Dress for a wedding on a figure

Every girl dreams of a childhood fairyPrince, on the chic wedding dress and white veil. Wedding Organization trusted experts, but to find a wedding dress on a figure - is the most important task for the bride, because the right choice of model can make it alone. In our time, we presented a lot of salons, where a large range of wedding dresses, but because of it much more difficult to sort out the correct choice. The ideal solution - it's custom tailoring.

How to choose the wedding dress for the figure type?

With clothes favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure, hide its flaws. Therefore, we first need to study the figure and see what type of body it is close:

  • "an Apple";
  • "pear";
  • "hourglass";
  • "Inverted triangle";
  • "rectangle".

Only after determining the type of body towhich relates your figure, you can safely proceed to the selection of style of wedding apparel. Every bride should remember when choosing holiday attire is necessary to pay attention to the dimensional grid, because the clothes a size smaller or more will spoil the overall impression of the image. Through correspondence, clothing will emphasize all the advantages figures hide minor flaws, attracting only admiring glances. When choosing a wedding dress on a figure, it is necessary to take into consideration such option, as the growth of the girls:

  1. On average height Bride perfect willstyles look with a plunging neckline, a high waist, short sleeves or without. Adding to this, along additional accessories, such as long gloves, will achieve visual increasing growth.
  2. If a girl is different low fullness, for the image should be selected models of gloves with a minimum of decorative elements.
  3. For women with a normal physique of average height there are no limitations.
  4. If the bride taller than average, you should choosefitting model, allowing you to emphasize the harmony of shapes. Not all girls like outfit with a slim silhouette, so they can pay attention to the model with a high waistline, puffed sleeves, a wide belt.
  5. With the high growth of the bride, which still haslean physique, to hide flaws and visually enlarge the hips, add volume to the chest, perfect magnificent wedding dress with ruffles, drapes.

Girl on the fitting

Bride with type figure "pear"

Build a girl "pear" type of callvery feminine, and men in their circles considered the most sexy. A distinctive feature is the narrow shoulders, wide hips and full with prominent cheeks, a medium-sized breasts, slender waist. Owners of such forms are trying to emphasize the shoulders and chest. Bride with physique "pear" should pay attention to models with bodice strapless, flowing skirt.

  • Dresses straight silhouette

Silhouette of this type is still called the "scissors"because the outfit for the bride, made in the style fitting shape, favorably exhibits all the curves of the body. straight silhouette model looks original, but thanks to the many modeling methods have the opportunity to endlessly improve the outfit. The bride in a dress is graceful, elegant and sexy at the same time. Pay attention to the direct style strapless silhouette, made of natural fabric that emphasizes the body line (silk, organza and so on).

This style refers to the classic andIt is recommended as a bride of low growth and high growth with lean physique, and even girls with seductive curvaceous. For the bride, preferring a romantic image, perfect straight silhouette dress with cutout "boat", long sleeves. If you want to add volume to your figure, the straight cut does not suit you categorically.

Style with straight silhouette

Wedding Dress for figure type "apple"

Girls having a figure of "apple" (complete withsloping plechaotdayut preference semiadherent model without cutting lines through the waist, with a volume skirt. For tailoring of the dress used vertical seams, tucks, lace, light pattern on the fabric. Feel free to choose a style with deep V-shaped neckline, high waist.

Looks great decor on the bodice and collar, and should still use a belt to emphasize the waist. In this dress she will look much slimmer, but there are general rules:

  • drawing on a wedding dress should be vertical;
  • more volume to be added at the bottom,
  • about mini-skirts and all sorts of ruffles should forget;
  • a braid at the waist not even think.

If the dress fits perfectly in the figure, the bride will not only feel like a queen, but also look the same.

  • Dress-midi with a very full skirt

midi length is universal, so it is suitable to all,Do not stress figure flaws and makes the image of the bride is very feminine and alluring. Wedding dress of the bride choose the style, which decided to hold a vintage wedding. Along with a narrow bodice and full skirt is associated with the 60-mi years, when the fashion was an absolute femininity. In this dress the bride looks like a heroine of the old Hollywood movie.

The bride is dressed in a dance all nightand feel comfortable, at ease, if the entertainment part of the program at a wedding full of dancing. This dress can be advanced, for example, the length of the asymmetric model is very relevant, looks amazing and is a good choice for a romantic holiday. Fashionable and modern bridal looks midi dress with a "ragged" layered skirts. They look stylish image of the bride makes a bold, bright and spectacular.

