The fabric for the bride dresses

Fashion designers offer modern bridesa wide variety of styles of festive dresses. Prepare to the fact that shopping trips take a lot of time. When choosing a costume is necessary to consider not only the latest fashion trends, but also used the fabric for wedding dresses. Each material, whether satin, chiffon, crepe, velvet, brocade, taffeta, organza or silk, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Light and delicate fabrics for bridesmaid dresses

Due to the large number of differentmodern fabrics, the designers imagination is where carousing. It does not matter, you are ready to buy a costume or make an order for tailoring, special attention should be given the choice of fabric. This can be a decisive touch in creating the image of the bride. Used to create the bride dress fabric separated by invoice into several types: glossy, matte, light-reflecting (satin, silk, organza), synthetic, natural, mixed.

Wedding Dress Silk

Among the most beautiful, delicate, expensive fabricsinclude silk. When choosing a wedding dress made of this material, see if natural fabric. If the answer is yes, be prepared to ensure that the product will be much wrinkle when worn. Sew luxury silk dress for the bride can only experienced master, because working with them is very difficult and takes practice. Choosing silk, remember that any material with a smooth surface is slightly fuller, and it will be very noticeable in the photos.

Air silk is used to create outfitsPrincess. He always looks feminine, elegant, refined. They are characterized by high cost, but also look very expensive. To choose the right style, taking into account features of a figure, at his own wedding you will look chic. Ensure during fitting to fit the figure was perfect.

Silk model

Organza Wedding Dress

If you are looking for the best fabrics for weddingapparel, pay special attention to the organza (mixed material with fibers of viscose or polyester, silk), which is slightly stiff to the touch. The matte surface of festive dresses looks beautiful in the photo. Another advantage of this tissue - it could use a variety of finishes.

Organza is very thin, transparent, well-keptshape and can be used to decorate the wedding dress - puffed sleeves, flounces, frills, high collars. It is the perfect base for the bottom of the skirt. Interestingly it looks incredible color effects in the creases, folds, drapes, creating a beautiful play with the sunlight. This bride's dress is very light, lush, making image of a young tender, elegant, refined.

Robes Organza

Wedding dresses of taffeta

Very popular among brides enjoystaffeta, which may be supplemented by the most delicate lace, mesh, flowers, beads, beads. This material is hardly hesitates, so is perfect for a holiday at any time of the year. Taft - thin silk or cotton fabric, in which the tightly interwoven threads with a shiny, hard surface. As decoration is almost always used bright beads.

Robes of taffeta

Wedding Dresses Satin

To create a stylish festive attireIt is often used very beautiful, lightweight material - satin. Attention brides he draws his shiny, smooth surface. Atlas has always enjoyed great popularity among designers because it is easy to complement the interesting effects: embroidery, lace or mint finish. Such decoration makes the outfit unique, it helps to create a unique image for each bride. Originally looks combination of satin with sequins, glass beads, and matte fabrics adorning the bodice.

Satin clothing

Chiffon Wedding Dress

To create a refined, romantic image,note chiffon dresses. Such fabrics for wedding dresses used in a wide range of different models. Every bride will be able to pick up attire, which will emphasize her figure. Chiffon - a sturdy, air, light, transparent fabric, which is used for decoration, because it is not suitable as a base material. But it is not difficult to create the skillful use of the tissue around the bride snow-white cloud, it is possible to complicate drapery decorative elements.

Chiffon decor

Wedding dresses of tulle

Increasingly, designers are used to sewfestive dress material such as tulle. These models always look smart, beautiful, elegant. Tulle - is dense, durable material, so it can be applied to the lower layers of skirt or create a variety of accessories. Beautifully flowing soft, delicate tulle, perfect for decorating the top.

Models of tulle

Heavy and dense fabric for wedding dress

Widely used for sewing beautiful outfitsfor the wedding day dense heavy fabrics: brocade, velvet, crepe. The advantage of such materials is that they are perfect for a holiday at any time of the year. If the model and size of the items are chosen correctly, it can safely hide figure flaws and highlight the delicate beauty of the bride.


If you have planned a wedding oncold season, Pick brocade clothes. This dense, heavy fabric with a small amount of silk gives volume and chic attire. Brocade bridal gowns fit for discerning brides will warm in the winter, will help to create a sophisticated, feminine, elegant image of the Queen. You can choose not only the traditional white dress, but also gold or silver, creating a stylish image.

Shiny fabric not only reflects light, but alsoenlarges the figure. If you have no problems with being overweight, then the best choice for you would be the brocade corset model with a hard top, which lift the chest, waist utyanet, opens beautiful shoulders. The unique luster brocade will beautifully set off the delicate skin of the bride. The combination of this material with matte fabrics helps to visually hide a couple of extra pounds (for example, a combination of velvet and brocade).

Brocade robes


It is gentle and soft material, which has recentlywhile designers are increasingly using. Velvet always looks festive and luxurious, so many brides are looking for a product with a tissue. When choosing a dress, remember it is suitable only girls with a perfect figure. Elegant, feminine and stylish look long velvet wedding dress.

Velvet dresses


Crepe products - the best way out for the daywedding. This material is not only very beautiful, but hardly wrinkled, so the bride will look perfect before the end of the holiday. It is better to choose a crepe model with a smooth surface, complemented by delicate lace. To image was more interesting, use bright jewelry and long gloves.

crêpe model

French lace for making the wedding dress

Easy gentle French lace is perfectfor making the wedding dress. It gives the image of the bride's femininity, elegance, sophisticated sexuality. This beautiful material used for making the wedding dress of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. If you want to create a stylish and at the same time gentle way, lace set off your beauty and make you a queen.

Lace Bridal

How much fabric you need on a wedding dress?

In the calculation of fabrics for wedding dressmust take into account the texture of the material fashion model. If you chose the modest dress, enough width of 1.5 meters and a length of about 1.5-2 meters. To sew a magnificent princess outfit added fabric on the corset, skirt to take at least 3 meters. Do not forget the trail, which will need a couple of meters of material. It is best to seek the assistance of an experienced seamstress, able to correctly calculate the amount of fabric and sew a fabulous outfit for the bride.