Long dresses to the floor for the bridesmaids - photo

Bridesmaids - those characters Weddingcelebrations that do not go unnoticed never. They participate in competitions, wedding photo shoot, help the bride to organize the event. This is true and lovely fellow member of the bride, but because they have to look spectacular and in harmony with her appearance. Often the couple choose their costumes for boyfriends and girlfriends, but if the recommendations given in the image was not, her friends should pay attention to fashion dresses are now on the floor, which are considered the best option for your wedding dress.

Bridesmaids in comfortable clothes

Subtleties in the selection of dresses for bridesmaids floor

Well it will look at any girlDress to the floor. This versatile garment that is comfortable to wear and can hide figure flaws. Dress traits for girlfriend - a real treasure, and that it still looks great, makes it indispensable to a wedding. However, the role of girlfriend imposes certain requirements of girls, and because not every dress will suit on the floor. What do I need to consider?

Pastel colors in the garb girlfriends

Color spectrum

  • Not suitable girlfriend white dress on the floor, whichIt makes it look indistinguishable from the bride's wedding image. An exception can only be the idea of ​​young themselves, who are planning to put all the friends and girlfriends in white robes, but less flashy style. If you still choose this tone, and too late to change anything, "dilute" the image of bright colors with accessories: ribbons of bright crimson or red woven into hair, wrap, jewelry, belts.

White dress with wide black belt
  • The same undesirable will opt forblack, if it's not a wedding, which is on the contrast. If you are afraid that you will be bright fabrics complete, select a dark, but not black dress, "diluting" the image of bright accessories. The winning dress will look, in which there are any areas of black and bright colors. These dresses are well adjusted figure, not gloomy, stylish and blends romance and elegance.

The image of the girl-friend of the bride: a black dress on the floor
  • It has long been suggested that a girlfriend shouldchoose outfits soothing and cooling shade. This will allow guests to "stop the eye" in the beautiful and soothing decoration, during the wedding celebration activities, and will not allow girlfriends strongly with the background of the bride. However, in practice, for their clothes and often choose bright colors such as pink and crimson popular. That's because it's shades of playfulness, youth and girlhood. Robes of these colors do not compete with white dress of the bride.

Raspberry image of the bride's friends
  • Often bridesmaids choose beige, pastel,gold and silver colors as well as blue, purple, turquoise, light green. Also metallics such colors are many, and therefore universal. The appropriateness of a particular color depends on the design of the hall, clothing cronies. It is advisable to dress bridesmaids combined with the image of the bride and continued it. For example, a bridal bouquet in harmony with any accessories girlfriends. The girls can also be dresses of different colors, but the same style, or vice versa.

Girls in the form of multi-colored princesses

The material and style

Style Dress to the floor can be anything: narrow chest or waist (the second option is more desirable because emphasizes femininity friends of the bride and her great figure). The upper part of the dress can be loose or tight, the straps may begin in the neck, shoulder to go, hold onto one shoulder, absent. If the wedding a lot of girlfriends, each can choose any style top, but the length and color of their clothing should be the same. In this case, the rescue Dress-transformer.

Dresses transformers for girlfriends

For each friend could handle styledress by hand, experimenting with the position of the fixing straps and brooches, all the girls choose dresses-transformers. Their material stretches, and therefore suitable for a large range of sizes. Ordering a set of several identical transformers, the bride can easily put all your girlfriends, they also adjust the model for themselves.

bridesmaids clothes: one color and different styles

Dress to the floor can be a low-cut or not,However, stand-up collar - is not relevant as skirts. It is the same with sleeves, they shall be allowed only in the case of the cold season or in the shortened form. In the warm season sleeve dresses are possible, if the dress is sewed of a light fabric flying. Most likely the same clothes for the bridesmaids are selected from materials such as chiffon, taffeta, organza, lace, lace, silk, satin gloss. These furnishings sit well in the figure, create an atmosphere of elegance glamorous even in a simple a cut.

Apparel bridesmaid lace

The degree of openness dresses

bridesmaids clothes should not be toofrank, vulgar. On the contrary, it should blow from the maiden directness, youth and femininity at the same time, so the floor dress are taken with simple style, feminine, but chaste. Thus, the skirt to the floor must not have a deep cut to his feet, neck should also be modest. dress length allows you to have a strapless top or on thin ropes that will not look defiantly closed bottom. The open back is not desirable, but may be allowed in the summer in a light-colored sundress with spaghetti straps through the neck.

