Ossetian wedding dresses

Attire bride Ossetia deserves special attention. It is unique in its elegance and beauty. Ossetian wedding garment decorated with various stones, embroidery. Such decoration makes heavy outfit and at the same time luxurious. Attire hide from prying eyes of a young girl's body, including the hands and neck. The head of the bride dress, decorated with gold and silver threads, framed by a veil, plays an important role. This accessory - repurchase facility during Ossetian wedding. In ancient times it was considered a bad omen if the hat falls into the hands of another person.

What it is in the Ossetian national dress for a wedding?

The elements of the wedding dress of the bride arecorset, shirt, swing dress, caftan, veil, cap, shoes. Caftan she began to wear from the moment of entry into the age of consent. I wear it over a shirt under a casement dress. If you had the opportunity, shilsya caftan of expensive satin type fabric, velvet, silk. This garment is pulled together a figure from his shoulders and waist finishing. He had to be pulled tight, otherwise the chest could unfasten clasps. Boards, gates, hem caftan decorated with gold embroidery, lace.

Elements Ossetian bride wedding suit

By swinging the dress were just seen someof the caftan, it broke up into sleeves, the lower shelves at the waist, collar, bib with Velcro. Under it, the bride wore a shirt of calico or silk with wide long sleeves that conceal the hands. The colors of the subject wedding dress girl was yellow or red tones.

An obligatory element of women's wedding dressconsidered breast fasteners. If initially they fulfill their intended purpose, the modernity became more decorative part. Breast fasteners are present in all of festive female costume of the North Caucasus, but found they were in the funerary complexes Ossetia.

Under the caftan, a corset put on a shirt. It serves as a material for the skin layers or more silk. Top corset ends at the level of the armpits, and the bottom - at the waist or a little below. Eyeballs on corset are small nodules cord or tape. They involve some canons Ossetian wedding: to unleash a string forbidden to use anything sharp. If it is torn or cut for men is considered a disgrace. If, however, on their wedding night the man was unable to untie the corset, the right to touch the young, he did not.

Breast fasteners Ossetian bride dresses

Over caftan worn casement dress. Often, it is done in bright colors. A feature of the wedding dress is considered to be a suspension arm. It is characteristic not only for festive clothes, but for apparel lords. These sleeves were uncomfortable at work, so stressed idleness: constant for the upper-class women or short-term at festivals and weddings.

How does Ossetian wedding dress?

Ossetian wedding dresses arelong dresses with flared sleeves. They are worn with a wedding hat triangular elongated shape, decorated with a veil. On Ossetian wedding attire portrayed characters honor, because a woman - mother, parent, and therefore the ornaments worn by the character of the plant. The bride looked slender, beautiful, feminine, modest.

The cut of the dress

Croy Ossetian wedding dress

The Ossetian party dress came to toe andkroilos in the waist. It was a solid front deep cut. The sleeves were generally long and wide. In some cases they are made narrow, straight, beveled at hand. However, such a sleeve wore long, wide sleeves, sloping down from the elbows down. Due to the cut of the dress, a silk petticoat was visible. Croy Ossetian bride apparel reflect the views of ancient people of the world: it is composed of top, middle and bottom, which are divided dress cap, collar and belt.

The symbolism of colors

Often Ossetian wedding dress sewedartists using light-colored silk fabrics: cream, white, pink, blue. The tradition to wear a wedding dress in white or other light color symbolizes innocence and purity. She was born in Europe, and then spread to the whole world. Over time, some of the dresses have lost their symbolism, but light color dress on wedding Ossetian remains immutable rule.

Meaning ornaments

Gold embroidery Ossetian bride dress

Ossetian outfit creates a vision Foremothers image. Ornaments on the tree of life represent suit. The very fabric of the dress was considered a barrier to the evil spirits, as she held the rite of weaving magic. Protective ornament applied in those places where it ends and the tissue protective effect began the human body. For example, at the corners of the shelf decorations kaftanchik deposited as an isosceles triangle whose apex is facing to the corner floor. From the base of the triangle to the sides curves. These figures played the role of a talisman, symbolizing fertility.

belt features and caps in a wedding dress

Belt Ossetian bride

Belt is worn over dresses and floated swingWoman with a period when allowed to matchmaking. All these products are characterized by quality, form, material, dependent on the income of the family. Silver belt passed from one generation to another. This accessory defending the bride from evil views. Caps in the form of a truncated belt with gold floral embroidery protected from damage, and also symbolized the highest position in the Ossetian bride wedding ceremony.

Photo Ossetian wedding dresses 2016

In the modern age to the Ossetian face a choice: prefer traditional Ossetian vestments European wedding dress or not. However, most women stop at national costume, a history spanning hundreds of years. And this choice is obvious, because the Ossetian dress with symbols of the sun, fertility, abundance, happiness is a talisman. Luxury gold embroidery, decoration pearls, Swarovski stones in national wedding dresses can not be compared with any modern dress.