Models midi length
  • trapezoidal style

The wedding dress of the trapezoid shape is reflected in theThe fitted bodice combined with a wide skirt, it is reminiscent of the classic ballroom costume. The main rule of tailoring such attire - a contrast in texture bodice and skirt. The dress can be made of different fabrics: tulle, satin, organza. The bodice decorated with beads, lace or embroidery. To give the skirt extra volume and fluffiness made her fold, but often it remains smooth. dress length may be different - or a mini floor.

Young girls prefer longtrapezoidal model. This wedding dress is suitable for any type of figure, and lace, located on the bodice, separates it visually from the skirt. Foot Beauty stresses in the mini-style trapezoidal air, flowing train. The girls of low growth to such addition is necessary to choose shoes with heels.

Tapered style

For type figure "rectangle"

The main characteristics of this figure are:

  • hardly noticeable difference between the shoulders, waist and hips;
  • no bends;
  • flat buttocks;
  • beautiful slender legs.

The ideal choice for brides with this type of shapesIt will be the wedding attire with draperies, supplemented decor and vivid detail. This outfit helps to create additional volume in the hips. If you choose this model, it is necessary to give preference along with puffed sleeves and unequivocally renounce direct and slim silhouette.

  • Magnificent wedding dress a-line

When choosing a wedding dress future brideshould forget about skirts, trapeze, tight on the bottom and "make friends" with its top and bottom. The ideal option would be a model with an emphasis on the waist A-line that gently smoothes the ratio of the upper and lower part of the figure. Perfect bride will look in the dress with high waistline. Model bodice with strapless, flowing skirt perfectly balances the delicate top and heavy bottom.

Models A-line
  • With corset and fluffy skirt

Wedding dresses with corset fit skinnygirls, for making the figure more visually proportionate and complete help to reduce waist, hide wrinkles. The wedding dress you need to feel comfortable, so when it is selected to consider the material from which it is made, whether there is in him bones on the bodice. Ideal - a model, individually consisting of a skirt and a corset.

Robes with full skirt and corset

"Inverted triangle"

The main characteristics of such a figure - wideshoulders, narrow hips, the waist is not expressed, flat buttocks. This type of figure is called a T-shaped or sports, and the main advantage is long legs. When choosing a costume is necessary to create volume in the hips and divert attention from the broad shoulders. Ideal model A-line - it should be as simple as possible, strict at the top. Superbly will look like a bride in a model with a deep V-neck and trapezius skirt.

  • Dress straight cut

Wedding dress of the cut will be a tight fitfigure, emphasizing every curve. When choosing a straight cut it is possible to experiment with the line of cleavage, cut on the back, sleeves, the cut may be on the skirt. The bride will look enticing at the same time boldly in the dress with bare shoulders, coupled with the high hair, neck opening. But in this case it is necessary to pay great attention to the selection of jewelry. Fata fountain Organza is a great addition to this wedding dress.

Straight cut

Dress for the bride to the type of shape "hourglass"

The main feature of the type of figure"Hourglass" are the 3 main parameters - shoulders, chest and thigh, which between them are almost equal. But most of all attracted the attention of men wasp waist you want to accentuate the chosen wedding dress. Girls with this body type perfectly suit the following styles:

  • A-line;
  • "Fish" or "mermaid";
  • dress "tea length";
  • with V-neck;
  • The fitted narrow model.

Silhouette mermaid with train

Wedding Dress "mermaid" is suitable for almostall brides. Owners of slender long legs will be able to highlight their beauty thanks to a long train. The bride, who can not boast of high growth should choose a model with a skirt that begins below the knee, so that you reach the desired visual effect. Lush trail favorably accentuate a slim waist and will help create an image of the princess.

Fish and mermaid

The narrow form-fitting dress

This style still carries the name "Case" andIt is very popular among girls with a perfect figure. This outfit at the same time very stylish and elegant. To create the image was complete and harmonious, it is necessary to use a minimum of accessories. The dress can be very different lengths - from risk to traditional mini maxi. The main advantage of this style is that it is ideal for women of different sizes.

The fitted silhouette

Photo of wedding dresses for figure type

Choose a wedding dress on a figure muchheavier than it might seem at first glance. Therefore, we must approach this issue with the utmost care and attention, because every bride wants to look on your holiday in style, fashionable and elegant. Good robe able to safely hide minor flaws figures, and instead attract admiring glances. A selection of photos will allow you to choose the style that will be a truly royal in the day of your wedding.

A variety of models

Girl in properly selected clothes

The original model