Denim Wedding Dress

Snow-white dress, long veil, beautifulhairstyle - this is the traditional image of the bride. But every year more and more women are willing to break the stereotypes. Until a few years ago for the wedding clothes of red, black or purple perplexed condemning views. Now this will not surprise anyone, though some do not share these manners. Jeans wedding dress - a new fashion trend. This garment, depending on the model, looks extravagant, elegant and always original. Particularly relevant is the garment will be themed events.

Suitable for denim wedding dress

The unique style of dress in denim at the weddingcelebration - a rarity. Many believe that this decoration is not well suited for this important, the grand event. Everyone is used to observe the work of designers, unusual styles of dresses on the catwalk models in magazines. But very few people willing to use them in my life for such a holiday. But these dresses confidently entered the bridal fashion and has already won the hearts of his fans first.

Wedding decoration in denim style, tend to choose:

  • Girls who want to look original, and not obey the classical stereotypes.
  • Bride theme for the holiday. This may be a youth wedding in free style, denim celebration.
  • Those who simply loved it elegant furniture of this kind.

Wedding clothes in the style of denim

Do not be afraid of oblique views, condemningspeeches, which can not be avoided when choosing such an original decoration. Even relatives, attending the festival, can not understand, do not evaluate your choice. But it is important to remember, this is your day, holiday and, the main thing that you liked the dress and the groom share these views. And the children, considering your wedding album, was pleased to see how stylish mom looked at the celebration.

The models of wedding dresses of denim

Although fashion denim wedding dresses have nottoo popular, there are many models of furniture. Every girl, depending on body type, wishes can find the perfect style for yourself. Dresses can be decorated with embroidery, embroidered with beads or sequins, lace, satin ribbons or frills. To finalize the model, you need to try on several options and choose the one that will sit perfectly on the figure and the like.

Model denim clothing for the bride

Looks nice dress with a denim corset. Simultaneously, the skirt can be sewn using the same material or light, flowing fabric. Popular styles with bare shoulders, but then you need to take care of the bolero in the event of bad weather. For some models cape is an essential element that helps to complete the image.

With lace

Exquisite dress looks light orwhite denim, decorated with lace. The use of this decor makes outfit more gentle, elegant, festive. Located lace corset may, framing edge or sewn in a circle to the upper layer of the skirt. Openwork elements, inserts may be the tone of the fabric or contrasting colors, which makes wedding apparel greater sophistication and uniqueness.

Denim wedding dress with lace

Decorated with ruffles or flounces

Festive look on denim dressmarriage, decorated with frills or ruffles. To create these elements, in most cases, using a different color and tissue texture. Beautiful and stylish combination of denim and satin. This dress looks lovely girl solemnly. Ruched can be crosslinked with the base material or, for example, organza. They are sewn is usually the bottom edge of the skirt and sleeves.

Denim bride clothes with flounces and ruffles

Asymmetric with a train

Fashion trend of the last few seasons,are asymmetrical forms of dress. Wedding dress is no exception. Beautiful bride looks denim garments with a short skirt in front and a long train behind. Such a model has clear advantages. In this dress sewing easy to dance, sit in the car, we can boast of beautiful wedding shoes. This style is perfect if for a wedding transport bike is selected.

Clothes of denim for a bride with a train

with contrasting embroidered denim dress

Unusually looks contrasting embroiderywedding dress, made of denim. This option gives the decor decoration special glamor, extravagance. An interesting combination of white embroidery and dark jeans. There is another option - light denim and dark decor. As an embroidered elements can be flowers, swirls, abstract patterns. Such decoration is perfectly combined with other elements, for example, with ruffles.

Denim bride dress with embroidery

Embroidered with beads or sequins

Great, it looks brilliant dress, decoratedsequins, beaded. It seemed such small details, and in the design of the wedding dress play a significant role. Even at first glance, a simple denim clothing, decorated with shiny accessories, transformed, looks festive and perfect for such an important, great event.

How to pick shoes and accessories to denim dress

Ordinary denim dress for a wedding requires appropriate accessories. To create a perfect, complete image, you must take care of the following attributes:

  • Footwear. This may be standard white shoes, leather sandals or footwear with original denim. The model may be different, but it is preferable to choose a high heel or a platform.

Denim shoes for the wedding for the bride
  • Bolero. Even classic dress look much more interesting if it is supplemented with denim cape or shorter jacket.

Denim bolero at the wedding for the bride
  • Clutch. Ideally, a small bag of the same material as the main outfit. Alternatively, it is possible to do yourself. Watch a video example of creating a clutch with his hands:
  • Bridal bouquet of artificial is better to choose jeans or jeans with real flowers decor.

Bridal bouquet on wedding denim
  • Gloves and Umbrella white suit with these ornaments, which were used for decoration dress.

Photo denim wedding dresses 2016

Catching selection of wedding dresses, girlsbrowse more than a dozen of catalogs, magazines in search of the perfect. Much of the time is spent on shopping or seamstresses for fittings. But to find this kind of clothes for the bride is not so simple. It has not in every cabin. And, although it is very fashionable, many directories only briefly mention it. To determine the choice, we are sure to see a selection of trendy wedding dresses 2016 season.

Denim dresses for wedding 2016