Styles of wedding dresses with sleeves, a flashlight

The sleek silhouette, light airy fabrics,noble lines ... All this is typical of luxury wedding dresses with sleeves lanterns. The fragile figure of a young bride dressed in lace foam, satin, will give an additional charm, elegance wedding celebration. Royals, Crown Princess, Celebrity choosing outfits, which artfully combines sexuality and self-restraint, modern chic and old traditions.

Types of "lantern" sleeves for wedding dress

Ceremonial dresses with sleeves gaininggreat popularity. Small traditional puffed sleeves give tenderness, romantic image of the bride; long lace emphasize the elegance and grace of owner; volume with a lot of frills, folds gone into the world of fairy tales, magic; flared towards the bottom create an image of a mysterious, enigmatic person.

Dresses for brides

By tradition, the length depends on the time of yearof the marriage ceremony. The last decade in the fashion world has made adjustments to the model dresses for the wedding. Style with a flashlight in different variations firmly won prizes at the add of wedding fashion. Depending on the imagination of the designer, his vision of the future creations distinguish these types of sleeves-lanterns:

  • Classic short. Gathered on the sleeves doused cloth gives volume, lightness. style "baby dollars" Lovers can not get past this style. Leather shoulder, arm leaves much to be desired? Cover the "intriguing" short space "flashlight".
  • Lush with lots of pleats decoratedsatin ruffles, embroidery - the ideal wedding dress for fans of the film "Gone with the Wind." Emphasize the line of the shoulders, accents on elegant physique of the bride, is intended to attract the attention of others, such a model.

Dresses brides from different eras
  • Long lace, hand-fitting - a trendlatest wedding fashion seasons. With a light hand of the Duchess of Cambridge, British Princess Kate Middleton, model wedding dress with long lace sleeves narrow to conquer the world.
  • Flared towards the bottom, easy, virtuallyweightless gives the image of the bride's innocence, elegance. This long sleeve cut is popular in Russia. Rich embroidery with silver, gold, pearls adorned wedding dress.

Classic sleeve "Flashlight"

Short-sleeve classic flashlight perfectlylooks on most models: A-style, case, magnificent long dress for the princess, the elegant Greek style. Designers have experimented successfully with a variety of variations: the elegant lantern sleeve one-shoulder model of "Empire" style gives wealth and luxury; concise up to the elbows emphasizes simplicity, elegance of style; translucent elongated - ephemeral, airy model.

Types classic lantern sleeve-on for wedding dresses

Lush sleeve

Surround-lantern sleeve with a plurality of foldsIt makes the return to the old days, when walking through the streets of elegant ladies in long robes with crinolines. This model will be a wedding dress to face a fragile, delicate girls, will underline the shoulder line, give the amount of the upper body. This model wedding designers use to create vintage dresses in the style of Princess Diana. When choosing this style, you will plunge into the magic world of magic, luxury, wealth.

Dresses for brides with full sleeves

Advanced bottom

Wedding Celebration to be in the coldof the year? Choose elegant dress A-line with cuffs, emphasizing style model. Flared bottom, translucent lace style will accentuate the beauty of your hands. A nice feature of this model is the ability to "hide" flaws: inflammation on the skin of hands, rash, extra centimeters volume. The long robe hands visually add growth tall girl, but the owners of small stature should choose up to the elbow or? To avoid breaking proportions appearance.

Models of clothes for the young

What style of dress combined sleeve "torch"?

The harmonious combination of each part of the weddingsilhouette creates a unique model. "Flashlight" up to the elbow, or? It looks great on dresses sheath knee, visually elongating the silhouette, adding bride growth. The most successful option designers recognize the model A-style and small classic "flashlight". Add a playfulness in a strict silhouette dress in the Greek style helps lush sleeve, decorated with flowers, embroidery, ruffles.

To suit wedding dress with a "lantern" sleeves?

A feature of the sleeves-lanterns is thatthey are suitable for brides of all ages, shapes and weights. Air short sleeve emphasize young age, elongated "flashlight" hide skin imperfections, excess weight, large with large volume pleats add "weight" petite brides. Copies with hands hidden under the lace, suitable brides planning not only a civil ceremony, but the wedding in the church.

A model on the different types of female figures

The only limitation magnificent combinationsleeves and the same finery is to give an additional amount of the figure of the bride, not only in the area of ​​the thighs, and in the upper part of the body. So what options are suitable only girls, owners of a narrow chest and lack of excess weight. Otherwise, you get "the woman on the teapot."

Photo of wedding dresses with sleeves, "flashlights"

Fashion designers of wedding dresses offera huge choice of models with sleeves, "flashlights", flared, long and not very much. The main trend of the season 2015 are lace. Wealth proposals styles of wedding dresses for slender and full, young and older brides are presented below in the photo.

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