Shiny Wedding Dress

Any wedding dress itself hassolemn, but the bride wants to be the most beautiful in this special day, elegant, sophisticated, brilliant. In our time it is possible, because the future wife can be found in stores bridal brilliant wedding dress. They are incredibly elegant, but the trend has not yet started. So many brides who want to discover them for yourself, simply do not know what to expect from them. Brilliant dress can be the perfect choice, looks impressive, elegant and non-trivial thing to take into account certain features of such a material.

Shiny pattern on the bride

What are the shiny dresses

Wedding dress with sequins canIt is made of different materials. Brilliant effect is achieved on the product nashivaniem sparkling elements (glass beads, rhinestones, sequins, sequins) woven Lurex threads, using fabrics with sheen (eg, brocade). The product is fully or partially covered with shiny elements, which makes it possible to play on contrasts, the search for new style solutions, control of "Brightness" dress. Sequins decorate the upper part of it, the corset, the lower part of the skirt, or create a completely brilliant.

Finishing dresses as a necklace


Sequins are: flat or slightly convex, bright or dull, cut or rounded small shiny items. They sheathe product simple style, turning them into elegant and refined. The clothing styles are more complex framing sequins at cuffs zone, belt, collar, skirt edge. Sami sequins are attached to a conventional stitch fabric, so the bride can decorate your own wedding dress, add to it a little shine. To fix Lurex yarn is better to choose the same color as the sequins, the thread did not stand out on their background.

The pattern inlaid with sequins and stones

Lurex thread, use separate from sequinto create a brilliant dress. They are patterns embroidered on white cloth, or buy ready-made fabric, where these filaments already trimmed knitted or woven opaque base. Under the fabric, embroidered with lurex, you must wear a pouch, as the reverse side can scratch the skin. This matter requires accuracy in ironing and washing, it can not rip his arms and a must overlochit. The result will be stunning, because Lurex yarn can be woven into elegant patterns on the snow-white dress of the bride.

Finishing dress Lurex yarns

Wedding dress with sequins

Rhinestones - one of the most beautiful jewelrywedding dress. They come in different types and qualities: from the most simple to the bride can be purchased at the nearest clothing store, to the rich in the form of crystals and crystals Swarovski. Most wealthy bride can afford to sheathe dress with jewels, but the previous version will shine just as good. Stones laid out on the dress patterns, or they are attached to the loose tissue. They are convenient to focus the necessary details: the area of ​​the bodice, belt, cuffs, or decorate the entire article.

Corset with stones and Swarovski rhinestones

Rhinestones are well combined with lace, pearls,beads, looks perfect on fabrics in pastel colors. They do not need an abundance of accessories, because it is important to respect the harmony of the parameters "style - jewelry - the number of crystals", where one or two parameters should be kept simple. It will be appropriate to complement the sheen entourage celebration, shiny cutlery, decorated rooms to the style of dress, adornment bouquet, brides or bridesmaids dresses hairstyle. Bride in wedding dress embroidered with stones, will look dazzling and luxurious.

Beautiful shiny dress

Dresses with beads

Bugle - is elongated beads whichused in weaving and decorating clothes. This element of the decor is available in any store for needlework and dress with the bride, he works wonders, transforming the simplest attire in exquisite, sensual, sparkling. Beads or embroidery patterns on the dress or placed randomly, is used for all skin tight dress forms, classical models, or to create a fringe. Particularly impressive bugle looks at dresses made in vintage style.

Corset with beads

In addition to glass beads, wedding dress sheathebeads. It is less than a bugle, and therefore effectively looks placed a dot or woven into patterns. When decorating wedding dresses choose transparent, white, steel, beige, pink. With a kind of beads and bugles sound dull, but the light they create a soft shiny accents, do outfit textured, rich, feminine, create an atmosphere of transparency and purity.

Beads on a white corset

Wedding dress of brocade

Brocade - a material that is woven from brilliantyarns simulate gold or silver. Therefore damask without additional decorations (rhinestones, sequins, beads), itself has a brilliant sheen. It is dense and heavy, because holds its shape well, rich look and is perfect for making wedding dresses in the winter season. This dress is not only cold, but also appropriate - brocade advantageous to allocate the bride on a background of snowy surroundings, creating an incredible fairy-tale effect.

Wedding product of brocade

Damask - popular wedding stuff. The dress of brocade perfectly with pearl jewelry, stones, metal, with fur inserts of different configurations. Decorating sequined top fabric is better not to abuse because dress can look too pretentious. Brocade has always been associated with wealth, I had an expensive look, so the bride dressed in brocade wedding will look exquisite and noble.

Winter Wedding Dress

Tips bride in a shiny dress

Shiny clothes look expensive and impressive. Currently, almost every wedding dress has at least a small shiny element. However, products with glitter are certain features that you should consider the wedding completely failed. Here are some nuances that need to be taken into account, to a fine sheen pleased the bride and make her a real princess in a wonderful memorable day:

Brilliant details on the bride
  • Make sure that the shiny elements have beensecurely sewn or glued to the fabric. Receiving congratulations, dancing at the wedding, actively moving, the bride should be sure not to come off the sequins, it is not only spoil the image of the bride's wedding, but it can be traumatic for the guests and spouses themselves.
  • Gently cook dress for the event - areas where fixed elements shiny, easy to iron, so the fabric for the dress should not be shrinkable.
  • Take competently to the zone, which willdecorate shiny elements, because the brilliance attracts attention and places where there is a flaw in the figure, it is better not to allocate. This same property sparkles may be used to solve the problems of the figure, highlighting the area of ​​which is particularly advantageous, or visually adjusting the problem areas.

Laconic shiny belt
  • Before you buy the shiny outfit forwedding, check the fitting on how it will look in different lighting conditions - some brilliant elements can, for example, in the dim half-lit room, which can suddenly affect the appearance of the dress.
  • Entourage wedding, bridesmaids dresses, outdoorview the groom must create a complete picture, the atmosphere of refinement, or dress, consisting entirely of shiny parts can become inappropriate gorgeous.

Brilliant bride and groomsmen
  • If you buy ready-made bright dress for weddingcreated by the designer, it is impossible, the bride can do it yourself by studying the bridal magazines, buying a simple wedding dress, and sheathing his shimmering details.

Features of photography in a shiny dress

Sequins on the wedding dress look magically,both sunlight and artificial light. They vest dress marvelous modulations give exquisite glare. But this advantage may affect the quality of the triumph of the shooting. Reflections that throw glitter on the photo may become overexposed in spots. To avoid this, you need to properly adjust the lighting: Do not use the flash and provide good illumination of the shooting location.

Lighting solution for wedding photography

Watch this video to learn how to choose the right wedding dress:

Photo of wedding dresses with shiny corset

Wedding dresses with sequins

Wedding dresses with sequins