Short wedding dresses photo

Since ancient times happened that a wedding dress shouldbe the length of the floor. But fashion is changing, tastes are becoming more liberated, modern bride want to be extraordinary, unique. Short wedding dresses in 2016 firmly in vogue. We must admit that the wedding would wear this outfit only a true connoisseur of fashion, bold girl has good taste. The first such woman was a great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, chosen by themselves a hundred years ago the wedding dress just below the knee.

Short wedding dress

Short wedding dresses 2016 photo

In 2016 wedding fashion trendreturn to the retro style of the 60s. For the bride, which considers long wedding dress outdated, suitable length to the knee. This outfit is convenient for movement, dance, allowing you not to step on the long Petticoat. It is lightweight, elegant, underlines the figure. A collection of short model is especially useful for a summer wedding, when overcomes the heat and the heat. Each girl will choose a dress to your liking.

A collection of short dresses

Especially those styles fit graceful fragilegirls of short stature with beautiful legs. It is very important skill to pick shoes, since feet are always in sight. Short dress will serve you more than once after the wedding, as the evening cocktail dress in a variety of celebrations.

Take a look at the video, however varied and romantic styles are short dresses.

Short lush wedding dresses photo

Dress with a fluffy skirt girl rarely put inEveryday life. It is appropriate at the prom or wedding. Romantic, light as a cloud, this outfit of any girl will make a fairy princess.

curvy model

Depending on taste, the bride's facial features, as well as placesweddings, bridal designers have developed a curvy dresses of different styles. They are not necessarily white, at least considered fashionable cream color.

Style white swan

Similar to the dancer, light and graceful, romantic and mysterious, all in bulk chiffon folds, the bride seemed to hover in the air. The style emphasizes a slim, slender legs and slender waist.

Style ballerina

Style 20s - gold and feathers

Attire of the chic finish of sequins, rhinestones, feathers. You will like this image? Rate on the photo.

Finish with sequins and feathers

Hard cut

Skirt strictly delineated as a ruler, no lightness and weightlessness. Photo models hard cut.

Skirts hard cut

Modern Princess

Mainly from the silk fabric elegant dress silhouette that resembles the letter A, knee-length.

Models A-line

Miss Dior - in the power of 50

Style fitted, full skirt-bell.

The collection is magnificent wedding dresses, see the video review of Victoria Dougan.

Short wedding dresses for pregnant women photos

Salons provide an opportunity to chooseharmonious outfit for each pregnancy. The early stages of pregnancy, when the tummy is still not very noticeable, beautifully decorate any fitting model. Create a charming image of the bride is subject to direct a narrow dress with wide, decorated with ruffles or pebbles, straps or bolero, distracting attention away from the tummy.

Models for early pregnancy

There will also be a good idea to look a-line style and a little inflated waistline, the model which can be seen in the photo below.

Attire for the bride beremnnosti

In the later stages of pregnancy should bechoose the free model, for example, in the Greek style - high-rise waistline under the breast, falling from under her beautiful pleated skirt just below the knee. Such a model will look harmoniously with veil, giving the appearance of a wedding romance, grace. The clasp on the belt or corset must not compress the stomach too. The rest - without any restrictions. Wedding Goddess images are shown in the photo.

Models for late pregnancy

Short wedding dresses with sleeves photo

Highly decorated wedding dresses sleeves, made of thin transparent lace. They give the image of elegance, a touch of chastity.

With lace sleeves

Pyshnobedrym girls help this outfitbalance the upper and lower parts of the body. It will hide flaws and women with hands full. Bride of small stature with a sleeve dress will make taller and slimmer. Models with sleeves can be seen on the photo.


Wonderful elegant models of wedding dresses with sleeves gathered in the video.

Wedding dresses short for complete picture

Full girls may well suit for his weddingshort dress, with a cut or not. The main thing that he hid those body parts that do not look in the best way, emphasizing the beautiful features. The bride should define a style, choose a cut-out neckline beautifully frames the chest, skirt length, corresponding to his figure.

The best option for all the girls will be full A-line, diverging downwards. How are such models, see the photo.

A-Line for the full

Some people believe that girls with curvaceous notshould show her figure and is wearing only clothes a spacious cut. Nothing like this! Elegant model laid bare back and beautiful legs, did not spoil the holiday of any bride. Needless to expose himself or strap a tight dress pyshechki not worth it, all should be the measure and taste.

Models for complete

Wedding dresses with shortly before the photo

If you are confused and do not know what stylechoose a wedding dress - short or floor-length, pay attention to the model shortly before that combines these two styles. This outfit will emphasize the beautiful legs wrapped in brand shoes, which in the long no one would see. A long train behind will feel like a princess from a fairy tale.

With a loop

Many of these fabulous models assembled in the video below - see and choose yours!

Accessories short wedding dresses photo

To short wedding dress smartly looked, it is important to choose the right accessories to it. The main thing - not the number of them, and the harmonious combination with the dress.

Accessories bride

It is especially important to choose the beautiful shoes, because they will be paraded for all guests along with mistress legs. By the choice of shoes should be taken very seriously.

Shoes for a short wedding dress

If the wedding dress is short, it does not mean that the bride is not proper to wear a veil or tiara. Choose to taste these accessories. Fatou is better to choose too short.

bride Veil

Brides who prefer a romantic style, can choose a veil, a veil.


If you choose a model with a train, in addition to that would be appropriate stockings imitating boots and long gloves.

Socks and gloves

From jewelry to short lace shaped perfect pearls and gloves, decorated with lace or embroidery pattern.


Wedding hairstyle will look with unmatched woven into her romantic wreath.

In cool weather, cover the shoulders chosen style bolero jacket or cape.

Bolero or cape a bride

With a retro style will go well with a contrasting satin belt, emphasizing the waist, platform shoes and short gloves. At the head can be a wide ribbon or coquettish hat. options this combinations presents on a photo.

The retro style

Did you like the outfit cute and romantic bride, created by us in the photo? Or would you like something to complement it? Leave your comment at the bottom of the page.