Golden wedding dress

For every girl is one of the most important stagespreparation for the wedding celebration - is the choice of wedding dress. Brides spend a lot of time in search of the perfect dress, trying to find something that is better than others emphasize their individuality and refined taste. A major role in the choice of decoration plays a color. For girls who want to create a luxurious, majestic image, fit gold wedding dress. Amazing ceremonial outfit is cast in gold, will look favorably on holiday snaps, certainly impress guests at the event and bystanders.

To suit gold-colored wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress, she shouldconsider not only the color that is in harmony with the skin and hair, but the features of the figure. Style wedding dress body is capable of hide minor imperfections, emphasize the dignity. Brides having proportional physique "Hourglass", nothing to worry about - it will suit any model of wedding dresses. Girls with narrow shoulders and full hips (figure "pear") suitable outfits that visually counterbalance the top to the bottom, for example, the magnificent Ball Gown, A-Line, a Greek decoration.

Girls with the constitution "Invertedtriangle "(big shoulders, narrow hips) perfect dress a la Princess, universal model with a-line, in the Greek style dress, short dress. Bride, which nature has endowed a lush figure "Apple" will feel comfortable in the decoration of the Empire style - short and long version. Owners build "Rectangle", characterized by mild waistline will look great in a dress straight cut or Greek model wedding attire.

Delicate yellow-gold wedding attire

The essential role played by the presence or absenceselected models sleeveless strapless. The golden dress with straps need to choose the girls having a large breast size, these components will support the dress form corset. Thin straps are required when low-cut or if you want to adjust the features of the figure. For pregnant brides fit garments with straps, since the upper part of them, as a rule, not tightened too tight. These items of furniture help to keep together on their shoulders.

The nuances of the selection of the golden hue

The symbols of the sun, divinity, holinessconsidered the gold and golden yellow color. This shade promises prosperity and wealth to the one who wears things in such tones. Golden wedding dress - dress, which will be the luxurious decoration culprits celebrations. But not every girl will approach this noble, but "naughty" color. Almost all shades of gold will look bad on brides-blondes cold tsvetotip. The pale skin of the future spouses, the less should be saturated golden dress and golden details, decorating outfit.

Blonde and pale-skinned girls with warmtsvetotip can come dress with shimmering gold or white, only slightly Lambent golden sun shade. Good looks dark, deep tone, "Champagne", which is equally adorn tanned blondes and brown-haired women. A striking brunette or red-haired girl with tsvetotip "autumn", dark skin or warm tan can safely experiment by selecting a golden outfit any saturation and yellow.

Wedding dress gold color

Models dresses with gold trim

There are many options for gold finishbridesmaid dresses - it can be refined embroidery corset wedding decoration with universal A-Line; a thin belt under the breast, embroidered with golden beads adorning the Greek outfit; or sequins, which completely strewn with elegant attire straight cut. Decor gold wedding dress can be a modest, simple, and unobtrusive, and pretentious, rich, luxurious. Selecting the design model depends on the nature of the culprit celebration, wedding style and budget.

Inlaid with gold jewelry

Wedding dress, decorated with gold, wortha lot of money, afford such waste can unit. But the designers have long found a way how to make the kind of wedding dress rich nesusvetno without using expensive materials - is the use of jewelry. Golden wedding dress entirely embroidered with golden artificial stones, yellow rhinestones and beads of good quality, too, is worth a lot, and the poor quality finish looks cheap. If the budget is limited, it is best to choose modest dress, but the quality inlaid jewelry.

The dress of the bride, inlaid with gold jewelry

The dress sewn from a gilded thread

Elegant wedding dress, decoratedgilt thread or thread of true gold (gold thread), it looks great. Masters, tend to create patterns on a gorgeous wedding dresses to order. Wedding decorations, decorated gold thread, are expensive, but you can find cheaper analogues of real gold thread. For example, silk material of the corresponding color. The dress, the bodice to the hem of the skirt decorated with golden thread, it will look great, it causes a lot of rave reviews from the audience.

with gold threads Wedding Dress

With embroidery and flower applique

No matter what kind of decorationsused on a wedding dress - applique or embroidery, this outfit looks great. Graceful ornaments and delicate floral patterns can decorate furniture part, for example, only the hem of her dress, cuffs or corset part. Some girls may like apparel, fully embroidered with golden thread. It looks a dress like a king. Gold patterns, color in certain areas of the wedding decorations can focus on the guests of the bride or detract from the merits of the shortcomings.

Wedding apparel with embroidery and applique

decorated with lace

The favorite material of many girls coming outmarried - lace. It looks this tissue and gently air. Golden dress can be decorated with lace in parts or be completely sewn by using this material. Especially popular lace fabric this season, almost all the fashion houses and famous designers released a collection of wedding decoration, adorned with a lace cloth. Lace can be white, yellow additionally decorated with sparkling details, or gold.

Golden bride dress with lace

Embroidered with sequins or rhinestones

Girls, choose a dress completely embroideredshiny stones or rhinestones shiny sequins will attract attention at the festival. This outfit looks solemn, majestic, shows all this luxury. Making a choice in favor of richly decorated with shining details of decoration, the bride should pick him modest accessories that will not make way oversaturated.

Shining sequins with rhinestones for the bride

Decorated with ruffles or flounces

Romantic ruffles with ruffles suited for gentle,a touching image of the bride, will emphasize its elegance and impeccable style. As a rule, these elements are decorated with wedding decoration gold color model "Princess", "Mermaid" or A-line dress. Each girl will be able to pick up a golden robe with ruffles or flounces, depending on the constitution.

Golden wedding decoration with ruffles

What shoes and accessories worn gold dress

Choosing a gold version of the wedding attire,the bride should understand that for such a pretentious, rich as well as you need to pick up a modest accessories. As the shoe fit elegant pumps without extra decorations - patent leather or leather, which are more suited to the tone attire. It can be sandals or ballet flats, depending on the model of festive attire. We should also think about the veil, which should be in harmony with the golden hue of the wedding decoration. Do not decorate it with unnecessary details - lace, sequins, beads or embroidery.

As the decorations to such an outfit for the brideto choose jewelry. From ornate, ornate necklace will have to give, and an exquisite ring on his finger, a thin strap or modest earrings will look great. A bouquet can be made up of colors favorite hero of the occasion, combined with a golden hue wedding decoration - yellow, red, purple, white, gold-plated.

Video: Review of gold dresses for wedding

Selection of golden wedding decorationcorrect color and style - a long process, which eventually will allow future wife literally shine at his own wedding. To become a complete image of the bride, except for festive attire need to pick up a stylish, elegant, low-key accessories. Going to a wedding salon for a fitting, she should represent what it wants to see their future wedding dress. Pre-determine the choice can help you with this video selection of stunning, luxurious golden vestments for the wedding.

Picture gold wedding dresses

Depending on the decor goldwedding attire, the image of the future spouses can be gentle and innocent, or vice versa - bold, bright. Wedding decoration designers decorated golden beads, sparkling rhinestones, yellow pearls encrusted jewelry. What are the golden festive attire for the bride, take a look at the photo selection below.

Golden wedding dresses