Dress for a wedding with a transparent corset

The dress with corset is a popular modelamong brides. It looks great on any figure, because the lacing is easy to adjust the size range. Among these models should pay attention to wedding dresses with transparent corsets that created a furore among newlyweds. Such models are visually reduce any shape, creating a refined image of the bride, which excites man's imagination.

The models of wedding dresses with transparent corset

Just want to clarify that a fully transparentcorsets does not happen. Generally, the denser the bodice decorated with lace, embroidery, sequins or paillettes. Transparency begins under the chest and ends below the waist. Depending on how much the bride wants to show acquired transparent or translucent braces. The former have very little decoration, creating the illusion of an open waist. The second highly embroidered with different decorative elements, leaving little room for the visible parts of the body. Learn more about the features translucent corsets in our video:

Picked corset normal size clothes. But if you want to reduce the waist or visually enlarge the bust, then it is better to buy the product at one size smaller. Knotted this element wedding dress behind. First you need to tighten a little, only 5-10 cm, to get used to. Pay attention to the absence of discomfort and pain. If they do not, tighten the laces to the desired size. If there is a model of two shnurovok sides, tie them very carefully, so as not to distort the spine. The benefits of this element of women's clothing include:

  1. It makes waist narrower.
  2. Corrects the abdomen and thigh.
  3. Raises the chest, increasing it visually.
  4. Align your posture.
  5. Adds the image of elegance.

Dress in the style of Mermaid

Wedding models in "Mermaid" style reallyharmonious look with a transparent corset. They give the bride at the same time sexy and elegant look. But this style requires the bride's ideal figure: well-defined chest, proportionate hips and waist. Models of "Mermaid" resemble dresses a year, so a light jacket slightly lengthened, and a multilayered skirt bride much experimenting, changing the upper or lower part.

If the bride's full breasts, she should payattention to the "Mermaid" dresses as open neckline. This nuance bride will look particularly attractive. If the girl has small breasts, she will more closed model with the upper part decorated with pleats, convex cups, ruffles and other decor, visually enhances the bust.

Mermaid wedding

Mermaid style

A-line with a fluffy skirt

Magnificent wedding dress with a transparent corsetnow very much in demand among the brides, because it presents the figure of a girl in the most favorable light. Models A-line with a translucent top are found in all the world's top collections of fashion, attracting attention with its luxurious finish. The girl in a wedding dress is sure to be the center of attention, making the heart beat faster all men.

Very elegant look are blue outfits,pale pink and all shades of ivory. Royal A-Line requires the bride to keep your posture and walk properly. This style is good that hides figure flaws such as curvy hips, short legs, and slimming corset will make the perfect curve of a woman's body: a figure similar to an hourglass. Lace top, decorated with applique, beading or shiny inserts harmonious look with a fluffy skirt.

Models with lush skirt

Short dress with a removable train

For several seasons the absolute leaders amongwedding dresses are short dresses with detachable train and transparent corset. They show the charm of the slender legs that are easy to hide under a long train, and at the right time to remove it. This practical model wedding, because this outfit is quite possible to wear to any party after the wedding.

Models short wedding dresses very much. It can be multi-layered satin skirt that will be beautiful sparkle in the sun, or dress in tight, lace decorated with classic or any other decorative element. Transparent corsets on such models are sewn with skirts or worn separately. The material for the loop is:

  • silk;
  • chiffon;
  • brocade;
  • atlas;
  • crepe de chine.

Mini-dress with detachable train

Along with the flat cable

decor transparent corset Options

Transparent corset is not necessary to decorate onceall kinds of jewelry that the bride does not look defiant. This in itself is a wedding dress is a bold decision, and excessive decoration will look defiant. For tailoring transparent corset use chiffon, organza, lace, silk gauze and lace. Decorate basis sequins, beads, stones, sequins, appliqués and embroidery.

From guipure embroidered with crystals and stones

Guipure wedding corset often decoratecolored or white stones and crystals. On the skirt, too, sometimes increasing lace, that it did not look too easy against such top. Only the pattern on the skirt in this case should be moderate so as not to overload the model décor. Brides love guipure transparent corset with glittering stones and crystals combined with a fluffy skirt, which notes the abundance of ruffles or frills.

Using guipure for wedding dress

From lace decorated with pearls

Pearl decoration on a wedding dress - itimitation pearls, which is similar to the scattering drops of morning dew. Pearls on a white lace surprisingly clearly emphasize the gentle and pure image of the bride, making it a bright pearl. Already gone signs that the bride should not wear pearls to family life has developed successfully on your wedding day, and this prediction applies only to natural stones.

Embroidery with pearls for decoration wedding decoration

A thin transparent tissue embroidery

Elegant looks transparent corset,decorated with hand embroidery. Embroidery is a colored and white thread. There is a national embroidery wedding dresses, in which each character has its own meaning and carries a positive charge. Especially beautiful in the fall zone neckline gold or silver thread. Brides who love extravagance, bought a black embroidery on a transparent corset - it looks amazing.

The models embroidered waist

From mesh fabric decorated with beads and sequins

Noble alternative to lace topwedding dress - the mesh corset, made of a lightweight material, and a highlight of the dress becomes embroidered with sequins and beads. Better mesh fabric none of the material is not able to show all the winning part of the bride's body. With this option looks gorgeous satin skirt with a train, the bottom of which is also embroidered with beads and sequins.

Embroidery beads and sequins at the waist

To suit wedding dress with a transparent corset?

To corset bride looked on courseit is necessary to choose the right. The basis of this universal wedding accessories are plastic or metal bones, tight to the body and create a beautiful silhouette. But they should not drag, otherwise the dress will be uncomfortable and ugly corset will pull the chest bride.

For girls with a standard figure problemsthe choice does not arise, and the bride with overweight'll have to tinker with lacing to not only hide the shortcomings, but also to give the image of femininity and tenderness. Correct lacing do wonders with your figure! Just work out before the wedding day, the process went quickly and rehearsed in a solemn day.

Photo Stylish Bride with a transparent corset

Which option is more suitable for the bride - muchtransparent corset or draped lace or guipure - solves itself. Any option is ideally adapted to the wedding dress, in which the bride will feel free and at ease. We offer a look at our selection of pictures of the best models of wedding dresses with transparent top 2015.

The models of wedding dresses with transparent corset

Styles of wedding dresses

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