved a devastating minimalism. At their wedding, they were in bikinis, micro-dresses. Nicole Richie a few times during the evening dresses changed, but she took the last place in the rating of bad taste. Nicole, like Mariah Carrey, journalists nicknamed "Zephirin." A famous singer Stacy Ferguson (Fergie) made another mistake - her dress was so tight and fitting that she could not sit in it.

Horrible wedding crown Celine Dion

Photo most horrible dresses brides in the world

For wedding dress does not fall into the "terrible" top,It should adhere to the rules. Attire should be fine "sit" in the figure hostess. Not worth the risk and order wedding attire without trying. Careful measurements - the key to successful choice. No need to decorate the wedding dress lots of accessories. The best way of decoration will hairstyle and the beauty of the bride. Look at the photo below, which outfits for the wedding ceremony are considered the most dire.

Terrible wedding dresses