Shocking wedding dresses of brides - photo

A traditional white wedding dress -classic version of the dress for the bride. However, some extravagant women today are increasingly choosing the unusual and sometimes even shocking bridesmaid dresses. Elegant outfit them enough to rivet the attention of others and get into the local newspaper. For this courageous young ladies clothed in the most incredible and unexpected toilets, shocking invited guests and relatives.

Ideas outrageous wedding dresses

The elegant decoration of the wedding in black

The brave and confident lady, extremely imaginative andbright personality born actress can afford to wear shocking bride. There are several gradations of the degree of strangeness bride costumes. For some girls bright red decorations on a white toilet has represented a sign of vulgarity, others putting on paper the shocking dress - quite normal.

Black wedding dress someone capablecause quite a shock, but for the most ardent individualistok such decoration will become a symbol of protest and the triviality of everyday life. The desire to dress to her own wedding dress in shocking or decorate themselves unimaginable accessories can be connected with an internal rebellion or lack of attention, the bride is such an extraordinary way of trying to make up for.

If you consider yourself to be a person with a bold andextravagant approach to the selection of clothing, and love to make a lasting impression on the audience that surrounds you, feel free to wear a wedding dress of the bride shocking. Do not forget to take into account some of the nuances. For example, be sure to check with your future spouse, you whose support is extremely necessary. If the groom is categorically against shocking shocking, the idea should be abandoned. You do not want to quarrel with her future husband on the eve of the celebration.

Dress out of toilet paper

Material for wedding attire - toilet paper

Fashion designer Catherine Chelifoks and Ann Kagawa Leepresented shocking wedding dress, which will necessarily have to taste extraordinary bride. Shocking model wedding decoration, which took to create a large number of toilet paper, looks not only original, but even sverhkreativno. In such an outfit in the rain better not to fall, and should stay away from open flames.

The choice for the production of toilet papershocking wedding dress is unlikely to yield to rational explanation. Invited guests can only guess that this extraordinary dress the bride wanted to say. Perhaps it is only a manifestation of subtle humor resourceful young lady, who wished in this way to defuse the situation too solemn holiday.

Of banknotes

Shocking cash outfit for the wedding

Among the creative brides especially popularuse cash dresses. At the same time as the material can act as metal coins, forming a kind of wedding coat of mail, and paper money. Bride in a million - the original image, which will long be remembered as the invited guests, and the heroes of the occasion.

Giving preference to a cash payment, as well as inthe case of toilet paper, one should not forget the ease of ignition of the material. There is a high risk that dress intended to be a symbol of the future financial well-being of family life, very quickly will become worthless if the bride will actively move or dance.

From peacock feathers

Peacock feather dress as a basis to svdabu

An elegant version of the bride dress for shockingthe creation of which was used peacock feathers. An interesting model presented a fashion designer, who has taken as the basis of his 2009 masterpiece stunningly beautiful feathers. It is a versatile option for the bride who has an overwhelming desire to excel, but it does not want to overstep the scope of reason.

This crazy costume you will not only becomecenter of attention, but also insure your holiday against unforeseen incidents, such as a heart attack in elderly relative. We can not say that such an extravagant dress comfortable to wear, but by comparing it with other shocking toilets, is to recognize the leading position of the apparel based on several criteria. However, in a dress better not to appear in the eyes of the defenders of animals, unless it is made of synthetic analogues of peacock feathers.

Along with stitched LEDs

Shocking the model along with the LED for wedding

Glowing wedding suite, though invented indistant future bride turns into a real princess. Progress and modern technologies allow to create amazing patterns with stitched LEDs. Stunning and no less shocking dress, radiating a mysterious bright light, it is sure to become the focus of the invited guests.

Bride Apparel sewn with LEDs -future wedding dress, which will most likely have to taste to fans of fantasy genre. To look stylish at the same time, modern and shocking, it should be carefully considered option glowing attire for the wedding. The most important thing to provide for specific features such dresses. Connecting imagination, try to supplement the image of futuristic accessories.

Shocking edible wedding dresses

Edible costume - shocking surprise choice for wedding

Choosing shocking bride at a wedding,you need to take care of some of the nuances. For example, if the wedding will be the older generation relatives, it is desirable to warn in advance about the upcoming show. If the bride's attire is also edible, it can show off in it only for a certain time. It is highly probable that the whole day outfit lose its attractive appearance.

Luxury sweet dress advisable to wearfor example, on the marriage ceremony or a wedding photo shoot. Shocking outfit will remain in the memory and images, and for a long time will delight young. Do not forget the extravagant edible dress - specific apparel that will not help to limit your movements, as well as prevent a comfortable stay at the festival.

From chocolates, cakes and chocolate

Unusual wedding dress for chocolate

Modern designers are coming up with resourcefulthe most incredible and unexpected wedding clothes for the bride, for the manufacture of which materials they use unimaginable. Sweet desserts at the hands of a skilled designer may well become the basis for creating shocking outfit. The original chocolate dress in the form of an edible cake - it's not just unusual, but even extreme variant, the choice of which requires compliance with certain features of operation.

Eggs, flour and cream

Wedding Dress in a lush holidaycake - a shocking choice for the bride. Apparel manufactured using such foods as eggs, flour and sweet cream, be sure to make a lasting impression on guests. The dress is suitable for extravagant photo shoots, but spend the whole day in a way unlikely to be without incident. If the cream begins to melt by the heat of the human body, the bride is likely to remain, if not naked, then dressed in a shapeless sweet porridge.

In the form of a cake

Lush bridal suite in the form of sweet cake

Bold modern bride proved thatgorgeous wedding cake is able to perform a function not only delicious sweet dessert, but also shocking outfit. The unexpected decision to dress for the occasion of their wedding in an edible delicacy should be well thought out, and most importantly - thought. To protect yourself from unforeseen consequences, dress cake is better to wear a certain period of time, such as a wedding ceremony or the shooting.

Photo most shocking dress in the world

Today extravagant bride, choosing betweenclassic elegance and shocking shocking, more often stop at the second option. Many people find it peculiar compromise by putting on the occasion of a wedding celebration in the elegant toilets, decorated with live flowers. However, the majority of brave ladies who make an impression on the audience, prefer unimaginable, and sometimes frankly vulgar models of furniture. Before going to the wedding ceremony in a bikini or nude bust, properly think about the relatives and beloved fiancé.