Skirts with a slit for the bride bridesmaids

Choosing outfit depending on the time of year

Season of the wedding - an important factor forchoice of color and style garb girlfriends. This will help ease her way into the warmer months, and will not let him get lost in the cold days. Do not forget about such nuances. Warm dress will look better than light, but dressed for the season girlfriend will feel much more comfortable and confident, and it is important at the wedding.

Tips for choosing a dress in winter

  1. Choose a dress warmer and thicker materials than it is on a summer wedding. The cloth should not be too thick, in the banquet room in such clothes would be stuffy.
  2. Can you stop for a dress with sleeves (long, flashlights,?) Or without them, but paired with a cape, jacket or bolero.
  3. Ideally, if your outerwear will complement the bridal ensemble "of the bride dress - your dress - Accessories".
  4. Choose winter clothes more saturated colors - burgundy, chocolate, fuchsia, electric, it will make the image more expressive.

Winter image of a girlfriend: model dress with sleeves

In spring and autumn

  1. Choose the style of dress, made of a dense material, but without sleeves.
  2. Pay attention to the product with shallow recesses for the sleeves and a modest neckline - they look stylish and will not be cold in them.
  3. Pick a warm jacket, coat, jacket or bolero, which can wear without damaging the image.
  4. Choose a color expressed by attire, but not dark. For example, purple, azure, green.

Autumn and spring image of a girlfriend: model with sleeves

Options for summer dresses sleeveless

  1. In the summer, choose a wedding dress without sleeves. It is appropriate to dress sundress.
  2. Based on the features of a figure, you can wear a dress with a corset-top with wide straps or without them, with thin straps, ropes, with a wedge-shaped, round neck or not.
  3. Prefer a style that will hide your weaknesses and focuses on the merits.
  4. Open back is permissible if it does not look vulgar.
  5. The material for the dress should be easy, convenient. It is advisable to abandon the dense and synthetic options. The dress made of natural materials, you will feel comfortable. If you want to create an expression festive effect, choose a light satin, silk, chiffon.
  6. Prefer bright and cheerful tones, such as lavender, powdery, light pink, because will burden the dark image.

The image of the bride's friends: light summer outfit

Which dress to fit the floor full of girls?

Girls with lush figure should approachchoice of style dresses carefully. Dresses on the floor perfectly hide completeness and uneven legs, stretched silhouette, but the top still remains open. It is necessary to pick up clothes so that the fabric to hide flaws and gently emphasizes the dignity of the upper part of the figure. To girlfriend looked lush harmony, it is necessary to pay attention to the style of dress:

  • That will not strap a figure of a girl. It is better to be slightly free or with an overlap. Dresses-poncho or too large may be complete, so it is best to stay on the models, showing the shape, but do not stretch it. Using modeling figure lingerie, girlfriend can achieve a chic effect.
  • Which hides the fullness of the upper arm. The main objective here is the concealment of the shoulder from the external line diagonally to the side line just below the armpit. To do this, fit dresses with loose short sleeves lie (to the elbow or half of the upper arm), flowing sleeves-lanterns or wide (or wider dropped down) straps, gripping the outer shoulder line.
  • That gently emphasize the breasts. This effect bridesmaids dress is acceptable, but the emphasis should be soft, not vulgar. Suit dress with wedge-shaped, but not deep neckline and cleavage-boat. Clog the breast completely (absence of cleavage) can not be - it will visually increase the upper part of the figure.
  • Dresses with high waist are allowed, but iftaken into account the nuances of the upper arms and neck. The waistline should not be too much focus on the chest, it will visually EXECUTE girlfriend.

clothing options for full girlfriend

What to Wear to the wedding of a pregnant girlfriend?

If a friend is expecting a baby and the tummy alreadyclearly visible, the dress on the floor for her - ideal attire. To little to hide a pregnancy, it is necessary to move slightly above the waistline under the breast and décolleté left open. So the focus will move to the chest and neck. This style of dress will refresh the image of a girlfriend, make it easy, sweet and expressive. The length of the skirt should allow the girl to wear comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats. Do not leave lap for heels.

The image of a pregnant girlfriend: Dress to the floor

Video: options of evening dresses for bridesmaids

If the witness is not one or the newlywedsIt provided a special design measures, the bridesmaids can wear a regular evening or cocktail dresses of any style. But do not forget that friends still do not have to stand out against the background of the future spouses, and their clothes must not be too fanciful. Look interesting ideas for sewing or order these dresses in the video below.

Photo of stylish evening dresses in floor 2016