Dress for a wedding to girlfriend

When a girl gets married, then her familyGirlfriends is a joyful and exciting event. But the choice of dress for the wedding to girlfriend can be a daunting task, because when buying holiday clothes is necessary to provide a lot of details and nuances. How to do it correctly, taking into account all the nuances of etiquette? A few tips to help a friend of the bride choose a beautiful and appropriate attire for the gala event.

Subtleties matching attire for the wedding of her best friend

Wedding - a happy holiday for honeymooners. It is only the bride has every right to be blindingly beautiful and its beautiful bright dress to stand out among the other guests. So, dress her friend should be more attractive than the culprits celebrations. Listen to this rule, and if you do not become the cause of a bad mood bride in her holiday.

In recent years, more and more often at weddings followfashionable custom that came to us from the West. He assumes that in the celebration of three or more bridesmaids bride, who wore almost or completely identical. The choice of color and style of clothing depends on the willingness of the protagonist celebration. And since Soviet times kept another tradition: it suggests to the witness at the wedding was the bride.

Friends of the bride in an elegant dress

If at the ceremony hold this ritual,the official friend of the bride alone and her many duties at the festival. In this case, when choosing bridesmaid dress is desirable to learn how to see the bride. And be sure to take into account the opinions of the choice of clothes for the celebration. A good option would be shared with the bride shopping trip in search of a suitable model.

What color to choose?

If you yourself have to decide on the colorclothing solution for your wedding, then give preference to gentle calm tones. Perfect for the holiday dress suit gold, lilac, yellow, peach, pink, pale blue, pale green, cream shade. If the bride prefers a more vivid color, select blue, turquoise, silver, red dress.

Variants of colors for the wedding dress to a friend

The choice of white dresses for bridesmaids willabsolutely inappropriate. Because it can occur at the ceremony ridiculous misunderstandings arising from the fact that the girlfriend will be confused with the bride. The right to wear a white dress at a wedding belongs to the bride, even if it is dressed in colorful clothes. It is also desirable to dress in clothes girlfriend ivory and "champagne", because it is associated with a wedding dress.

White and black clothes for a friend wedding

For parties to dress completely black model -a great option, but for the wedding, she did not fit. However, if the bride asks you to come to her holiday dress with black material elements, then feel free to follow her wishes. Black bridesmaids dress can accentuate the snow-white dress the main character of the holiday. The combinations of the black and white fabric in the dress of the witness and friends is quite appropriate and consistent fashion.

If the bride a few friends, theydivided into "senior" and "junior". They are dressed in clothes of the same color or similar colors. For the "older" friends often choose long dresses "on the floor", and for "junior" outfit has a different style shorter. If the wedding will be a holiday theme or will it be given preference for a certain color, it is necessary to consider these factors when choosing clothes.

The choice of fabric and style of dress?

The dress of smooth flowing material willan excellent option for bridesmaids. This outfit will not distract visitors from the triumph of the heroine, but would look nice and festive. So he turned feminine and elegant, it is better to buy clothes made of precious and light fabrics. Perfectly suited for this chiffon, silk, taffeta and other tissue like structure.

Dresses for wedding to girlfriend

Wedding etiquette suggests that dressbridesmaids should be sleeveless, low-cut too. Attire bridesmaids selected so that he was modest and in a certain sense, closed. For example, choose a festive clothes or bare shoulders, short or long. Along with transparent inserts - a good option for the solemn event. He will look closed, but attractive.

Choose a fashionable style of dress, so that hein harmony with your body shape. Appropriate for the friends of the bride will be a cocktail dress or a model in retro style dress in the Greek style or A-shaped silhouette. But the model with a fluffy skirt is absolutely will not work, because it will compete with the dress of the bride.

When choosing a style festive clothes, you need topre learn how and where the wedding will be held. If the celebration is scheduled for the day and will be in the form of a buffet, the evening outfit did not fit for this event. In this case it is better to wear a cocktail dress to the knee. Also, this option is suitable attire for the restaurant, the ceremony at the registry office. If the figure allows, and have a desire to effectively stand out against the background of other guests, the perfect dress for this for a friend will be a short dress with a small narrow cut, sleeveless.

Does it matter the length?

Slender girls will look great inmodels with skirts of any length. But even if you have perfect figure, you should not choose too short for the wedding dress. The average length of the garment to a friend of the bride - is the best and convenient option. Such clothing is more practical than the skirt to the floor, because it will not attract undue attention and cause discomfort while dancing and active movement.

Medium-length dresses for wedding to girlfriend

Pick up jewelry and accessories

A well-chosen accessories can help to makeimage of a bridesmaid in a holistic and complete. Their choice depends on the image of the bride. For example, accessories (flower, handbag, gloves, cape) of the bride and her friends can be the same or similar, but made in different colors. It will look original, because the image of the bride will be successfully added to a girlfriend.

Recommendations for choosing a dress

Stick a few tips when choosing a wedding dress on to her friend:

  1. First, the dress is better to choose a simple, but elegant.
  2. Secondly, it must be modest and feminine.
  3. Third, wear to the wedding of a friend can complement the image of the bride, or contrast with them.
  4. Fourth, the dress should be in harmony with your bouquet of flowers and a bride.
  5. Fifth, the clothes should not weigh much heavier fabrics are not recommended.

For full

Chubby bridesmaids fit A-shapemodel kits or with a skirt in the form of a trapezoid. Also a great festive clothing option may be long dresses simple yet elegant cut that slightly wrap around the figure. Models with a high waist, help to visually reduce the volume of the figure. Give preference to the clothes in dark colors. Perfectly suited lush girls dress blue, emerald green, purple, dark red, purple. To appear slimmer, shoes for the holiday dress shoes that have high heels.

For pregnant women

Pregnancy - not a reason to abandon the march onthe wedding of her friend. To make it look great, it should look for a free, no snare clothing. An excellent option would be an evening dress with a trapeze from the breast of light flowing material. Such a model will emphasize the breasts, but it would divert attention from the abdomen. On small stages of pregnancy take a look at the evening together in the Greek style.

Evening models for pregnant women

Fashion Dresses 2016 Bridesmaid - photo

Bridesmaids in 2016 should take into account three fashion trends in wedding fashion:

  • The current trend in holiday clothes will wrinkle. This item looks great on air tissues similar to chiffon.
  • Combination dress "on the floor" with an open top - trend in wedding fashion in 2016.
  • Also, lacy dresses and models with a bright palette will be to face her friends of the bride this year.

Autumn winter

For cooler days, wedding dresses do moreclosed. Also relevant sorts of capes, shawls. This gives reason to add an image, making it even more elegant. It is important to choose clothes so that she went for a photo shoot at the park, and to triumph in the restaurant. To do this, designers recommend layering outfits.

Fashion 2016 Bridal girlfriends

Spring Summer

Light, airy, bright and stylish outfits forwarm season will help to emphasize the shape bridesmaids and express their own vision of the trends. Combining his garments with style celebration of the heroine, her friend or girlfriend will look amazing.

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