Blue elements on a wedding dress

The modern bride is not againstto experiment with the color of your wedding dress. This is understandable, because the times and fashion change, the influence of tradition is less strong, so the bride and groom are trying to express their individuality in their wedding clothes. Some of the girls are in no hurry to abandon the white wedding dress, but fashionable elements still want to diversify it, so there is a tendency to dilute clothes bride color inserts and accessories.

Possible wedding dresses with blue elements

At the height of fashion white and blue dress posingromantic image. But this outfit requires appropriate accessories and jewelry, or appearance of the bride will not be completed. This color is especially the face blonde with blue or gray eyes and fair skin. Brunettes also fit models with blue elements, because the wedding dress does not have to be white.

Blue color - a symbol of constancy and fidelity, andin combination with white, which symbolizes purity, it becomes the ideal shade for the ceremony. White-blue model Suite can be different: short, long, straight, lush, with inserts on the sleeves, hem, chest or waist. Any selected on a figure model with ultramarine and cobalt elements will look spectacular.

Blue or blue wedding dress detailsrequire appropriate accessories, echoes the color scheme or echoing it. Achieving this goal will help with the flower arrangement. Take a look at the video, how to make their own hands bridal bouquet with white and blue flowers:

Lace and satin ribbons

If the girl wants to focus on itswaist, then she should choose the style of dress with a blue or blue ribbon at the waist. This element of the wedding dress can be laced or sewn from satin ribbon. Lacy ribbon will look great in any style. Satin times can be long, passing in the plume, or the usual narrow element, decorated with embroidery or applique.

White wedding dress and blue ribbon - aTandem universal. He put on a winter wedding, and the summer celebration. Winter color blue is associated with cold weather, and in the summer - with a nautical theme. To the image of the bride harmoniously fit into the overall style of the wedding, the belt of the dress is decorated with a brooch, rhinestones and blue complemented by additional accessories:

  1. The bride's bouquet.
  2. Flowers in her hair.
  3. Shoes.
  4. Groom boutonniere.
  5. Petticoats on a magnificent dress.
  6. Necklace, if a model with an open neckline.

Models with color accent on the belt

Blue bow

Any girl wants to look bright, soTry to choose a wedding dress, that it emphasizes the dignity of the figure and made invisible flaws. With these requirements consult the bride dress with a blue bow that easily clings to the place that you want to emphasize. Thus, modern styles are sewn with a bow:

  • rear;
  • front;
  • at the waist;
  • on the back;
  • on its side;
  • on the shoulder.

Bows are large, barely visible, unusualshape, with the long ends. They are mounted on a brooch, satin ribbons, decorated with sequins, stones, lace and embroidery. Particularly elegant look bows butterfly shaped with lush - a contrast element becomes a good accent. For a short wedding dress is best for a small bow, located on the shoulder. But if the bride wants to look like a princess, then she should order a large lace bow and positioned in the waist, where it will go into a long train. This outfit is fabulous.

Using satin ribbon for decoration

Flowers or feathers

Too much white at a wedding - it's overkill. White outfit must be diluted with something bright, for example, exotic peacock feathers and blue bouquet bride made of fresh flowers or artificial elements. Just do not transform ourselves into a bird of paradise. It is better to immediately determine whether the feathers adorned dress, shoes, bridal bouquet and wedding accessories. Two and more striking elements in the image will be clear enumeration.

full skirt will look perfect weddingdress decorated with several artificial feathers (natural are very expensive). For this fee in addition does not hurt bouquet of blue flowers and several identical peacock feathers. Select different combinations of matching accessories, such as shoes and a hat or flowers in her hair and a small handbag with feathers. Not necessarily all be blue. Items can be designed in purple, blue, turquoise, emerald green or dark green shade.

Bouquets of flowers and feathers

Application or ornamental embroidery

handicraft items in the bride dresses are not onlyare able to emphasize the figure of the bride, but also to hide from prying eyes a couple of extra kilos. Variety of blue, light blue, turquoise embroidery on white or colored attire will captivate the views of others. It looks nice on white looks that blue with red embroidery, made of silk, complete with sequins or beads. It should be borne in mind that similar elements of embroidery should be on the bride's accessories to complete the image of the ball.

A great way to decorate a stylish outfitblue applique bride in "Gzhel" style or any other variant liked. Application will be the center of the image, which will be the first to strike the eye, so do not overload the bride additional elements. The contrasting color combination gives the dress femininity and style, removing the severity of white.

Applique and embroidery on wedding dresses

Photo of wedding dresses decorated with blue

All shades of blue look great at the wedding,but any color looks different models in different ways. The bride will look charmingly in the dress with contrasting elements, because in her eyes shining love, and this is the most important quality, which makes it particularly beautiful on this day. See a selection of white wedding dresses made with decoration blue color in different ways.

Colorful details on a wedding decoration