Perfect Wedding Dress

What girl is not represented in dreamsown wedding? Beautiful bride smiling guests and parents, exquisite track floral arch and delightful ... beautiful bride in a chic dress like a princess, strides toward happiness. It's so tempting charms. How to choose the most "perfect wedding dress"? Learn how to turn from a Cinderella in inimitably beautiful, elegant bride.

Wedding fashion trends 2016

Fashion Season 2016/16 under the mottoelegance, refinement: simple lines cut, elegant style, muted pastel colors emphasize the beautiful figure of a woman. Designers of world renown, will present at the most prestigious catwalks delightful collection Suite, offer to recall the times of femininity, emphasized the high taste and style.

The collection of wedding dresses from Vera Wang

Ball gowns with lots of ruffles, frills, catchyembroidery and rhinestones gone. In place of the convoluted shaped "Mermaid," "a la Princess" came the simple, elegant model, gently emphasizing the silhouette of the bride. Delightful brevity, expensive fabrics, ideal cut lines in the style of the great Grace Kelly's distinguished collection of Oscar de la Renta, Alexander MqQueen, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera.

Add shocking appearance of the bride offersChanel fashion house famous and leading fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, preserving the best traditions of Coco Mademoiselle. Young, brash, bold beauties departing down the aisle, the season 2016/16 offers a huge selection of wedding dresses short, allowing to show the beautiful legs, shapely figure.

The collection of wedding dresses from the fashion house Chanel

Classical handmade lace back onthe top of the popularity of Kate Middleton, Amal Alamuddin, Anne Hathaway, and many other representatives of the aristocracy, of show business, super-old choose exquisite lace fabric patterns. A feature of the new, 2016 will be the unusual patterns of lace-like tattoo, suitable for the brave, self-confident brides.

"Simple and easy" - a motto thatembodied in the autumn-winter 2016/16 in all the details of the wedding celebrations of the organization: elegant banquets replaced exquisite but simple dishes; replace the pretentiousness and rich decor comes elegance, minimalism; pomposity replaced by sincerity; expensive, flashy accessories proposed change in the stylish and elegant.

Selection of fabrics and colors of the bride dresses

Lightness, airiness of the image is emphasizednatural fabrics. Unusual play, play of light satin, silk, grogrona create the perfect silhouette, gently and tenderly wrapping figure of the bride. Gas-illusion, chiffon used for so fashionable this season translucent skirts, wedding dresses, elegant silhouette will adorn. For winter attire will be the perfect choice brokatel - weightless thin fabric with woven woolen threads, silver or gold.

Different fabrics and colors of the bride dresses

Fashion Guru offer brides refusebright, loud colors of wedding dresses: red, dark blue, emerald shades now out of fashion. Beauty pastel, muted colors reigns on the shows of collections Suite: olive, peach, pearl-gray, pale blue, ash-pink hues are the perfect choice. All the same in favor remains snow-white classics.

Model selection and style dress

To select the perfect bridesmaid dress that will turn you into a refined, mysterious, delicious delicate beauty, look at the major trends in wedding fashion season 2016/16:

  • Air lace, the finest lace, fishnet patterns - must-have stylish bride. Laconic cut, silhouette emphasize the elegance of the ideal proportions of the figure.
  • Long cables are gradually going out of fashion. The stylish fashion by replacing the last offer to do cape - cape-like mantle of royalty.

Wedding Dresses with Cape
  • Crop top style has a strong lead among youngladies. Brash, flamboyant style perfectly blends with the air lace, rich fabrics, stressing at the same time sexy and shy bride. Look beautiful wedding dresses with short top and halter over his shoulder, to slightly open a thin waist.
  • Asymmetry - a favorite of this year's models. Large flounces, wide frills that adorn the wedding dress, arranged diagonally or on one side of the dress, are the perfect decoration piece that does not require supplements.
  • Long translucent sleeve wedding dressdecorate and emphasize the aristocratic image. Thinnest lace, lace, in harmony with the style of dress, are the perfect choice for the bride, tracking fashion trends. The optimal length - to the bone on the wrist or.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves translucent
  • Light, airy drape over the shoulders, covering a deep neckline, bare back, allow the bride not to think about the presence of dresses for a civil ceremony and for the church wedding.
  • Low neckline line, softened pastels, romantic silhouette flying wedding dress, the ideal way would give a subtle touch of eroticism without vulgarity and bad taste.
  • Transparent lace skirt, narrow model with a slit to the thigh again on Olympus wedding fashion.

Wedding dresses with transparent skirts

Useful tips on choosing dresses for the bride

Choosing the perfect dress, start with a cup of coffee and magazines. New Products collections of famous designers will delight you, raise your spirits and help you navigate the intricacies of fashion. Worried that the cost of design models you can not afford? Take the time to visit his mother, girlfriend wedding salons, choosing, trying on various outfits. Choose the dress that you have seen in your dreams.

If the price of "bite", and you have a stocktime in at least a couple of months, refer to a good fashion designer studio: the purchase of fabric, accessories, sewing on order will be cheaper. Another possibility would be to save the choice of the ideal model of a wedding dress rental: in fashion exquisitely elegant A-line styles, the air flowing Greek model. Trends are short, silk, lace, satin and crepe even short dresses for the bride will give zest, charm, style 50-70h characteristic of the last century.

Perfect Wedding Dress

If the wedding is scheduled for the cold season, chose the elegant models with swan's feather. Do not forget to pick up beautiful accessories:

  • This year, designers offer to choose a veil of the same length as the dress.
  • Disheveled bride's bouquet will make a slight negligence in the perfect way.
  • Neat, spicy garter "tell" a friend of the groom, who is going to marry.
  • Cape, Cape fur will warm the bride, giving charm.

Features choice of dresses for girls low

When choosing a wedding dress to ownersminiature figurines, small stature should pay attention to the short dresses with drapes, bows, asymmetrical ruffles. The ideal option would be fashionable in this year long A-line dress or a Greek style of "Empire". Trend sleeve length, a small flashlight, light draping at the shoulder area will emphasize the fragile beauty of the bride.

Wedding dresses for girls low

Owners of small breasts suit cutout"Boat", which occupies top positions in the wedding designer collections. Emphasize will magnificent bust elegant corset with lacing and a minimum of brilliant pebbles, eye-catching and colorful details. High heels - the stud or platform; accurate, short-veil hat, increasing growth; delightful bouquet will complete the refined image of the girl.

Picture perfect wedding dress 2016

Choosing the perfect dress for the wedding ceremony -fun and great work. Treat the process responsibly: in the most solemn, the long-awaited day of your life you have to look like a king. Sophistication, elegance, good taste, a sense of proportion and style will be your ideal allies. To find their way in the whirlwind of the fashion trends, design trends, new products styles in wedding fashion houses leading, see photos latest collections of dresses for brides from the designers of world renown:

Wedding Dresses 2016