The models of wedding dresses made of thick fabric

Selection of dresses for the bride - it is always the caseimportant, especially if it be tailoring. Dresses same style, made of dense or light flowing fabrics, look completely different. Each material attached along an individual effect. Any girl wants to look luxurious on his wedding even in the cold season, so manufacturers offer a wide range of solid fabrics for wedding dresses.

The models of wedding dresses made of thick fabric

Choose the right model wedding dress - not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account several factors:

  1. Features figures.
  2. Season.
  3. The style of the wedding.
  4. The official ceremony.

It navigates difficult even becauseIt offers a huge range of models, so before you order a dress in the studio, or buy ready-made, it is desirable to be a bride before a mirror and determine the type of the figure. After that the bride will know exactly in what place she needed to visually reduce the volume, and in which - to add. Take a look at the video, how to choose a wedding dress, considering the type of shape:

Direct dress a-line

A-line dresses, made of densematerial visually similar to an equilateral triangle. This style is derived from the "trapeze" model, which was fashionable in the last century. As a rule, this one-piece dress with a deep neckline and long sleeves. The feature of cutting is that the narrow top shape visually extends the bride. Material brilliantly slim silhouette, with emphasis on the chest and elastic waist.

The wedding dress a-line is very convenient standbecause style corrects posture without any effort on the part of the bride, providing support for the back. Many models for the cold season are sewn together with a delicate lace, which emphasizes elegance, adding to the image of the bride's little sensuality and femininity. Such an amazing outfit for church wedding. The tight dress A-line bride will look like a Hollywood star.

Models A-line

Dress in the style of "Princess"

Traditional cut "Princess" - a narrow top andflared bottom. This style is universal, so it is chosen bride with tsvetotip different skin types and shapes. Thick dress would look great in a white color variant or performance, expressive element easily becomes the texture of fabric or pattern. Decorating wedding dress "Princess" is used any. Bride to choose offer:

  • lace;
  • crystals;
  • embroidery;
  • beads;
  • belt.

The heavy materials that keep their shapetrapezoidal cut, such as taffeta, satin or satin, highlight the beautiful A-line model "Princess." A dense material that looked weightless and lush, designers complement the magnificent organza skirt, air or light tulle lace. In this style of dress every bride feels a fairy princess, which can be sweet and romantic and gentle and playful.

The girls in the image of princesses

Short wedding dress with a long train

Those brides who want to demonstrateslender legs, designers offer a huge number of wedding styles short cut. But this dress more suitable for the warm pores, as cold winter bride is unlikely it will be comfortable. Short model with a train - wedding fashion trend of recent years. It is a universal solution for those who in a short skirt does not feel very confident, because of the elongated loop back dress girl give comfort, allowing to show the beautiful legs.

Short model with a loop attached to the bridepersonality and mystery. Dense material will make the much-fitting style, which many like to wear bold girl, showing chiseled figure. A lightweight tulle, decorating product will transform the short model in the style of 50's, which will look good on any woman, regardless of age, build and height.

Short model with a train

What are the dense fabric for wedding dresses?

Wedding dress - it is, above all, productgarment production, which is important for the material. At the heart of garments based on two things: the fabric and cut. The choice of these things fully depends on whether there is finally a dream come true wedding dresses or bring disappointment. General characteristics of a particular material does not guarantee the quality, which is crucial for the finished dress of the bride. Therefore the choice of dense tissue is better to trust the professionals.


Brocade Wedding dresses - this is the most expensivedresses, eye-catching brilliance and high quality material. Brocade is a thick patterned fabric with interwoven with silver or gold threads. This fabric is appreciated since ancient times, when the rich bride walked down the aisle just in brocade robes, adorned with pearls, precious stones and rich embroidery.

Not every style master poshet using brocade,because the density of the material, its extensibility and type of influence this. Basically, damask is suitable for fitting wedding models. Glitter expensive material is a self-adornment, so it makes no sense to choose elaborate and ornate styles - simple model of the A-line without additional decor is very impressive, and make the bride the queen at his own wedding.

Brocade robes


Velvet - a dense material, based onIt is silk, cotton and viscose. The advantage of fitting velvet wedding dresses are made that successfully emphasizes luxury fabric chest, neck, buttocks and the bride, making the ideal figure in any man. Velvet is perfectly combined with a Christmas theme, so if the wedding is planned for the New Year, the best choice of bride - thick velvet dress.

Thick velvet has excellentheat-saving properties, so it should be chosen for the cold season. The wedding fashion it successfully combine with other materials, such as satin, chiffon, lace or guipure. A rich palette of this fabric provides the opportunity to sew an outfit for the bride in any color and style. Keep in mind that not iron velvet, creases and very eye-catching, so it must be transported carefully.

Velvet Suite


Crepe - it's a special twist thread technology andcrepe clothing is silk, cotton, synthetic. The special effect is achieved on the fabric weave melkouzorchatym whereby the material becomes dense, elastic and not crushed when worn. A common crepe dress for the wedding:

  • crepe-chiffon;
  • crepe satin;
  • crepe de Chine;
  • crepe georgette.

The more twisted the thread, the more brilliantis fabric. crepe satin silk is often confused with, since both materials are of high quality. Wedding dress of thick crepe satin pleasant to the touch and very beautiful. This is the perfect choice for the bride: unlike silk full skirt pomnetsya not, because the girl will have to actively move the whole day. Choosing a wedding crepe, it should be remembered that he looks reserved and strictly, so need for additional decor.

Crepe satin dress

Photo of wedding dresses made of thick fabric

The bride choice of fabric for wedding dresssubconsciously express their emotions. If she sticks to tradition, it falls in the range of form-stable fabrics such as brocade and satin, with a dense structure. Free from the rules of the bride choose the flowing fabric of crepe or sexy velvet, from which it is easy to create intricate cuts. But no matter how dense fabric was not selected, the main thing to guess with style, size and style, only the image of the bride will be perfect.

Delicate models with a bow

Luxury images of young