The models of wedding dresses in the style of Chicago

the bride's dress should be feminine, fashionable andelegant. They are becoming increasingly popular festivals held in the style of the 30s, so you need to pick up and appropriate attire. Wedding dress, made in the Chicago gangster-style, at the same time combines the elegance, femininity and sexuality is restrained, thereby favorably emphasizes the beauty of the figure. The dress style of the gently allocate all seductive curves of the female body and will attract admiring glances to the bride.

The models of wedding dresses in the style of Chicago

Brides who chose the weddingThis feminine dress in style, always look mysterious, enigmatic and seductive. Dresses elegant style 30s were back at the peak of their popularity, so no surprise that more and more newlyweds want to spend a stylized wedding. To create the image of the young was not only stylish, but also has its own flavor, you need to use an additional decor - it can be a pen, glove, fringe, boas, pearls, beads.

The white short wedding dress

The most popular turned white shortwedding dress gangster style of choice for many brides. In the 30 years the first time women began to wear knee-length dresses, and replaced the usual sleeve thin strap. Such clothing the young should have a fitted silhouette, a frank neck (cut-out may violate standards of decency) and stripped back. These features make the gangster style of bride the object of attention and admiration of men.

Styles of dresses 30s

The direct form-fitting style flepper

Very interesting is the wedding dress styleflepper (refers to the 20 th year, is characterized by femininity, mischief and insolence), the main feature of which is a deep cleavage. However, if the bride has stopped the choice on this model, it is worth remembering that it is suitable only for women having a slim figure. In order to fully match the style of those years, you need to pick up clothes in white, black or red. To add an image, you can hat, stockings, exotic feathers, gloves.

Flepper Style Suite

Long dress with open back

Refined, sophisticated, elegant look long,fitting dress with sensual neckline on the back, which is an integral part of a wedding in the style of Chicago. If gangster version of the celebration has been selected, it is necessary to complement the image of long gloves, laying in waves, and to replace the traditional veil little hat with a veil. To image was elegant, it is necessary to supplement it with string of pearls. If the celebration takes place in the cold season, you need to pre-select a fur cape, preferably white, which is the main attribute of the bride's 30s.

Using styles with an open back for the young

Black and white photo with the ceremony in retro style

With frank decollete

With the advent of bold 30s women's dressesThey became more bold, frank, that can be seen in wedding dresses. Not only greatly reduce the length of the dress, but there have been small reforms with sleeves, which came to the place of narrow straps, there were cuts on his back. The changes affected the neckline - it became much deeper, more frank. You can choose festive attire with velvet, satin or other materials, the quality of which should be at the highest level.

Along with a deep neckline for the bride

The Empire style with lace

The term first appeared in the glamor days of the 30'ss, when women's dress became more bold and straightforward. Among the brides are popular and dresses in the Empire style, which are used for the production of light, air, flying fabric and muslin for the bodice, tulle or brocade. The front should be straight leg, the back - assembly of light waves, so that the image of the bride becomes easy and womanly. To decorate the bodice can be used lace, rhinestones, embroidery, ruffles, ribbons.

Wedding clothes with lace in the style of Empire

Accessories for wedding dresses in the style of the 30s

Even the most beautiful image of the bride shall belook complete without the appropriate accessories. This also applies to orders that are gangsteskomu Chicago style. Slightly rustic and concise style is supplemented by interesting small caps, which can be decorated with silk ribbons, beads and exotic feathers and sequins, small veils.

Jewellery for the bride 30s

In the 30s, not all women can affordjewelry, so a lot of popularity purchased jewelery made of artificial pearls, gold-plated chains with large links. If you decide to hold the wedding in Chicago gangster-style, the perfect accessory for you to become a classic strand white pearl, which you can tie a knot on the chest beautiful.

Pearl thread

Photo of wedding dresses in the style of Chicago

Length wedding dress, made ingangster style can range from knee and ankle. However, stylized outfits designed for parties, and may be more daring, a short length. The waist down, including materials used for sewing preference chiffon, satin, velvet, silk. Chicago-style wedding dress can be decorated with sequins, sequins, crystals, beads, fringe, as in the following picture:

Stylized photo

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Thematic photo shoot in her wedding dress