Dresses with open back Evening

Girls, fashion-conscious, the party wearoutfits that attract everyone's attention. One of the most striking attire for such an event is considered to be an evening dress with an open back, which is often chosen by the Hollywood stars. There are many options for tailoring and design of these styles, so they are easy to pick up for any type of shape, height and age. Cut back often designers decorate ornaments or lace. Designers rely on bright colors and beautiful female back.

Styles evening dresses with open back

Owners toned figure and flat posturebe sure to buy a dress with naked back, which never goes out of fashion. The image of the girl in a evening dress excites the male imagination. It immediately becomes unprotected, romantic, and sometimes - fatal. Dress with a cutout on the back is perfect for:

  • Romantic;
  • corporate party;
  • a hike in the restaurant;
  • High school prom;
  • wedding celebration;
  • New Year celebrations, birthdays.

This cut is universal, and if added to eachoutput of various accessories, in all cases the girl will look different. Cut in evening dress with open back varies: only exposed shoulders or waist show opens furrow coccyx. The length of such styles is also modified: cocktail dress can be knee or to the floor. Take a look at the video below several options for evening dresses, opening the back:

Fitting dress on the floor with long sleeves

From the variety of cut dresses with open back women often choose a tight-fitting dress, floor-length. The notch may be of different depth and shape, and its design options include:

  • complete lack of the upper back or with the addition of a small drape;
  • crisscrossing straps, decorated with glitter, crystals, stones, lace, bow, buckle, sequins;
  • double cut-out when the back is open in two places - at the level of the shoulder blades and in the lumbar region.

Models on the floor

These classic models require eveningGirl medium or tall, good posture and slim figure. Perfect skin is also important, because the open back becomes the object of attention. Also cut-back requires special clothes. No need to wear a long dress with open back and a bra whose straps are visible in the neckline - it looks gross.

Elegant high heels will focus onhigh growth, and the girl will look even more impressive. Do not choose a dress fitting beige or flesh-colored, otherwise the body will seem naked. Bright and juicy shades of green, red, purple look at these amazing models. Ideal for slim evening dress black: public women's back looks restrained and refined.

Short curvy model

Short fluffy dress with open back

Curvy model with open back arefavorites among slender girls of low growth. This outfit will never be left unattended, because it is romantic and honest at the same time. Styles short dress is varied: tulip skirt, A-line, bell bottoms. Frills and folds are added volume and length can be up to or below the knees, on the choice.

With the help of this style girl showing noOnly her beautiful back, and slender legs. Fantasy designers are manifested very vividly embody the boldest solutions worthy of any fairy tale or fantasy stories. For example, it looks gorgeous black model with an asymmetric cut back and full skirt, rose. The volume is the bud of tissue, representing an abstraction, which visually looks like real flowers on the dress.

Short dresses with lace

Lacy openwork or mini dress length

Attractive look fishnet or laceevening gowns mini. They may be provocative - fully open back, and modest, when the back is covered with a translucent lace. Openwork dress creates the illusion of vagueness, mystery and nudity, so the girl in a dress can not pay attention. From design lace short model depends on the image of a lady. But we must bear in mind that in a short slinky dress is difficult to hide any figure flaws.

For the most extravagant, daring fashionistas will approachdeep cut, ending slightly higher piquant point. Semi-closed spin looks beautiful when framed in the form of patterned weaving. A lace on the bodice back looks great on a wedding dress, harmoniously combined with the gloves and veil. Lace mini dress with open back - this is a complex model in which it is important to maintain a balance. Stylists advise wearing a evening dress, refuse additional cuts, neck chest and stick to minimalist decorations.

Style Straight Cut

Model straight cut

Evening dress straight cut in any rescuesituation. If the correct accents, such a model is suitable for any type of shape. For example, too large breasts conceal drapery, and open back emphasize the beauty of the shoulders, a long neck. Complete hands easily hide puffed sleeves and not enough thin legs - length on the floor or to the knee. Evening models straight cut sew, as a rule, made of satin, velvet or silk. Species neckline on the back of a large number, but the most common:

  • asymmetrical;
  • rectangular;
  • v-shaped;
  • oval;
  • in the shape of a heart.

Accessories for hair

What kind of accessories to suit the dress with open back?

Models with a cut on the back looks beautiful incombined with high or short hairstyle that allows you to show sexy back and graceful neck. Decorate the image of tiaras, ribbons, flowers in her hair, or the elegant barrettes, if there are similar elements in clothing. All decorations must be very cautious, especially if you choose lace evening attire.

Shoes under the long garment is better to choose fromclosed toe. Under short dress is allowed to wear open sandals with high heels. Nothing should distract the attention of others to the main highlights of this dress - bare back, so as accessories fit a small clutch, elegant bracelet or earrings shining. From chains, necklaces, scarves and beads should be abandoned.

Photos of evening dresses with open back in 2015

Deep neckline on the back or front nownobody will be surprised. Girl with naked back trying to show their sexuality and femininity. They intrigue, entice, pose a riddle, at the same time managing to look forbidding and stern. If you believe in yourself, you have the perfect skin and posture you have everything in order - feel free to wear any type dress with open back (for example, as in the photo below), and compliments, enthusiastic views of men envy women, you will be provided.

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