Lace wedding dresses

Wedding dress with corset makes the figuresleeker, slimmer, and the bride feels in a dress a real princess. To the holiday was a success, and too tight lacing do not cause inconvenience to the beauty, you need to know in advance how it is done correctly. This knowledge will be useful bridesmaid that will help her dress before the wedding ceremony. After all, to cope with capricious lacing can be difficult, especially for a man with no experience.

The basic rules of lace wedding dress

The first thing to do - correctly identifysize wedding dress. Apparel wrong size will be a very strong pull bride, making it difficult to breath, or slip from her. When fitting wedding dress with corset remember that the edges have to approach each other by not less than 3-5 cm. There are some rules, observing that you will cope with such a responsible task, as the lace dresses for the wedding.

  • With Lacing dress should closely encircle the waist. Therefore, first fasten the zipper, if there is one, and only then proceed to the pinching.
  • If you never have to travel such a procedure, start stringing shot dress, and then tighten the corset already in FIG.
  • Begin lacing downwards. Bride is holding her hands on her waist.
  • Tight lacing compresses a waist. If you're really drags corset on the chest, the girl would be hard to breathe.
  • To make a beautiful shape of the breast at the time of pinching the bride should maintain its arms crossed inside (through the neck).
  • In the model with a corset, involves opening the back, make sure that that tape is not stuck into the body. Besides the fact that such a lacing looks unsightly, it can cause the girl pain.
  • If the bride is pregnant from such a style should be abandoned. There are many other models of wedding dresses that are suitable for its interesting position.

Wedding dress with lacing

How lace corset wedding dress - photo

A man, dressed the bride, you need to knowhow to lace up a wedding dress. It is best to work out in advance, so that at the crucial moment did not get confused and do it right. If you are fully tightened the corset, but still, a cable passes freely at least one finger, then the dress is great, and it will slip from the bride. In such a case would have to take in the model or replace other boards (smaller size).

Laced corset wedding dress can be twoways - directly on the bride, and without it. Show which of them will be easier for you can only practice. If you've never experienced such a dress, be sure to start with the lacing on clothing removed. Only after the acquisition of certain skills can try to tighten the corset right in the figure.

Lace dress shot

We have to admit that not all the girlsThey know how to lace up corset. So there are unexpected situations when dressing the bride: her dress sitting is not the best way, and sometimes looks ridiculous. To avoid confusion and not to spoil the holiday bride, begin with a simple. Pinching shot dress - it's the easiest way, which is suitable even for beginners. It is much easier to thread the drawstring in the loop on the removed clothes, and then adjust the corset figure girl.

  1. Wedding Dress should be removed and hung in such a wayso that you are comfortable it was to work with him. Thread the ribbon or cord in the uppermost hole, start stringing downward. Do not tighten the belt until it stops, put a space between the edges of about 10 cm. (Fig.1)
  2. Around the middle of the path, leave two free loop - about 20 cm of the cord (Figure 2).
  3. Continue stringing further down (Figure 3).
  4. Tie a bow light (Figure 4).
  5. It is time for the bride to wear a wedding dress. Evenly distribute the figure lacing using large loops so that it was free in front of the chest, and maximize tightened at the waist line. The main condition - the dress should not pinch the girl's chest, to keep breathing, and constrain its movement.
  6. Check how tight dress sitting on the bride, the remaining ends of the lace tie a beautiful bow.

Lace dress dressed

If you have some experience in putting on dresses withcorsets and you do it the first time, is easy zashnuruete all right on the bride. Compliance with a few basic rules will make the process fun and elegant style will look beautiful, give a joyful mood of the bride and all the invitees. It is no secret that the mood plays a big role in this momentous day.

  1. We put on a bride through the legs to save her hair and makeup. Thereafter, in the same way to dress petticoats.
  2. If there is a zipper, it is first necessarytry to fasten it. It so happens that the wedding dress is very tight-fitting shape, so lock converges with difficulty. In such a case, so that it does not break down, first lace corset, and then fasten the zipper
  3. Ask the bride to align the back, straighten your shoulders and put his hands on her hips.
  4. Thread the lace in the upper loop, start stringing evenly from top to bottom. The ends of the tape, try to maintain the same length
  5. Laced corset convenient together. One girl is holding the ends of the tape, so they do not slip back and the second delays in crossing places, moving from top to bottom.
  6. We perform this procedure several times,tightening stronger in the waist area. Bride from above through the neckline support breasts with her hands: this is very important, because if you do not lift the breast, it is pressed against the cast - then even the most beautiful bust will be flat and ordinary.
  7. Tightening strap, be careful to extra fabric has been tucked neatly under the left and right brace, be sure to flatten the insert and position the zipper exactly in the center of the back
  8. After graduating from the laces, check how tight dress sitting on the bride, tighten the knot and tie a beautiful bow.

Videos for the implementation of home treatments

Wedding dress with corset lacing and perfectlyHe is sitting in the figure, emphasizing the femininity and perfection of form, however, for the desired effect it is important to tighten the corset properly. If too loose lacing you risk all night to pull the dress, as it will continue to slide down. Excessive tightening lace may have problems with breathing and blood supply to the body, up to fainting. Therefore, man dressing bride entrusted responsible mission, and understand the art of lacing the corset help our video: