Black wedding dresses Vera Wang

The wedding dresses Vera Wang can not helpfall in love. Neither the design of its models is not repeated, but each produces a sensation perfect silhouette and natural fabrics that perfectly highlight the beauty of the bride. The endless stretch of imagination talented Chinese woman of American origin has created an enchanting collection of dresses, which ushered in the birth of a legend. Separately want to talk about black wedding dress from Vera Wang, who won the hearts of the richest women of fashion of Hollywood: Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Alicia Keys and many others.

Features Vera Wang wedding dresses

Vera Wang - this is the first designer, had recourse to thethe effect of the illusion of a naked female body under the light fabric. She began designing wedding gowns after realized that this niche is not occupied by anyone. Nobody seriously until she was not engaged in a dress for the wedding, and the demand is only increasing annually. Its models correspond to Chinese traditions, which emphasize the small size, the elegance, the ease of the bride.

The whole world is buying wedding dresses from Vera Wang, as well as perfumes, jewelry, accessories, created by her. Her works - is:

  1. Luxury.
  2. Beauty.
  3. Sophistication.
  4. Grace.
  5. Original solutions.
  6. Classic line.

there are collections of wedding dresses in American oneveryone: modest, bold, elegant, rigorous, elegant, luxurious. Wong became the first designer to offer the world a black dress for the wedding as an alternative to the classic white. In its collections are many other unusual colors for bridesmaid dresses - red, green, pink, beige. See our wedding 'video images from Vera Wang:

Styles of black wedding dresses by Vera Wang

As anywhere in the world held demonstrationsVera Wang collections, everyone expects something charming, new, unusual. And as the fashion designer never been afraid to experiment, then the world was represented by the most creative and unusual its solution - a dress for a wedding in black. It looks stylish, extravagant, tasteful. This decision was suddenly taken to "cheers", although it is not every bride would dare to wear a black dress to your wedding day.

Bold, rock, full of mysteries black VeraWong in their finery combines with beige shade nude, creating a sense-through black lace through the naked body. Feminine dresses with a black gothic corsets emphasize organza, chiffon, tulle. As for styles, then Wong pays great attention to dresses-gang fashion skirt-bell, mermaid silhouette or a dress on the floor with the trend Basques.

Long dress in a floor or draped Basques

Dresses with Basques from Vera Wang works wonders: they are suitable for any type of figure, as can be of different styles and lengths. Baska - a broad strip of fabric sewn into the waist wedding dress. In different models of designer makes it narrow or wide, the second layer or the lush and growing. This item of women's clothing appeared in the 18th century in the male costumes of inhabitants of the Basque province of Spain. Hence the name of the frills.

Later Basquiat began to use French when sewingwomen's clothing. But nowadays it has become popular due to the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga, who made a frill at the waist a key element of their fashion collections. Wedding models Vera Wang draped or Basques distinguished elegance, femininity, giving the silhouette of the bride elegance and fragility.

Dress with Basques from Vera Wang

silhouette Mermaid

Wedding dress "Mermaid" silhouette proposedVera Wang fashion house, is very unusual. Classic white color gave way to dramatic black, giving the image of a bride shade of hidden passion. Although it has a more traditional collection model for the wedding, but the black styles "Mermaid" exquisitely luxurious, because they read the proud beauty and suppressed passion.

Almost every model found Wonglayered skirts, bows, emphasizing the waist, draping corset and silhouette of "Mermaid" - is no exception. In such looks that one can often see a deep neckline, frills, flounces on the skirt or air surround the flower on the shoulder, creating a captivating image of a romantic bride. Often traditional tape on a belt decorated with black tulle bow. The same decoration can be seen instead of the veil of the bride.

Black Mermaid styles by Vera Wang

Black dress with lush skirt-bell

Vera Wang says that the secret of her successIt is that all models are original, modern, perfect. She believes that a small disorder is much more interesting than a perfectly correct form. Thanks to a little whimsical style of her black dress with a fluffy skirt-bell produce a stunning effect. Asymmetrical cuts, elegant lace, flowing draperies still left nobody indifferent. And what woman can resist, seeing before him such a temptation?

Models in the style of "Princess" of the brand Wang - isa mixture of ostentation and deliberate negligence. The use of expensive natural fabrics allow the designer to express the beauty and lightness of a black wedding dress. What could be more beautiful than a bride in a cloud of organza, silk and tulle? A sexy dress with a fluffy skirt adds a closed model with lace details.

The fluffy skirt Bell ideal slim,high bride or the girls who have the lower part of the figure a bit too heavy. To low bride drowned in lush frills, it should choose a model with transparent organza front, which will open the sexy shapely legs. Girls with a V-shaped figure in the lush dress from Vera Wang to allow achieve the ideal balance between the bottom and top.

Magnificent wedding dress from the Wang

Black Vera Wang dresses in combination with beige

If the bride is not a lover of the vampire saga, orshe does not want to shock the guests, the fashion designer drew attention to the combined colors: black and beige. The decor of black wedding dresses are used a lot of beige corrugated inserts, flowing draperies, tulle petticoats. The combination of dark and light gives a striking effect is exhilarating.

Black and beige color in dresses by Vera Wang

Black and white wedding dresses Vera Wang

Classic black and white duo found itsplace in the bridal collection of the eminent American designer. Unusual image add black accessories: gloves, ribbons, tiaras. On some models, you can find geometric black accents, reminiscent of seat belts. Black and white collection of world brand completely turned the public an idea of ​​wedding dresses.

The designer has created a unique universe worldfashion, where the bold geometric lines fascinate game black and white. The image of a bride in a contrasting palette acquires importance, inner strength, originality and style. Main features black and white bridal collection of Vera Wang - is:

  • contrast game simplicity and luxury;
  • focus on the beauty of the lines;
  • grace and sense of taste.

The extravagant black and white dress by Vera Wang

Accessories black wedding dress by Vera Wang

By the black wedding dress Vera Wang has createdan additional collection of interesting accessories. Unlike dresses, they are characterized by restraint and a minimum of decoration. Shoes, ballet flats, sandals designer issued a restrained, so that they do not distract attention away from the bride's beauty in her wedding dress. Tiaras, ornaments, bows should only complement the image, and not pull attention to itself.

Accessories from Wong for wedding images

Photo of wedding dresses Vera Wang black

The next collection of famous designers eachyear waiting impatiently. Fashionistas are interested in than this one surprised by the creative designer? What will be the trend of the season, and what her ideas will choose for themselves the stars of show business? Vera Wang never lets his admirers, each time giving the world another masterpiece. One of the most memorable wedding collections in recent years - is black dresses, photos of which we have prepared for you.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses