Beautiful dresses for wedding

Most of the girls are faced with the problemselect a beautiful dress for the wedding. On this important day of celebration of life friends, relatives, too, want to show off, to look charmingly. Therefore, prior to the scheduled date of the guests start to puzzle: a stylish suit trouser suit or prefer to pay, and can stay at the fashionable skirt with a blouse? The choice is up to you, the celebration theme and dress code rules.

What you can and can not wear to the wedding guests?

Possible dresses for wedding guests

When you go to a wedding, remember thatevent dedicated to the love the bride and groom, affixing their hearts and souls, elegance and beauty of the bride groom. Every guest wants to look original, attractive, intriguing, but is worth considering, if not outshine your outfit dress culprits celebrations, whether it does not seem vulgar, is not a suitable occasion? Choose the correct and beautiful attire will help a few rules:

  • At the wedding, the white color for the guest is prohibited. Many brides choose a dress that color or shade, so snow-white outfit, leave for another occasion.
  • It is preferred to abandon the black, if the celebration takes place in the morning, because the girl in a dress will look bleak. But in the evening dark cocktail dress is appropriate.
  • Valid bright colors. And if the wedding is a certain consistency in the palette, then such a solution is desirable. However, in many cases, invited prefer dark or muted pastel tones.
  • The main criterion for the selection of beautiful dresses is considered feminine. Elegant, classic, simple garment looks much better unchained short dresses because they look vulgar.
  • Harmonically Pick up accessories, dress details. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with friends who know how to properly prepare the image, otherwise you will be drawing on wedding white crow, spreading wrong accents.

Tips and advice on choosing the dress for wedding

After receiving an invitation, it's timepainful search for a beautiful dress. Each representative of the fairer sex wants to emphasize their individuality, beauty. Fashion stores offer a huge selection of evening dresses. Also guest can apply to the tailor, sewing beautiful dress for the order. Here are some recommendations regarding the way of a wedding invitation.

For mothers of the bride and groom

Being a mom at the wedding - honorable and responsible. Marriage beloved child becomes the most happy, long-awaited and somewhat sad life event. Every mother wants to look beautiful and handsome selection of dresses - very important. If the holiday will be held in the warm season, it is permissible outdoor outfit: neckline, short sleeves, open shoulders, slits at the hem. Choose the length of your own - above or below the knee, long. In case of cool evenings or bad weather will complete the image of a beautiful scarf, a light cloak.

beautiful dress suitable for a cool-seasonjacket, bolero, elegant suits. You can pick up a jacket separately, but it must be combined with the dress in color, style and decor. For moms extravagant suitable image with a touch of aristocracy, where there is a hat. Lush form emphasizes the benefit of heavyweight matte fabric beautiful dresses. The image will look expensive, stylish and elegant. Bright accessories will add zest to demonstrate impeccable taste.

Images for moms wedding

As you go to the wedding friend?

Wedding worries affect everyone inviteda celebration. Especially friends carefully think out your image. In order not to rush into the eyes of others, not to look defiantly will approach a beautiful evening dress, cocktail dress or elegant. The ideal option becomes monochromatic outfit muted tones. Choose a dress of any length on the straps, with closed top - either option will look festive and elegant. Do not forget that the bride is the queen of the ball, so your clothes should not overshadow it.

Elegant dresses for wedding girlfriends

How to choose an outfit for the witness?

The role of the witness is very honorable, so tothe choice of a beautiful dress is to approach very seriously. It should be more modest than that of the bride, but also blend in, be comfortable, festive. Ideally, you should consult with the bride. During the selection, observe a sense of proportion, prefer elegant simplicity. Artsy outfit perceive negatively as a couple and the guests.

bridesmaid dress can be beautifulmade in any color, if the bride does not insist on a specific palette to match the wedding theme. Avoid white, black, bright red flowers. The deep neckline, bottom too short leave for other cases, otherwise you will understand wrong. Consider the purchase of accessories perfectly complement the dress and capacious handbag.

Wedding image of the witness

Wedding image of the witness

How to choose a dress full girl?

Women with curvaceous often shythemselves, and yet even with such a figure, you can look elegant, original, interesting. Some tips to help you figure out what a beautiful dress large size to choose and what to emphasize:

  • Choose a deep, dark color such as blue, green, purple, burgundy, wine.
  • Material must be flowing dresses, light, weightless matte finish.
  • If you can show off shapely legs, but you have the stomach, then try to trim short dress with a high waist.
  • Thin shoulders and curvy hips balanced attire A-shaped style, wide sleeves, flowing fabrics.
  • Full hands do not accept in the zone neck lace, necklaces, crystals, further draw attention to the problem. Ideal flared sleeves or three-quarters.

Beautiful clothes for full ladies at a wedding

Bridal wear 2016 for girls

Innocent, small, delicate features and girlsAdolescents need to emphasize the color of the dress correctly. Just cross out saturated, bright, gloomy, dark tones. Color ivory, milky, pink suit at the wedding perfect. The dress does not have to be performed entirely in one color: it can enhance the bright original details by making a special little girl. Universally version of A-line dress with decor flowers, beads, ribbons, bows. But do not overdo it with decorations, as a child - not cream cake.

Fashion for Girls Wedding

Photos of evening dresses for the wedding guests

All invited to the wedding want to lookfashion, topical, original, beautiful. The coming season dictates the use of evening dresses asymmetric cut, straight lines, floral prints, natural fabrics, soothing colors. Long beautiful dresses can choose - from mini to maxi. All solemn images look very different - from the holy geometric simplicity to the lush luxury.

Fashion wedding images for guests