Openwork wedding dress

Delicate dresses are considered a symbol of romance andfemininity. Fascinating lacy patterns are ideally combined with tulle, transparent lace, delicate embroidery, applique stylish, enabling designers to create new masterpieces every season for brides. Openwork wedding dress - this is the most delicate outfit the bride of all created models, so it is often chosen by girls on their wedding.

Styles openwork wedding dresses

Openwork wedding dresses created from the finestyarns, captivate their sensuality and fragility. Seemed more delicate in this outfit will not be difficult, especially if you wear a translucent model with a fascinating pattern, long or short, white or colored. Designers modern brides offer different options lacy dresses performance:

  1. With a lace inset at the neckline area.
  2. With the sleeves of fine lace, which can be short, long, flashlights.
  3. With open back, when seen through the transparent fabric of all the beautiful curves of female back.
  4. Full lace patterns.

Short openwork dress

Short lace bride with a suitable modelshapely legs. Narrow style emphasize the perfect chest and waist. Short A-line dress will hide flaws in the waist and abdomen, and the line model is ideal for plump girls. The dress of fine lace, the length of which is low, you need to be able to wear, so it is not necessary to strain your neck, shoulders or back hump. If high heels for some reason there is no way to put on a wedding dress short, then pay attention to the shoes on the platform, and from ballet and sandals should be abandoned.

Short dress for the bride

The mermaid style with open back

Wedding lace dress in the style of "Mermaid"hardly a universal model. Organically and effectively this style looks only at the happy owner of lathed shapes with proportionate hips and a narrow waist. If the bride's figure possesses all these advantages, it is a win-win option, which should be left to choose from. Characteristic features of the cut "Mermaid" are:

  • low waistline;
  • straight silhouette, flared from top to bottom;
  • fitting tight bodice with or without sleeves;
  • flowing plume.

Styles with a long tail

A-line long-sleeved

Wedding A-line model can be calleduniversal. They are a continuous line freely down from the waist, extending downwards. With a simple tailoring easily get to pick up delicate style A-line for a quiet wedding and a lavish ceremony. With the help of various structural elements of the model A-line are different: emphasizing the waist and corset, short or long, lush or modest.

The most impressive and popular among bridescut "Princess" catching openwork top, seductive neckline, three quarter sleeves and a full skirt of tulle or organza. Using same lace for the long sleeves and the neckline is a perfect solution for a winter wedding, and gorgeous sleeves of translucent fabric - an ideal choice for a church wedding.

Air dresses a-line

The Empire style with a train

Openwork bride dress with a train in the Empire styleIt has a very interesting cut: high waist and shortened bodice. This style like the bride and groom, because it looks like a girl on a Greek princess. Lace top is embroidered with silver or gold thread, small crystals or sequins. Waist emphasizes satin ribbon, which ties a bow in front of or behind the back. The lower edge of skirt rear collected in small creases which form during the motion of the wave. The presence of arms is not necessarily a long train is allowed to fasten a brooch to a dress, if it interferes with dance.

Greek dress for brides

Video: openwork patterns for wedding dresses

Sometimes the bride choose the outfit even more difficult thanchoose a groom: the style is not suitable, the decoration on the dress too much. But openwork versions so much that even the most demanding woman will find a dress to your liking. The first look of the bride falls onto the lush fashions in the style of "Princess" - a classic wedding. But not always surround a ballroom dress for a wedding, for example, if there is a modest party with close friends.

A-Line is not only suitable for any wedding, butand on all occasions, and a short dress with a long train make the image of the bride bolder and sexier. Even the most undemanding style of lace will not look bored, so feel free to choose delicate dress as a wedding dress. Look at the video few fashionable this season lace wedding models:

Photo fashion openwork wedding dress on a figure

Wedding lace dresses are simpleDesign and romance. Designers pay great attention to the lace, trying to use the options, close to the manual work. In the new season 2015 fishnet dresses are in a completely different silhouettes: a low waist, slightly flared and frank neckline. But all models are fitting shape brim. Look at our selection of wedding photos more successful models of this season.

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