Magnificent wedding dress with a train

Ball gown wedding look luxurious. They come in different lengths and cut, but one thing unites them - in a dress the bride feels like a fairy tale from. Modern women often choose lush wedding dress with a train, which adds a look of grace. Long skirts with each year becomes more and more urgent, the bride did not even pay attention to the movement some difficulty in such an outfit. Let's take a closer look at the popular models lush wedding dresses.

Models lush dresses with a train at a wedding

In preparation for the wedding celebration is importantchoose a model that will not only emphasize the beauty of the silhouette, but also hides all figure flaws bride. For these purposes the perfect dress with a train of different lengths, which can not fail to attract the attention of others. With this wedding dress bride withdraws loving eyes of his lady, and the rapturous guests will simply be charmed.

Dress with a train is ideal forchurch wedding and a broad color palette and a variety of styles will make a good choice to girls with different taste preferences. For the bold and decisive bridal designers offer a bright pink or red wedding dresses with fluffy skirts. For those who do not like to attract attention, there are plenty of pastel colors ranging from milk or cream and delicate finishing classic white.

Dress ballroom type

Ball gown with a train type - is the perfectchoice for high and medium growth of girls. Splendor skirt formed by petticoats on the rings or crinoline, and the upper part of the dress is a corset cutting. Lush ballroom skirt, usually decorated with ruffles, pleats, ruffles and other elements. Corset, beaded or sequins will make the waist thinner, skirt accentuate the hips and exciting way to finish a long flowing plume, made of airy fabrics (organza, chiffon).

This is a classic model of a wedding dress,Women who choose a few centuries ago, and so far it has not gone unnoticed. These styles are suitable for brides with different weight, by hiding excessive fullness. Often modern girls bought for the wedding ball gowns with gorgeous embroidery with gold thread, abundantly decorating the skirt and a plume is attached to the belt to remove it after the official part and a photo shoot for free movement in the banquet hall.

Ballroom dresses models

The model in the style of the Empire

Wedding models differ in the Empire stylehigh waist and a belt under the bust. This cut is perfect for owners of any figure, even for pregnant brides. Inflated waist will hide from prying eyes rounded tummy and allow the girl to remain majestic and incredibly beautiful. Miniature bride finery in the Empire style to visually add height, and a girl with broad shoulders to eliminate this disadvantage will help asymmetric or closed fashion.

If you want to add the breast volume, it is desirablebuy a model with draped top or finish the bodice. Using brilliant decor will also help to achieve this effect. Often wedding finery in the Empire style are sewed in the combined technique, using different fabrics. For example, the top is made of lace and skirt - from silk or chiffon, imposed on the base material. The layers are tailored to a lobe in the front overlay, add romantic appearance of the bride.

Sil Empire in wedding fashion


Magnificent dress with a-line train createsbalanced and harmonious way. This is a great option for a complete girl, when you want to hide large breasts or large thighs. The fluffy skirt in the dress worn on the ring over the petticoats, emphasizing the slender waist. Wedding Dress A-line with a train can be no petticoats, streaming from the bust to the waist by a continuous line. It is perfect for girls with a V-shaped figure, balancing the top and bottom.

This shaped a huge numberfinishes, so it is very popular among brides. Pregnant women often pay attention to such a cut, because using it is easy to create the visual effect of slender waist. With the A-line dress following wedding decorations will look great:

  • diadem;
  • a set of earrings and rings;
  • long gloves;
  • for the corset necklace.

A silhouettes for wedding decoration

Dress Princess

Magnificent dress with a train in the style of "Princess" -a traditional outfit suitable for the wedding in any style. Its shape is universal, so the cut model "Princess" is combined with all the accessories. The dress can be short or long. For tailoring of the garments used absolutely any kind of tissue. If you want to create a feminine silhouette, the style "Princess" is sewn from lightweight silk and heavier fabrics, such as satin, will help to create a style that emphasizes the continuity of the trapezoidal silhouette.

style Princess

What is the length of the loop choose?

Flex corresponds to the time and place of thewedding, so the traditional and formal celebration, the longer should be a trail. Variants of this part a lot of dress: 10cm (suitable for absolutely any wedding), up to 3 meters (designed for members of the royal family). For the church the bride choose the loop length of 1 meter and a half, and for ordinary marriage, he can be of medium length and reach a maximum of 90 cm.

Video review of beautiful fluffy dress with a train

Luxury wedding finery with a trainyou will not find. Long dresses look majestic and elegant, and allow short show slender legs and chic shoes. Choosing the second option, the bride will not be constrained in his movements and can easily dance to rock 'n' roll. Dress with a train in the Empire style or A-line look on any figure just amazing.

Curvy model with bare shoulders perfectlyperfect for warm weather. In combination with a multilayer skirt air it will add the image of the bride's tenderness. If it's cool, it is the best choice - closed curvy dress with a train, which are suitable for any shape and are ideal for a church wedding. Take a look at the video below of the best outfits.

To suit luxuriant dress with a train?

A variety of wedding dresses sometimes leads to confusion. Lush models with flex very much. Among them are:

  • feminine dresses, bustier;
  • closed styles with sleeves;
  • colored curvy model;
  • short cuts;
  • long or short;
  • lace or beaded;
  • with solid or snap-train;
  • styles with or without Petticoat him.

To choose the right wedding attire, you need toto know the features of the figure. So you are using some of the details can emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. For example, a short fluffy dress with a train is ideal possessor slender legs. Chubby brides choose the best styles of A-line skirts with volume. Extra long trail will add them to harmony.

The real salvation magnificent model will becomeowners of disproportionate shapes with broad shoulders, narrow hips, or vice versa. With the right choice of lush style bride can create an elegant, aristocratic or modest graceful way to your taste and mood. Do not interfere, and the knowledge of wedding novelties, because the model of lush gowns change with each new season.

Photos lush wedding dress with a train in 2015

Luxury Wedding Dresses 2015 sample - ita wide range, which is characterized by the variety of types of cut, rich finishes and original outfits. Designers this season emphasize colored dresses in pastel colors, a little moving away from tradition. In the arsenal of bridal salons you will find such a variety of new models that will not be difficult to get lost. To better navigate in a wide range of dresses with a train, we offer to study trends of the season.

Options with a volume skirt