Beautiful evening dress for the wedding - photo

For every girl's wedding invitation togirlfriend is a lot of trouble over the choice of a suitable attire. This event requires to look suitable, so you need a special garment. Evening dresses for the wedding photos to help you choose the style. In preparation for the celebration, remember that great importance here are the color, length, material. You have to look perfect, beautiful, but not overshadow the bride chic outfit.

General rules for the selection of the wedding evening dress

To look irresistible in this festiveday follow when choosing and buying a wedding dress to certain rules. Attire should be sure to evening, but do not be too pompous appearance. It will look silly and inappropriate. After reading the evening dresses for the wedding photo, you can choose a trendy outfit. Note the elegant dresses for bridesmaids, accessories, suitable footwear. All parts of the image should be in harmony.

Harmonious evening gowns bridesmaids

Color spectrum

Compliance with the rules for the selection of colorsOutput wedding dress is very important. You should stay at these colors that will not overlap with the image of the bride or associated with a different occasion attire (eg, black mourning). Tips provided below will help you choose an evening dress in the correct colors:

  1. Give up the white evening dress. It will overlap with the image of the bride. You can cause a lot of angry guest reviews about their appearance.
  2. Black elegant dress for a wedding andIt would be inappropriate. Although it is used in evening dresses style, but brings other thoughts. Prefer dresses combined with elements of black inserts, mixed with white.
  3. The remaining dark colors (eg, dark blue, brown) are also able to overshadow the appearance at the ceremony.
  4. Preferred neutral shades, pastel, dull. For example, noble dress in beige tones, beautiful holiday outfit silver.
    Neutral tones of evening dresses for wedding
  5. You can choose bright, attracts dress color, but only if you - the witness or toastmaster.
  6. Choose for yourself those evening dresses for the wedding photos that are popular on the colors and try them try. So you'll understand if you will to face this color.

dress Length

Pay attention to the length of an evening dress forwedding celebration. Choose the output image of such a length that you it was convenient, practical. Wedding - is a fun event, which will have a lot of dance, participate in various competitions. However, the selection of evening dresses can be any length, it all depends on your personal preferences. Look a few tips outlined below to successfully determine the style and dress lengths.

Possible length evening dress for wedding
  1. Avoid trite and vulgar appearance, which is possible when using a short dress mini.
  2. It looks extravagant finery foot in 60's style, fashionable in this season.
  3. The long robe to the floor may be bestevening dress for a wedding, especially if you want to visually look slimmer and more. The same effect can be achieved by wearing a dress with a high waist knee.
  4. The dress above the knee, performed by a style "Case", is able to give you a special charm, femininity and extravagance.
  5. During the winter and the snow is not flying weather, the question with a long dress in a floor disappears by itself. However, do not give up the other styles to look both beautiful and not cold.

Material articles

When you select the output attire on the occasion of the wedding,pay special attention to the material from which it is made. Emphasize your feminine dresses of chiffon. If you want to achieve a flowing effect, give preference to silk. Beautifully will look crepe satin wedding dress, satin dress or pastel-colored dress of guipure. They will create for you a perfect image on a celebration in honor of the wedding of her best friend. Below you will find evening dresses for the wedding photos that will serve as a good example for you.

Dresses for evening wedding guest

Tips for selecting the image and outfit for the wedding guests

Guests at the wedding ceremony should alsolook in accordance with the event. Perhaps young narrow the horizons of your choice, you advance warning about the theme dress code, according to which you will have to get dressed. In this case, the problem is simplified slightly. But what if the choice of attire for the wedding is not limited, and imagination leads you? Look at the video material with advice on the selection of an image corresponding to the event:

Wedding image of the bride and the bride's mother

Moms wedding attracted the attention of the guests did notmuch less the young themselves. They are also a lot of experience about their appearance, like a bride. Mothers important to choose the right outfit that will not add to their age, will be perfect to sit, to emphasize the dignity and hide unnecessary. On this score there are some effective tips:

  1. First, check with evening dressesthe wedding photos. In absentia to pick up several styles, take some ideas on a note, and then proceed to search for the desired option and fitting.
  2. You will look very elegant if you choose a free trouser suit, which is worn over a long jacket on the floor. Visually, it will make you slimmer and hide some figure flaws.
  3. Women between the ages of 40 years in classical form-fitting dress with beautiful lace shawl, making them younger, gives freshness and femininity.
  4. Excellent pencil skirts look interesting with chiffon or silk blouse.
  5. The color of dress should be neutral, but not to your face was pale, focuses the image of several parts - a massive ornament with green stones, red or others.
  6. Lace dress or close fitting style with a pleated skirt will make you elegant, festive, attractive woman.

Wedding dress for mother of the bride or groom

Recommendations on the choice of attire for the full

In order to achieve the positive effect of the dress,it is important to select it according to the features of the figure. If you - the owner of a large size, you should consider some of the nuances. Often, overweight women have difficulty in choosing a beautiful evening dress. Many of the styles that are popular, they just do not fit, and the rest looks like an ordinary burlap free cut. To avoid this effect, follow while selecting a beautiful costume to the following rules:

Evening Clothes for overweight women
  • To exclude from its consideration of the dress, sewn of Lycra or stretch. This cloth is only available deficiencies obtyanet shapes and put them on display.
  • Visually hide unwanted kilos able flowing light fabrics (silk, chiffon).
  • Give up the color scheme in pastel colors, as well as the opposite - bright dresses.
  • You are perfectly suited for apparel colors, like purple attire, red silk dress, blue or green.
  • Avoid large prints and drawings on clothes, let your image will be made one-color or using a medium-sized patterns.
  • To divert attention from the massive thighs to your shape, make emphasis on the cervical spine and shoulders. Choose a dress with a neckline that opens your eyes a beautiful chest and neck.
  • Evening attire for plump should not open his hands. It will only accentuate and give it an awkward appearance in the sleeves.
  • The massive jewelry and accessories, try to avoid.
  • Win-win option - high heel, he is able to give you more harmony, as much as possible to focus on your femininity and beauty.

Which dress to wear to a pregnant woman?

The special position of a pregnant woman makesa bit away from the classical close fitting dresses on the way out. In this case it is best suited long dresses free cut or high-waisted. The dress should be comfortable at the same time, does not hinder any movement, as well as look-Dressy. Take care of comfortable shoes, choose a low platform or tankette.

Evening dress for wedding for pregnant women

Photos short and long evening dresses 2016

Look evening dresses for the wedding photos,shown below to clearly see what styles are fashionable this year, learn for yourself some good ideas fancy images. You will see that evening dress can be of different lengths, shapes and styles. Pick something that will sit perfectly on your figure, suited to the color of eyes, skin and make you irresistible guest at a wedding party.