Dress on the second day of the wedding

The second day of the wedding - a nice continuationwedding celebration. It is less formal and more peaceful. However, the choice of festive clothes on is a triumph for every girl is as important as the purchase of a wedding gown. How to wear a dress on the second day of the wedding, if it will be celebrated with family, restaurant or on a picnic? What to consider when choosing attire for this celebration?

Which dress to dress the bride in the second day of the wedding?

On the second day of the wedding the bride is the center ofattention to all guests. It behooves the bride to be elegant and irresistible in every way. In so doing, it will help to correctly chosen dress. Choosing from a variety of options, prefer the model that perfectly suits you. Dress must be fashionable and well-suited to your figure, emphasizing its beneficial virtues and hide any flaw in silhouette. But do not choose a narrow dress, that it is not fettered movement or cause discomfort during the holiday.

The second day of the wedding

Color spectrum

Romantic bride in pastel colors -an excellent option for the second day of the wedding. It will emphasize the femininity, tenderness of the young girl. Bright, juicy (purple, burgundy, emerald green) color of the bride dress is also suitable to a celebration. Especially it would be appropriate, if the dress has a simple, modest cut. In this case, make a bright accent color bridesmaid dress elegant festive. The main rule when choosing clothes for the second day of the wedding - the simplicity, elegance and comfort.

Bright dress bride for the second day

The material and style of dress

The bride's dress for the second day of the decisive roleHe is playing the material from which it is sewn. Fabric effect on how the product will look in the figure, and how it will be comfortable. Therefore, the natural material is perfect for the festive celebrations. Quality artificial tissue can be used to sew clothes for the holiday. Silk, jacquard, delicate openwork fabric - popular materials for the bride dresses for a second day. Clothing with beautiful decor ever would be appropriate at a party, because the profitable emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

Short skirt for the second day of the wedding

Decorating with lace, embroidery, or the originalother decorations on feminity garment will give its owner. Option fee on the second day of the wedding, there are many: short, simple or with ruffles, feathers and elegant model of medium length. Often the bride to choose this celebration cocktail or long evening dresses. The correct order, combined with decorations and festive hairstyle will look just great.

Selecting attire depending on the venue

Place the second day of the wedding playsa decisive role in the choice of clothing. If this day you have decided to spend together with family, native people or too formal wear is not required, but a very nice fit jersey dress or sundress. But if it's a dinner party, can not do without the elegant knee-length dress. For a party with friends in the club best option would be a bright cocktail dress, embroidered with sequins, paillettes.

Dress for the restaurants and cafe

On the second day of the wedding celebration in a restaurantBride is obliged to be in an elegant long evening dress. Well in this case suitable model in the French style. If you want to wear something more original, then experiment with different images. For example, it will look stunning dress in retro style with feather or a model with a deep cut on the back. It is better to give preference to a universal model, which will be useful to you in the future for other events (parties, presentations and so on. N.).

Bride Clothing for the restaurant on the second day

Picnic in the nature

During warmer months, the continuation of the wedding onnature - a great idea. How to pick up a festive clothes for a picnic? In this case, it should be easy, free, but beautiful. Perfect sundress or romantic dress made of natural fabrics. Garnish with additional accessories to help the image of a strap, hat, colorful barrettes in her hair.

If you are going hiking, climbingtrees or jumping over the fire, then choose the medium or long song, but it is important that the garment does not snare. A beautiful addition to your image of the bride will be a wreath of flowers.

Romantic bride clothes for the second wedding day

Paired t-shirts for the bride and groom

It is interesting to look at the couple will be pairedT-shirts on which the painted parts of a picture or the inscriptions about love and marriage. A young couple being together in such clothes, connecting part of the figure or phrase into one that looks romantic. Order them with a pre-conceived patterns, or buy from the available options in the store.

For example, if the wife of a T-shirt decorated with the phrase: "She's mine", then wife of clothes - "He's mine." Alternatively, the same words can flaunt on outerwear newlyweds. For example, the phrase "We are together" or "We found each other" is located on the T-shirt the bride and groom. Variants of such labels set. Extremely cute looks, when the young couple T-shirts decorated with rugs of one heart. Then, while together they form a single pattern love symbol. Some couples to a second wedding day have time to prepare a t-shirt with a picture of their wedding photos.



Photo of stylish dresses for second wedding day

Photos of the bride dress that stylishwomen chose to continue the wedding ceremony on the second day, will become a kind of guide. Choosing clothes is easy, if you know the fashion trends and apply them to yourself. However, it is important to take into account the features of shape, age, type, because only the beautiful dress will become a real decoration of the bride. See a selection of photos that will help you look spectacular.

Stylish outfit the bride on the second day of celebration