The models of wedding dresses for brides Arab

In recent years, mixing and Europeaneast direction, designers offer some very interesting models of clothes. But do wedding dresses in pure Arabic style can not emphasize the attractiveness of the girls? Eastern Clothing of the bride assumes a mystique and mystery. Closed without cutout, model dress, tightly covering the slender waist - this is all that can afford the modest Arab girl.

Traditional Arab dress for brides

In connection with the observance of traditions in the Eastwedding dress suggests a lack of a deep neckline and short sleeves. The discovery may be only the face of the bride. Sewn dress made of expensive noble fabrics. Jewellery, embroidery on it exclusively, with oriental motifs. Head girl should cover the cloth from which sewed a dress, or buy a special lace cape. The decoration of the bride can cost more than half of the budget spent on the wedding. Elegant bride clothing allows you to raise the image and prestige of the celebration.

Blue dress bride

Styles of modern Arabic wedding dresses

The style of wedding dresses of Arab women are divided into two types:

  • very expensive, elegant fabrics and a minimum of jewelry;
  • a large number of patterns, beads, embroidery, lace on the beautiful but less expensive fabrics.

Preference is given to the white dress. For some people as the traditional color is considered to be a wedding dress in blue, green, purple colors. Oriental beauties keep up with fashion trends, today began to appear dresses in ivory different shades. The main requirement is firm - closed and dress length.

Satin patterns with embroidery

with gold or silver embroidery satin dress

Satin wedding dress makes for a Womana queen of the holiday. This fabric is timeless. Ever since the 19th century in the East, it was customary to decorate the bride dress hand embroidered with gold or silver threads. Oriental masters create amazing patterns, taking fancy ornate forms of the hem of her dress. Girls with a curvy shape to garments is not recommended to take the atlas, as the shortcomings will be allocated more than dignity. On the slim figure of the bride, this fabric looks amazing, like ripples on a body, it is advantageous setting off all the curves.

A silhouette with a lace

A silhouette with openwork lace

The most common model of a wedding dress -A-line. Universal classic style in the form of "wine glasses", which is suitable for almost any shape visually extends, increases growth and adds harmony. Despite the closeness of the Arab dress, A-line helps to reveal the fragility and tenderness, elegance and charm of the bride. Performed by a lace, it is an important finding for romantic natures. Openwork weaving, lace, lace and exquisite drapery - all this creates an elegance and refined look of the wedding decoration.

Lace well with taffeta, tulle,natural silk or satin. Lace dress A silhouette with a moderately full skirt itself gorgeous, do not overload it with unnecessary decorations. If you decide that your wedding dress you need to decorate the lace, we must remember that it must necessarily be the same for a dress, gloves and a cape on his head.

Lush styles

Luxuriant dress of tulle

Wearing finery, every bride feelsfairy princess. The bulk of the dress is held by tulle. This thin, lightweight, translucent fabric, folded in several layers, successfully supports splendor skirt. Comfort lies in the fact that for tulle do not need a ring frame, and therefore, the bride easily and smoothly be able to get into the car.

Magnificent dress with corset that hugs the silhouettegirls long sleeve in Arabic style, give a figure regal posture, hiding weaknesses and emphasizing all the advantages. Not adhering to the body of tulle moves as if by itself, making the bride more smooth gait, and she herself gives a feeling of magic in its most important holiday in my life.

Models with stones and beads

Decorated with stones and beads

Finish Arabic wedding dress eastbeauty affect the general appearance of the dress and gives the image of perfection. To wear a unique look, it is worth to use skillfully refined embroidered or applique glued beads, glass beads or stones. On the day of the wedding the bride will look harmonious, if the finishing will be one kind of jewelry. It is not recommended to combine large and ornate accessories to dress.

Decorating wedding dress beaded orstones gives its owner a special charm and chic. Sequins, crystals, interwoven in the ornament, the original application form and patterns. Placer beads, combined with delicate fabrics, makes fascinating and irresistible outfit. Popular shades - beige, gold, silver, and the hottest, white.

Not less popular for finishing fabricsuses glass beads. Beads This is the same, but the larger size cylindrical shape. It looks nice effect beaded fringe, which is made using glass beads. This decor helps dress sparkle in the sun or a lamp. The main thing - to keep balance and harmony in the amount of jewelry to shine and luster is not a distraction from the most the bride.

Photo of wedding dresses in Arabic style

You can feel the ArabicPrincess, if all the national traditions will be included in a wedding dress. If a closed dress made of natural fabrics there is embroidery - it should be oriental pattern on the hem or in the bodice. A special feature of the traditional Arab wedding dress the bride is a special breed that looks like a robe, decorated with decorative elements. The bride should consider your wardrobe to the smallest detail. Only then will she be able to make a special indelible impression on others.

A variety of oriental dresses