Short wedding dress with a train

Short wedding dresses are becoming morepopular for the reason that allow their owners of show slender legs, boasts an impeccable figure. For non-conservative brides who want to look solemn and not quite traditional, the designers developed a short wedding dress with a train. The advantage of this dress is that it combines just two dress - long and short.

Short wedding dress with a train

Short dresses model does not mean thedirection in style or even image. They can be flirty, rigorous, delicate, provocative, romantic, "printsessnymi" other. To create the desired image of important cut - line fitting, flared. Consider the most common variants of short dresses with a train.

Direct fitting

This dress will suit a sophisticated, elegantgirls of any age. It's slim high bit fat women, visually thinning silhouette and looks good on skinny girls short, visually elongating the figure, especially when decorated with vertical pleats. Bride with large breasts should be careful when selecting this style.

One of these charming and unique dresses shown in the video:

At first glance, the modest and simple dress withan appropriate decor are truly royal attire. For their jewelry designer like to use the lace inserts, but the sequins, rhinestones, bows, and other flashy jewelry is not in harmony with the style.

Rather short straight fitting dresses with a train for wedding
  • Short-fitting wedding dress with a train are made of matter in white or ivory.
  • The top of the dress is open, closed or straps.
  • The length varies from small to mid-calf.
  • By selecting the appropriate style footwear.

Looks nice robe reminds us ofRenaissance: the skirt falls deep folds, wide sleeves, the original cut and a loop, decorating outfit. Embroider such clothing pearl beads, glass beads.

luxuriant lace

Lace has always been in demand in the manufacture ofwedding dresses. Embellished lace wedding dress looks especially festive and traditionally emphasizes the purity, the innocence of the bride. Bride, like Thumbelina, flits in a short lace wedding dress with a train, charming guests.

In the current season, designers are opting forWedding models different in texture lace - delicate lace, lace shantilskoe or luxury vintage hand-lace - expertly decorating their chosen style of dress. The main principle - do not overdo it because too much lace wedding dress will give a kind of ridiculous.

The bride will look like a real queen, ifshort lace dress with a train adorn embroidery with beads, white pearls, beads. It looks very beautiful lace dress with a deep cut on the back or a nice cleavage.

The image of the bride: not long lush lace dress with a train

Modern women prefer shortwedding dresses, whose bodice is sewn of lacy fabric and full skirt with plenty of flounces - from light aircraft, or satin material. Temperamental, naughty girls will be to the liking of lace dresses, made in Spanish style - lace adjacent top and tiered skirt pleated lace with a train.

The Spanish-style: rather short dress with a train for the bride

Unmatched model "Amazon" usesextraordinary popularity. Ahead short skirt layered, lush, and the back goes into a long flowing train. The bodice is fitted on the figure, thanks to lace corset.

In the style of Amazon: rather short wedding dress with a train


Short narrow wedding dress with a loop ischoose the owners of the perfect figure, because the slightest flaw will be noticeable - dress fits very closely through the waist and hips. Therefore critical vote the figure before stopping choose this option.

  • Sewn outfit of thick satin or silk.
  • Length hem - small, a maximum of up to the knees.
  • The top may be asymmetric or classic.

This dress is best to make to order, make it good "sitting" on the figure. It should be noted that the sheath could hamper movement, but it puts in a good light dignity of the figure.

Narrow cuts short wedding dresses with train

A striking example of the narrow short dress - model"Mermaid". This form-fitting style (from the chest to the knees), and goes on divergent fan skirt, resembling the tail of a mermaid, turning into a loop. Dress sits perfectly on a beautiful figure, she emphasizes her femininity.

Rather short wedding dress with a train, "The Little Mermaid"

The dress is made of any material. Designers prefer to use this shiny satin, taffeta, silk and decorated outfit beading, embroidery, lace, draperies.

Luxury convertible model with a removable train

Wedding Dress-transformer providesthe possibility of a bride in a single day to try several images. Thanks to detachable loop at the wedding ceremony she is an elegant lady in royal dress, and at the evening banquet - young romantic girl in a short dress. This dress bride smoothly be able to participate in competitions and dance.

Model Dress-transformer each yearIt rises higher in the ranking on world podiums and wins the trust of the women for their beauty, versatility, practicality. It so happens that changes the shot plume dress beyond recognition, it turns from a long and lush in a short tight-fitting.

It should be noted that the selection of accessories under suchdress requires great care, because you do not pick them under one dress, and just below the two. We need to make sure that the details of the dress - veil, gloves, necklaces, shoes harmoniously looked like a train fastened, and without it.

Rather short wedding dresses "Transformers" with a loop

Exclusive wedding dress mini

Exclusive - this is a combination of style, sophistication andoriginality. This dress immediately tell a lot about the character of his mistress: bright colors demonstrate a passion for shocking, pastel - to create a gentle way. Soft contours and a deliberate emphasis on certain points - and the dress will make an ordinary girl into a romantic fairy princess or a vamp.


Color short wedding dress is boughtwhen the couple do not want a large wedding party and do not intend to get married. In order to celebrate the wedding at a party with close friends, fit mini dress of any color, because it looks unusual, piquant.

Red ancient times was considered a symbol of beauty. The phrase "fair maiden" ambiguously indicated what she extraordinarily beautiful. According to ancient legends it believed that red protects against the evil eye and envy.

More and more women are opting for wedding dressRed color. He has all sorts of colors, you can choose any outfit for the appearance and character, to meet the most sophisticated requirements of modern brides.

Wedding image: a short red dress with a train

Designers seriously carried away with the red wedding dresses: see our video, let it inspire you to new ideas:


Pink wedding dress saysromantic, feminine nature of the bride. This color is uniquely suited young optimist, love to the ears, believing that her family will have many years to live peacefully and happily. Pink short dress will suit both blondes and brunettes. But the girl with red hair should be approached with caution for this color.

  • Pink has a lot of colors - from pink to deep coral (pink) or purplish.
  • Dress can be a corset with a fluffy skirt and lots of petticoats or narrow, fitting it all depends on taste and girl figures.
  • Light pink plume makes it incredibly beautiful.
  • Especially fascinating model, decorated with feathers, lace, ribbons, beautiful belt.

Cute wedding dresses that and wants to try on, are shown in the photo below.

Short pink dress with a train for the bride

Other colors

The color palette is varied wedding dresses. Evening mini-dresses can be pastel colors (ivory, "splashes of champagne", old gold, in light green, cream, pale blue, pale pink or turquoise) or bright juicy. Decorated skillfully chosen decor, they attract the eyes of a woman, do not hesitate to show your figure in a short dress with a train. Other items wedding wardrobe - veils, gloves, shoes, complement an unusual image of the bride.

Colored wedding gowns are suitable boldgirls, confident in his charm. In the summer of preferred shades of yellow, orange, lively any decorative accessories. In winter, effectively looked red, blue, golden dress with a bright décor. Spring colors - pink, green, cream.

Note that the blue and green outfits notfit girls with very fair skin, can create the effect of excessive pallor. Also keep in mind that dark colors conceal extra kilos and light fully.

Fancy short wedding dress with a train

Photos wedding dress with a train in 2016



We hope that these tips help you choose the dress for the wedding, and you have already decided what style will suit you personally. If so, leave your feedback in the comments.