Satin Wedding Dress

Many brides find that the selection of weddingdress - the most important ritual in preparation for the wedding. Feel like a princess in a ball gown every girl wants. In today's world of fashion wedding dress choice is so great that it will satisfy the needs of brides with any figure and requests. Satin wedding dress does not go with the fashion Olympus for several decades. It would seem that it is possible to add to this classic beauty? Designers each season perfecting models satin wedding dresses. Let's take a closer look at these wedding dresses.

What satin dress to choose for your wedding?

Wedding garments of fine silk are verypopular with brides. Soft silky fabric with a slight matte shine perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure. The bride in satin wedding dress will look spectacular on the photo, such furniture is ideal for the cold season, and for the warm season. With a variety of models, combining with other tissues, the bride can choose a dress which sits well on the figure emphasizes the dignity and hides minor flaws.

In the style of a fish with a train

Style Fish attire for the bride

This elegant model is designed for girlsideal figure. Due to the visual perception of satin fabric, slightly increases the amount that successfully emphasizes the roundness of the breast. Bends waist, hip girl like a mermaid, clearly visible due to the tight-fitting fabric. Skirt, increasing in volume from the knee, gradually turns into an elongated plume, which gives dress refined look. By this model, jewelry and accessories will suit a more restrained style. Girls with curvaceous should choose another style of wedding dress.

With lace top and satin skirt

Dresses with lace top and satin skirt for wedding

No less impressive look combinedwedding dresses, which combines remarkably satin skirt with lace bodice. For brides who want to cover the width of the hips, this model is suitable in the best way. Luxury full skirt, down from the waist, accentuated wide satin ribbon tied in a bow at the back, help the bride feel like a princess. The lightness and transparency of the lace netting on top of the dress looker, removing unwanted attention from the magnificent forms thighs.

Luxuriant with openwork embroidery

Models with openwork embroidery

Satin Wedding apparel, embroidered,It has a great view. Shine fabric, shimmering with every move the girl, it will be complemented by sparkling rays emanating from the beads, which made embroidery. Openwork decoration can be placed on top of the bodice or a small insertion in the corset. Ornate patterns on the skirt, made with beads or silk threads, will not leave anyone indifferent. With openwork embroidery elegant outfit can be bi-color. As a rule, used for decoration red and black color on a white background.

Close-fitting long-sleeved

Wedding dress with long sleeves

Long sleeve wedding dress of satinIt will be required if the celebration is scheduled for the cold season, or a young couple planning a church wedding. Atlas used for making the wedding dress, ideal for all the requirements that are put forward to the closed attire bride in connection with the wedding ceremony. The skirt of dense material beautiful bell will fall around the girl's feet. To make the image visually heavy, long sleeves is recommended to sew from lace or other lighter fabric. Tight-fitting silhouette in the waist will make the model more elegant.

Tips for Choosing a dress for pregnant women

Styles for pregnant brides

If the wedding is scheduled, when the young couple alreadywaiting for the appearance of a baby into the world, it should not become a hindrance for the newlyweds. Newlyweds, especially the bride, in any position must remain attractive and ornate. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right wedding dress for pregnant bride:

  • Buying clothes in advance, consider the term to the wedding day, and that each week the volume of the abdomen will grow. Do not forget about a reasonable freeboard in the waist area.
  • The dress should not be swift and exposeRounded body. Prefer a free cut, such as the Greek style, where the inflated waistline will help the expectant mother feel comfortable.
  • Regardless of pregnancy, the wedding dress can have different lengths. In a measure of a shortened version of the dress (knee) is interesting to look at the girls, including in the state.

Reviews of the shortcomings of satin dresses

Anya, 27 years old: Not long ago a friend of mine was getting married. She chose a long wedding dress, remeasure almost the entire range of interior. He stood on a gorgeous satin dress that she really went. The model has been successful in her slender figure. Minus came from where it was not expected. During the solemn day strongly wrinkled skirt, especially at the rear. Unfortunately, it turned out that the atlas has such a negative property.

Tatiana S., 46 years old: My daughter is going to become a bride. I chose satin dress while shopping fitting looked her best by large mirrors. At home, she saw that the material fills much of her waist. The daughter is upset, but will have to get married to have acquired satin.

Julia, 22 years old: About a month ago I attended onewedding as a guest. It was sincerely sorry for the bride. She looked upset all evening. On the bride was very beautiful, expensive satin dress with a fluffy skirt, but in the afternoon the young came under light rain. Water drops have dried up, and divorce and remained throughout the dress. The impression that the bride in soiled clothes. I did not know that there are such troubles atlas.

A photo of beautiful satin dresses 2015

Styles satin dresses 2016

When choosing a wedding dress in advance of the brideare well prepared for the festive event to explore the latest trends of fashion designers. For the line of dresses made of satin is still relevant model of "Mermaid", which sits perfectly on a slender girls camp, making them even more elegant. Flex that allows the girl look like a queen, ideal to dress a style "fish."

Short garments are more simple in 2015cut, but look festive by a smooth iridescent material. Still kept the fashion for deep cuts, both rounded or V-shaped. They may be located in the neck area or at the back. When choosing a model, consider the structure of the figure. Please note, that externally satin fabric adds a couple of extra centimeters. Do not forget to emphasize the dignity of, for example, a beautiful high breasts, slender waist, which surround the wide tape.