How to choose a wedding dress Muslim

Preferences of a young couple, a family tradition,Culture and religion have a great influence on the style of the wedding. If the bride and groom are Muslims, they are at the time of the wedding celebration will adhere to relevant traditions and rituals. Muslim Clothing bride is very different from that of the European decoration. But all brides want to be beautiful, so the choice of clothes to the wedding for their important work. What are Muslim wedding dresses? What to look for when choosing?

Traditional Muslim Wedding Dress

Any girl at their wedding feastHe wants to be beautiful. That's just the concept of beauty in women with a different outlook and mentality is often very different. For a Muslim bride thing - display in its decoration humility, innocence and piety. For it is unacceptable to put on a dress, which could cause the opposite sex sexual attraction. In view of this Muslim traditional wedding decorations must comply with all the canons of "hijab", which means to be as closed.

Open body parts in traditional dressremain only the face, hands. Bride Apparel for "nikah" (Muslim wedding rite) - this neoblegayuschego style dress on the floor with long sleeves and closed neck. Even the bride must necessarily cover the head, covering the ears, hair, and then wear a veil. It is unacceptable to use for sewing transparent fabrics and overly decorate its decor. The furniture does not have to be white: it can be any color, but does not encircle the beautiful camp.

Traditional styles

The above type of decoration the bride wearsfor the wedding, which invited women and men will be celebrating this event together in the same room. But there is another kind of tradition to celebrate the marriage of the young Muslim. It lies in the fact that the man at the wedding with her fiance celebrated in the same room, and women with the bride - in another. For this option, the celebration bride can choose a more free style of clothing. She even has the right to afford a wedding decoration European style (model with neck or knee-length).

Styles of contemporary Muslim wedding dresses

Modern Muslim sew wedding dresseschiffon, satin, lace, and lace, gold or silver embroidery, beads, sequins used for their decoration. Pastel shades - a popular color for festive clothes bride. there are designers who annually present their collections for women, taking into account all the requirements of the "hijab" in the Islamic world. Irna La Perle - popular fashion for women, practicing Muslims. Its collections show how worthy to emphasize the feminine beauty in a closed clothes.

Models of the famous designer are obtainedoriginal and unusual by using light fabrics, drapery, embroidery and other embellishments. But not all women buy clothes from fashion designers. Some brides modify conventional wedding dresses, to conform to the norms of "hijab". For this girl buy neoblegayuschy long European outfit and combine it with other clothing items. For example, put on a golf holiday decoration or an elegant bolero with long sleeves.

Lush layered model

Cuddly multilayered chiffon dress

Model Wedding decoration with a skirt of chiffonhelp to make a girl beautiful, elegant. The design of the bottom of the dress make multilayered, to give splendor and lightness of the image of the bride. Interestingly looks skirt of chiffon, like a rose. If, in addition to the original bottom of the flower to decorate the top of the dress beaded dress that looks elegant. Clothes chiffon Suite can sew fabric of any pastel shade. A girl in a lush, colorful decoration of pale turquoise, cream, pink is beautiful.

A-line with embroidery

A silhouette with gold embroidery

Muslim wedding dresses - modesty andwealth at the same time. A-line dresses are ideal for the requirements of "hijab" because they do not attract too much attention to the body of the bride. They are richly decorated with gold hand-made embroidery. On white fabric, it looks impressive, elegant and festive decoration turns into a beautiful work of art. A silhouette with glowing gold embroidery - the perfect choice for the bride on the populous and rich wedding.

Fitted lace models

The fitted dress with lace

Worthy and beautiful bride, professing Islam,It will look in close-fitting dress with lace. Tenderness decor perfectly emphasize the youth and innocence of a young girl. Model with lace for the bride - is a fashionable trend in wedding fashion 2015. This option is a close fitting dress bride looks original and stylish. Lace skirt will help to create a refined and clean image of the girl.

Colored garments

Dress embroidered with stones and sequins

Muslim wedding dress with rhinestones,shining stones - a great choice for a celebration. The rich decoration of the bride dress gives it a unique and beautiful look. Embroidery with sequins, beads and stones creates a beautiful dress on a relief decoration in the form of intricate patterns. Effectively it looks trim dress with beads. This element of the decor looks like beads, but differs from it in larger size and cylindrical shape. clothes decorating bridal colorful beads creates a beautiful visual effect.

Photo Muslim wedding dresses 2015

Eastern bride in the Muslim styleembodies gentleness, modesty, beauty. Choosing a wedding dress for girls who practice Islam, is huge. Each year, designers present the attention of women, Muslim, many new models for all occasions. Clothing decorated with sequins, beads, lace, gold embroidery, looks unusual and bright, because the bride it will look original. This is confirmed by the beautiful dresses pictures below.

A variety of wedding apparels