The most unusual wedding dress - photo

Such a celebration, like a wedding - it's a greatday in every girl's life. On this day bride wants to look not only charmingly, but also original. Therefore, the wedding dress should be not just beautiful, and unique, allowing to attract the rapt attention of others. Discover the most unusual, original wedding dresses, photos of which will help you to imagine yourself in each of them.

The most beautiful dresses brides

Collection of wedding decoration is so unique,the girl even with the most demanding taste will find that dress, which could not take his eyes. The details that are sewn or attached to it, make each model an interesting, unusual. Designers turned tailoring wedding dress in an art form.

She wants to be unique in its daywedding, so the first thing you need to decide - is the design and style of dress. It may be simple, classic, unusual extravagant, long, short, curvy or fitting. What option is best? It's a matter of taste. Ideas and fantasy fashion embodied in life, you can create a unique image. But he will be gentle or shocking - it's up to you.

An excellent choice of wedding dress, which is always in fashion - classic white dress (as pictured below). It is a versatile choice for brides all over the world.

Classic white dress

Designers released clothes for weddings other colors other than white -. Pink, blue, beige and other colors such models are also popular among fashionistas (see photo).

Models pastel shades

His splendor hit "air" lightdresses that are layered full skirt and lace corset. Such clothing will allow any girl feel like a queen of the ball. Lace, as well as additional accessories, so allow the dresses look even more beautiful. How can these styles look like:

Styles with a fluffy skirt

Weightless, flowing fabrics used inwedding dresses, beautifully fitting the figure, emphasizing all its advantages. In tandem with them looks great lace or fur cape, bolero, gloves.

Fitted dress

Dresses from world famous designers suchlike Alfred Angelo, Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Justin Alexander, Vera Wang, considered the most beautiful. They present their creations in a variety of colors, shapes. A number of designers paid special attention not only dresses and suits, and which remain relevant for a long time. Models decoration aforementioned artists are shown in the photo.

  • Alfred Angelo

Photo collection from the fashion house Alfred Angelo
  • Badgley Mischka

Photo dresses from designer Badgley Mischka
  • Carolina Herrera

Photo of wedding dresses by Carolina Herrera
  • Justin Alexander

clothing for the wedding Photo by Justin Alexander
  • Vera Wang

Photo designer clothes for the wedding of Vera Wang

Creative wedding dresses (PHOTO)

Along with the classic wedding dressare extremely popular creative dresses that are sure to have their own "flavor". They are unusual in that they have an unusual color for the dress or an unusual shape. Such models are surprise for his bold decisions in the choice of materials for sewing. Fancy dress Model, see:

Photo unusual patterns wedding dress

Unusual color

In place of clothes for the wedding classic whitecolored dresses come in various colors, which give the originality and uniqueness of the image of the bride. Fashionable considered as a quiet bed tones and bright, bright colors such as deep red. To image has been completed, it is necessary to supplement the groom's suit details of the corresponding color. This may be a tie, boutonniere.

Dresses of different colors

in form

Popular and sought after models are inwhich the bride can show all their slender legs. They look beautiful and sexy, give the image of femininity. Also it looks unusual style of dress - elongated back, with a train without it. Notice in the photo.

Original styles of wedding dresses


If you like to attract the attention of men,erotic look at the wedding dress. Their main "highlight" that they bare one or more parts of the body such as legs, back, chest.

Photo erotic dresses for wedding

Famous fashion designers use to sew suchfrank dresses different materials. The main thing is to model different individuality and uniqueness. As an experiment, they use materials such as paper, pens, tires, balloons, condoms even. These masterpieces can be placed in a museum to shock the visitors with its eccentricity.

From paper

In New York, designers creatively came to makingwedding dress, using simple material - toilet paper. At its production needed a thousand paper rolls, a few liters of glue, thread, adhesive tape. How was this unusual masterpiece, look at the video:

Of the money

Originally looks apparel, which are material for banknotes. It is unlikely to survive the wedding ceremony, but it looks impressive.

"Money" clothing for the wedding

Because feathers

Feathers of a peacock - the basic material usedto create unusual attire. The idea of ​​such a tailoring outfit belongs to Chinese designers. To create this extravagant model took 2009 peacock feathers and 60 jade stones. Wear this beauty at the wedding will be a risky decision, but it looks just amazing outfit.

Feathers - the original decision to create the dress


Wedding apparel, details of which arefresh flowers - an excellent idea to create a feminine, gentle way. They look just gorgeous. Flowers give the bride to choose for themselves a decoration, freshness, beauty and originality.

Floral dress

From balloons

Thelma Levett used balloons,to create a unique and unusual wedding dress for his beloved daughter. She spent five thousand balls to get this exclusive outfit. But it is not practical, because quite cumbersome and does not allow freedom of movement of the bride.

Air ball gowns

From condoms

The material to create clothes for the wedding mayserve as condoms. At the Nineteenth annual event in New York, dedicated to the fight against AIDS, it was presented an unusual dress, which was used to build 12,500 condoms.

Condoms - material to create unusual dresses

With LEDs

A truly shine at the ceremony the bride will allow an unusual model, which includes the three hundred lights with batteries, hidden in lush skirt.

Wedding dress with LEDs

From sweets

Another unusual design masterpiece - deliciousclothes. Lauren Smith presented a "chocolate" dress decorated with orange slices and chili peppers. Desyatikilogrammovy outfit, laid small cakes, created baker Valentin Stefan. A chef Juan Manuel Barrientos took to create his masterpiece rose petals covered with powdered sugar.

Sweet wear to a wedding

Body art outfit

Look spectacular at his own weddingIt allows this kind of art as body art. Almost every city is an agency that provides services to the wedding of body art. This type of jewelry is suitable brave girls, allow to hide any flaw in the body -. Birthmark, scar, etc. Because of this, the bride can wear any outfit openness.

Master can paint any part of the girl's body- Arms, legs, shoulders and chest. He can make an image of gloves or stockings, dresses continued to draw and carry out pattern instead of underwear that can surprise the newly made husband.

Body art for the bride

Current models of wedding dresses are differentits originality and novelty. They are spectacular and creative. Do you have the ability to easily pick up a special style to your liking. We hope that our information will help you make the right choice.

Video: the original wedding dresses 2016

Photo most unusual dresses in the world