Custom Wedding Dresses

On the day of the wedding all brides want to beunique, charming, sweet and gentle. To do this, they use make-up secrets, chic hairstyle, dress shoes and the accessories. But the best way to be original brides are unconventional wedding dresses. Every year, the world's designers and lawmakers in wedding fashion for brides offer bold new solutions in the form of unusual combinations of materials, colors, cut dress for the bride.

Unusual wedding dress

Ideas custom dresses for the bride

Modern young couple deciding to startmarried, tend to pick up unique outfits for the long-awaited celebration, moving away from the usual tradition. International designers for such cases annually create custom dresses that will amaze others unusual color scheme, the length of a mini or midi, frank or intricate cut, and the use of unusual materials.

Not ordinary dress for the bride


The traditional color for wedding dresses - white. But if the bride wants to get an extraordinary outfit, the stylists recommend to choose custom colors. Depending on the chosen color, you can determine the nature of the bride. By creative, extraordinary shades of wedding dresses for today's brides are following colors:

  1. Red. Color solution with red shades in the image of the bride indicates an active, sexy girl character. Initially, a color used the couple from the East, but later on the Russian weddings have also begun to use the red stuff.
  2. Yellow. If you want to appear in the image of the sun, the bright bride, it should be used to dress the yellow stuff. People who prefer this color, imaginative and excellent artistic taste.
  3. Blue. Dresses made in this color, fit girls who want to emphasize the elegance and chic in its style. Blue shades indicate a calm, steady character.
  4. Pink. This color scheme represents the youth, joy and tenderness. Preference pink shades give women who have romantic and sensual character.
  5. The black. To create a Gothic image of the bride used black. Use darker shades at the wedding symbolizes mourning, and emphasizes non-standard choice of bride and groom. If the future wife fears completely black dress, in which case suitable standard solution in the form of a wide belt at the waist dark white dress.
  6. The colors of the flag. Surprise your patriotism surrounding the bride will be able to help with the wedding dress, the colors of which it is in the form of the flag of the country.

Coloured wedding dresses: the lack of standards


Bold solutions for the modern bride to beSelect a short wedding dress. If the wedding is scheduled for the summer period, the mini dress will help the bride to feel comfortable in the hot and sultry weather. Short dress makes the bride a romantic, fun and carefree. If the couple plans to celebrate the triumph on the sea or ocean, the mini dress is perfect for a wedding custom.

Wedding nonstandard mini dress


To emphasize the femininity and dignity of the figure youcan easily with the help of explicit wedding dresses. Low-cut neckline will show all the beauty of the lush breasts and pay attention to all the guests present. The use in the decoration of the wedding dress elements transparent lace at the waist or hips will add zest to your image. If you have a small waist and flat body posture, it is beneficial to stress will completely bare back.

Frank wedding dress for brides custom

Non-standard cut

In order to get a non-standard andoriginal wedding dresses, famous designers have experimented with shaped dress for the bride. Unusual cut appears as a lush or a narrow skirt short in front and long tail behind. Asymmetric cuts in the neck, hem ragged edges, custom flounces on the sleeves create an intriguing, eye-catching image.

Wedding dress custom tailoring

Because of unusual materials

Today the couple are trying to organizewedding, which surprise with their originality all the guests present. If the future wife uses to create his unusual way of dress, all attention will be focused on the guarantee of a young couple. For sewing wedding dresses designers traditionally use tulle, chiffon, organza, lace, satin. But if future wife dreams of extraordinary design, the wizard can make dress from the following materials:

  1. Jeans. This outfit is suitable for young and creative bride who is not afraid of bold decisions. The dress can be fully or partially consist of denim. Denim goes well with white lace, tulle, leather, satin.
  2. Feathers. Contemporary fashion designers to custom design wedding dress used the feathers of peacocks, parrots or swan's down. Corset made in this style, the image of the bride make an unusual and memorable.
  3. Fur scraps. If the wedding is scheduled for the cold season, the custom dress made of fur, would be the perfect solution to protect from wind and frost. Depending on the preferences of women and financial capabilities, designers can use scraps of synthetic or natural material.
  4. Paper. The dress made of this material is no different strength, but surprises with its originality. Designers used to create this masterpiece of newspaper clippings, corrugated paper, cardboard, white whatman.
  5. Body art dress. Girls without complexes may be used in a wedding image body art. To do this, invite a professional artist, and master will draw on your body beautiful attire for the bride.
  6. Flowers. For design uses dried flowers or live composition. This non-standard style can be performed corset or skirt.

Denim wedding dress: the original decision

Video: custom wedding image of bride

All sorts of variations and provocativeunexpected styles for the bride - it's all available. If you are not surprised gothic or medieval wedding dress attire, the unconventional celebration - this is what you need. Pick an unusual way - and your wedding will be remembered for a long time. If you dream of a wedding on a non-standard way, be sure to view the video:

Photo unconventional wedding dresses 2016

In the current season, including unconventional outfits forpopular bride dresses of unusual materials, a variety of colors and styles. If you are still undecided, it is better to dress for the wedding, then seeing the options presented in the image below, you quickly pick up the right way. The stylish and fashionable dresses will help to feel extraordinary bride with an unusual inner world.

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