Indian wedding dresses

The mysterious culture of India attracts people from all overworld - even in the age of globalization, the country managed to preserve its identity and traditional heritage. Interestingly, many of the Indians, even in large modern cities prefer casual clothes national suit - female and male shevrani saris. If the couple is interested in the culture of this country, a great idea would be to organize a wedding in the Oriental style, using traditional dress of India. Below is a detailed account of saris and other women's decoration, which can be put on the bride on the Indian triumph.

Traditional Indian dress for wedding

Women's sari for more than five thousand years - with himIt involves a lot of legends, one of which tells of the creation of the dress. Long ago, a young weaver, daydreaming about his favorite, did not see the long-stitched fabric predlinnoe unprecedented beauty. It looked so great, I loved everything, and eventually turned into a colorful material Indian national women's costume. Even now engaged in the manufacture saris only men who belong to a special caste of weavers - they come up with a combination of flowers, decoration of the garments.

India includes many regions, each ofwhich has its own cultural traditions, so the way of wearing a sari tying and depending on regional customs differ. The classic version - nivi - remains the most common: according to him the canvas fabric is wrapped several times around the waist, and then spreads over her shoulder. It may seem that make it easy, but in fact only with the experience of an Indian girl learns to do it quickly and easily - it is important that the fabric does not twist, the sari should lie smoothly and accurately.

Wedding image of the bride in the Indian style

To consolidate the Indian sari is not usedpins or buttons, although inexperienced bride the first time trying on the original garment for a wedding, can ignore this rule and fix the garment using special devices. Under the current national costume Indian girl wearing blouse (choli) and a petticoat that was a consequence of the intervention of European colonizers: they were shocked that Indian go half-naked. Some women refuse to wear choli away from urban areas.

As a rule, the weavers made IndianWedding Sarees organza, silk, chiffon, silk misorskogo who can afford only the most wealthy segments of the population. The edges of a long cloth embroidered rich pattern - flowers, fish, fruits, national ornaments. For embroidery wedding sari weavers used gold thread than the frilly pattern - those considered to be happier and more harmonious life of newly-made wife. To make a dress accordingly, men use beads, precious or semi-precious stones.

The traditional color of wedding saris - red, becauseit means joy, love between lovers. The second main color of the clothes - gold, symbolizing prosperity, prosperity, wealth, young family. INDIAN pay attention to the color value, and although it is now allowed to wear to a wedding in India sari any shade, mainly girls choose red or green, promising their marital happiness.

Indian outfits newlyweds

Models of modern Indian wedding dresses

Western influence has made some adjustments inWedding image of Indian women: some women instead of the classic red or green sari, decorated with wide embroidered border, put on garments of another color or model, close to the popular European style. Despite these changes, the Indian bride and groom can not save unique features that are unique to their culture, and because even the familiar classic dress by brides from India acquired unusual shape, original form, original decor with a beautiful embroidered pattern.

Silhouette "Mermaid" with short sleeves

Not only India, but also European designersWe noticed the enormous potential of the national women's dress - the sari looks rich, pretentious, able to decorate the girl in any large-scale celebrations. Perhaps it is this entailed experimenting with the shape of the dress: as a wedding decoration women began to wear Indian attire, performed in the style of dress-mermaid. Form-fitting model, flared from the knees or below, looks great, emphasizes the ideal figure of the bride, and the incredible beauty of the dress decor makes it a solemn and majestic.

Sari Mermaid - original wedding dress

Dress - sari

Wedding saris are always distinguished by a particularly richdecor, lots of gold embroidery and decorations. Modern Indian brides can opt for activities like bright red, green, blue, purple dress, as well as more subtle shades - white, cream, light yellow. Additional image of this fabric embroidered fabric that suits the tone of a sari - without it seldom does a wedding celebration. If the bride has decided to make the wedding in Indian style full theme, then put on a dress instead of the classic female national costume of India - the perfect solution.

Beautiful wedding sari

The dress of embroidered fabric

Hero of the occasion is not necessarilyfully immersed in Indian culture to emphasize the style of the event, so you can choose the usual white dress, embroidered with beautiful patterns. This may be a traditional ornament, inherent clothes India, or any other pattern that appeals to the bride. Suit dresses that are embroidered with gold or silver thread, decorated with sparkling rhinestones, pearls, semi-precious stones.

Indian embroidered white wedding dress

Wedding dress full skirt

For a lush dress the bride can choosecolor inherent in Indian attire - a bright shades of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange. Belonging to the Eastern culture may emphasize appropriate decor - embroidered ornaments, stones, crystals, and a special cut. For example, the hero of the occasion can find a dress with a strap or a free sleeve on one shoulder, which will be visually tied little resemblance to the Indian sari.

Ball dress in Indian style

Jewellery and accessories in Indian style

No Indian girl does not get married withoutabundance of colorful accessories. Researchers attributed to Indian women love jewelry that earlier, when his wife was strongly dependent on their husbands, the latter have the right at any time to kick a woman out of the house. The only thing that could take the girl - the ones that are already on it. Now this phenomenon is not observed, but the Indian still bear the many accessories. This phenomenon has another explanation: according to ancient beliefs, the more decorations to the bride, the happier will be her life with her husband.

As Indian jewelry at the weddinguse large earrings in his ears and nose, bracelets, necklaces, richly decorated with stones. Do not do without the traditional bindi - point of decorating the forehead culprits celebrations. According to ancient custom, arms, shoulders, back, legs, paint the bride with henna - this beautiful pattern called mehendi, each species has its specific value.

Indian accessories for the wedding

Photos of Indian wedding dresses

Wedding sarees there are so many,each dress has an individual pattern having a special symbolism. Regardless of family security, a celebration of the bride's relatives are trying to get it for her the best outfit and the most expensive jewelry, which are believed to take away the evil spirits and protect the newly married couple. To choose a dress for an event in the oriental style, the bride need to explore the many options of traditional Indian saris and their varieties. See a selection of photos from the wedding dresses of Indian women:

Wedding Dresses in India