How to choose a beautiful wedding dress with open back of the figure

In the magical, festive wedding dayAll eyes are on the bride. Which outfit to choose to focus on the beauty of the guests own person? Wedding Dresses with open back - the trend of the season 2015! Long and short, fat and skinny - they emphasize the graceful lines of your body, will give a unique way. On some models stay? What accessories to choose? The choice depends on your taste, the triumph of the size and financial capabilities.

Models for wedding dresses with open back

Ceremonial dress with open back

Choosing a wedding dress - a nice occasion to remeasure a lot of clothes, choosing the most beautiful and elegant. Decide on which body part you prefer to emphasize:

  • The desire to demonstrate long tanned legs perfect shape determines the choice of wedding dress mini.
  • Owners of a magnificent bust will be to face plush robes with bare shoulders and accentuated breast line: corsets, cut-outs in the form of a "square", deep neckline;
  • You have perfect skin, lovely posture? Choose a model, emphasizing the shoulder line, to slightly open your body behind.

Dresses with open back to the weddingemphasize the elegance of the lines, give the image of tenderness and romance. Fashion trends dictate the rejection of the standard neck, low neckline. Leading fashion designers "declared war on" vulgarity. The trend of recent seasons have become wedding dress in the style of naive romanticism. Classic lace bodice with a closed chest line, lots of frills and lush skirts a la Princess, long tight-fitting dress of flowing materials emphasize every curve of beautiful female body.

Naive style in a wedding fashion

And where is the element of sensuality and seduction? In the external simplicity hidden one surprise: open back wedding dresses attracts glances. Note that rashes, freckles; the presence of a few kilograms overweight, settled on the back and waist; wide massive figure are contraindications to select the style of this dress. But the familiar principle of 'I want !!! "makes its own adjustments. Depending on the condition of the skin, an open cut on the back can be covered with the help of lace, tulle, thick guipure.

The choice of styles of elegant dresses with an openback to the wedding is enormous: Greek style, luxury for the princesses, chic, with a short skirt and train. Given the time of year, the venue of the wedding celebration, pick outfit corresponding direction:

  • During the summer, choose a light dress with an open back top and a skirt above the knee.
  • A minimum of heavy fabrics, elegant lines cut, almost completely bare back - perfect for a wedding on the beach on a tropical island.
  • Do you want to pay attention to the elegant lines of the body,following fashion trends, during the cold season? Assist such decorative elements as guipure lace or mesh insert. Take care of the fur coat or cape light.

Beautiful design on the back of the bride dress

Whatever the dress for the wedding,you are the main decoration of the ceremony itself. Do not forget about the important rule: to apparel was not vulgar, focuses on one of the advantages - the chest, legs or back. What models of wedding dresses with open back offer fashion guru in this season? Let's try to understand the variety of options.

Dress in the style of "Empire"

Style "Empire" has long enjoyed favoredwomen. Fine Greek clothing from weightless materials with open back claim to leadership in the fashion world. Inflated waist visually adds a few centimeters in height, draperies can hide figure flaws, focusing on the merits. Carefully choose the style of "Empire" must be owners of large busts. Greek style visually emphasizes that part of the body. Pick a dress with a minimal amount of drapery in the upper chest or tight corset straps.

Models in the Greek style

A-line with a belt and a bow

The greatest demand is for models with weddingOpen Back A-line. In the distant 60s of the twentieth century, Christian Dior introduced this style in fashion. Long or short, these dresses are perfect for any figure. Flared towards the bottom skirt visually reduces the extra inches around the waist, and an ornate belt with a bow at the back gives volume to owners too fragile figures. Wedding Dresses A-line - the ideal and unexpected decision to pregnant brides, hiding a small tummy.

Luxuriant style "Princess"

Teen bride's dream wedding day inlook like a princess from a fairy tale. Finery give opportunity to feel like royals and elegant cut-out on the back adds to the mystery, passion, light erotica. Thin, fragile girl fit such a model: they enhance the beauty, the elegance of the bride.

Style Princess

Silhouette "Mermaid" with a loop

To draw attention to yourself brideshelp-fitting wedding dress with a skirt the year. Suitable as a tall girl, and owners of medium height, silhouette "Mermaid" will accentuate the beautiful curves of your body. Long skirt, tapering in the area of ​​the knee, looks extremely feminine and open back owners of perfect skin and beautiful tan will help to chain looks not only loved, but also wedding guests.

Attire bride Mermaid

Magnificent lace dress with open back

Lace wedding dresses emphasizegrace, elegance of the bride. As Aphrodite emerging from the sea depths in the foam, so the bride in a lush lace dress with open back is divinely beautiful and impeccably stylish. Fashion lace handmade fashion designers made it possible to combine in a wedding dress simplicity, elegance, style, wealth and taste.

Fully open back or veiledgrid gives charm. The laconic style emphasizes the elegant accessories in a minimalist style. A simple long veil-cable with a traditional tiara inlaid with precious stones, complete gentle romantic image. Sexy lace and concise model will create a delightful look of a young bride.

Lace dress, open back

To suit wedding dress with an open back?

With the richness of choice for wedding dresses,choose a style of dress with an open back should be very careful. Such a model will emphasize the dignity of happy young girls with a narrow chest, no fat folds in the back and waist. Any movement on the dance floor, a photo and video emphasize flaws figures, if they exist. In this case, select the model of a wedding dress with guipure inserts, making it possible to hide the excess weight.

Careful attention should be paid bridethe state of the skin shoulders, back. To avoid confusion, please advance to the beautician, go through the procedures to get rid of age spots and freckles. To give the skin a healthy color, pre-visit a solarium. The combination of a tanned body and white lace create a charming image, and open back emphasize the sexy bride.

Girl doing exercise

Photo of wedding dresses with open back in 2015

Leading fashion houses offer a wide choice ofwedding dresses 2015 season. Particular attention is paid to models with open back: corset dress on, chic models in the Greek style, elegant "puppet" fabulous outfits, combine romance and eroticism, classics and daring challenge. Selecting any of the listed below models in wedding day you will feel like a queen.

Wedding dress with nude back in 2016