Stylish Wedding Dress

Choosing a stylish wedding dress begins withview fashion bow-books and catalogs of the leading brands. Modern styles of dresses for the bride differ graceful silhouette, delicate materials, air trim. They show a surprising combination of majesty and humility, luxury and brevity, sexuality and self-restraint. The wedding dresses 2016, each woman reveals her best side.

Models of stylish bride's wedding dress

There are several major trends in wedding fashion, which make the image of a bride worthy of the royal wedding:

  • The narrow silhouette. The bride should emphasize the curves of her slender body. The premium models of wedding dresses, tight shape from the chest down to the calves or feet on the stones. It looks elegant style "fish", implying flared from the knee and below the hem.
  • Mixing textures. Feel free to look and feminine dresses with transparent inserts. Delicate material through which rayed skin, perfectly combined with lace, creating a truly indescribable air of lightness effect.
  • Frills, bows, partly Basque. These elements help to highlight the waist, creating extra volume in the hips. Large bow on the back or on the sides of the Basque, lush ruffles and layered folds impart cherished figure bends.

Wedding dress with lace back

Wedding dress with bare back paya lot of attention all fashion houses, but not all of the bride's dress so daring for his own wedding. Lace rest becomes indispensable boon, creating a reasonable compromise: dress in line with current trends, and the wedding heroine feels comfortable. Some dresses with lace remain open some parts of the back, adding spice to the image.

The outfits for the wedding with lace back

These models emphasize the great posture,so at the wedding the bride will have to watch out for this moment. For wedding dress with lace back is better not to choose a long veil. Limit elegant veil, tiara majestic, delicate wreath, elegant hat. Close the beauty that surrounds the back, you can not, or will be gone the whole design idea.

Dress with luxurious train

Elegant, aristocratic and very femininelook stylish dress with a train. This classic creates a mysterious aura around the bride, enveloping her magic touch. All charms bride in a white gown, moving to the altar, behind which accompanies a luxury train. And if it bear lovely angels, more touching spectacle difficult to come up.

Dresses for a wedding with a train

Choose outfits straight cut, who fromlevel mid-thigh rear trail begins. It is very well suited long veil, together with extended hem which gives the image of a wedding grandeur. The trend styles, short front, but with a train behind. They combine the naughtiness of the bride, her originality, femininity, modernity.

With spicy cut from the thighs

Bold bride opt for dresses withcuts from the hip. Classy way, effectively showing slender legs, will remain in the memory of all the wedding guests. Complement outfit elegant bodily seed pans heels capable wonderfully emphasize long legs. From stocking with wedding dresses have to give up, otherwise avoid notok vulgarity.

Stylish wedding dress with a long slit

Stylish wedding dresses with savory cutsno need for additional decoration. This is not the appropriate bows, scatterings of stones, weaving lace, embroidery. The dress will be enough of an accent, which will perform shows while walking leg of the bride. The dress may be supplemented by an elegant belt to highlight the waist, the right to designate silhouette, visually make the lower part of the body longer.

Dress with a multilayer skirt

This is a classic choice for a romantic bride. Multi-layer skirt perfectly combines with open shoulders, emphasizing the elegance of the protagonist celebration. These wedding dresses can do without special rings, because the volume is created by a large number of tissue. If you choose air material, the tiers will turn out light and fluffy without any additional devices.

brides along with a multi-layer skirt

Great look for a model with weddingasymmetric stepped layers. This skirt looks easier, giving the bride lightness. This season in bridal salons are popular along with a multi-layer skirt and lace sleeves. They look restrained, in the best light showing the bride, purity and innocence of her image. If the wedding dress she will get married, you need to choose a model with covered shoulders, which in combination with a fluffy skirt look amazing.

Short Lace Wedding Dresses

In favor of the short stylish wedding dresses lace says several facts:

  • They are not inferior in their luxury brethren long, can not be said about the simple short models, often resembling conventional sarafan.
  • These dresses perfectly isolated lucky bride among others, traveling to marry in long dresses.
  • They are wonderfully suited for field ceremonies, especially if the bride and groom exchange vows somewhere on the ocean.
  • Short lace dress at the wedding the bride's show originality of nature, her personality, the ability to go against the traditional patterns.
  • They allow the bride at the wedding guests to enjoy, circling in the dance, feel free.

Short Lace Wedding Dresses

Choose a wedding dress with a long shorttrain. The hem of the back is longer, the more effective you present yourself to the world. Flex can be trailed to save you the maximum freedom, but it can be an extension of the skirt. From shoes allowed almost all kinds, but it is better to stay on the shoes or sandals. Several vulgar, but extremely spectacular happens image combined with high boots, stockings or boots.

Video: Review of stylish dresses for wedding

Look stylish trendy wedding reviewdresses of the season 2016. The graceful girl show actual models, accompanying presentation tips. Video Review will allow you to figure out how to sit in the figure certain outfits models, what accessories they should complement what style to choose, taking into account their physical characteristics and the triumph of style. You will learn what the riddle is fraught wedding dress convertible at any wedding is the most useful, and how this outfit is able to make celebration comfortable.

Picture the most stylish bride dresses 2016

To simplify your choice of the main outfit,see photo selection of fashionable wedding dresses. Pay attention to the make-up, accessories, bouquets. They then easily be adapted to the type and style of your celebration. Feel the mood of each wedding gown, try on his mind, imagine dress for yourself. So you define your ideal model, which allows to feel not only the bride and princess.

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