Beach wedding dresses

Wedding on the beach - perfect fornewlyweds, who are trying to avoid the formalities typical of solemn registration of marriage. But the sense of the solemnity of the moment must remain. Beach format implies the rejection of corsets, lush skirts, rigor groom suit, in addition, the future wife can refuse to shoe, because the sand in high heels walking uncomfortable. It is important to think through all the details - the fabric and model dresses, accessories, shoes, colors, and other details that create an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

The nuances of selecting dresses for a beach ceremony

Variants of beach wedding dresses

Beach Wedding attire should be gentle andlight. Prefer flying tissues, because they do not overload the image, highlight the romantic mood. In addition, this material fits perfectly into the concept of a beach wedding ceremony. Among the most popular styles are easy cut and Greek models. Tight corsets, skirts too, too tight traditional costumes will bring you discomfort.

Gas, linen, cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe de chine - is notcomplete list of matters that are ideal for easy beach wedding dresses. They look great, help hide figure flaws and emphasize the slender lines of the body. Many brides prefer models with thin straps, transparent, or even without them, revealing feminine shoulders, but there may be other options - open back, the presence of small arms-lanterns.

Short dress with a fluffy skirt for wedding

Beach wedding dresses looks easier thanfor the usual ceremony. However, this does not mean that the image of the bride will look presentable. For example, take the Greek dress, which often choose the bride: the sophistication and polish of this embodiment is in the details, of which there may be a great many - flowers, ribbons, embroidered belt, drapery, decorated cut on the back, sequins. Among the actual colors white, soft pastel colors and bright, crazy, tropical colors.

Hats and veils the bride better not to choose,because the sea breeze can carry them to the head. With regard to the presence or absence of the loop - your choice personally. On the one hand, walking down the aisle with a luxurious beauty on a train on the beach looks divine. But on the other hand, this detail toilet grand quickly stained and will look unaesthetic. However, there is a way out of this situation - to make the trail removable and remove it after the photo shoot.

Long dress for a wedding in the style of boho

Variants of models and styles of dresses for a wedding on the beach

As it has been said, from excessive pretentiousness,classic luxury for a beach ceremony should be abandoned. Think of what you associate the beach? This recreation, relaxation, naturalness, simplicity, movement. The same criteria should have a dress to wear to the bride. Light flying styles of different lengths with a refined decor of embroidery or lace hand-weaving will give the image of romance. This mood must go to wedding accessories - jewelry, purse, veil, bouquet.

Variants of beach wedding dresses long

Short model

On the Cote d'Azur will give a short wedding dressbride feel as freely. In this garb, you can take pictures by going to sea water, without worrying about the hem or train. Short versions of elegant wedding dress can be made in a variety of colors and styles:

  • The bride can choose a magnificent multi-layer skirt made of light white fabrics that emphasize the solemnity of the situation.
  • The decor of the stones on a blue or red bride will shine magical shimmering in the sun.
  • Bottom white dress can be decorated with flounces thin translucent blue fabric that will give the general form of appeal.

Short dress strapless wedding

Dress to the floor

The length of the floor a lot of brides choose, regardlessthe abundance of sand underfoot. Such variants are looked harmoniously, they are always in fashion, they can be carried out with or without a train him. Bride, choose the length of the dress, causing a storm of delight. Dresses Godet or mermaid style give the image of sexuality, femininity, and the Empire style - tenderness, romance. The style must be combined with facial features Bride figure, the color of her eyes and hair, complexion.

If you want to demonstrate excellentlegs, it is best to choose a style with a high slit on one leg, which will lift the veil of secrecy. And in long dresses to choose the best decorated top, because the skirt should be flying without clutter abundance of ornaments. A variety of models gives an excellent opportunity to choose the ideal beauty of each style and fabric to produce a vivid impression on the bride and guests.

Long dress with a train for a beach wedding

Dresses tea length

Tea-length dresses appeared due to stifftraditions in London. The term is associated with the English tea ceremony, which was made to appear in long robes, but not the evening. The time of day when the ceremony took place, permitted certain liberties, such as ajar ankle. Bridal beach dresses tea length can be elegant, simple or fun, cute. This garment is ideal for creating a retro image, especially if the bodice is decorated with beautiful delicate patterns, embroidery, beads, beads.

The dress for the wedding tea length

Footwear and accessories for beach wedding dress

When I selected only the very gorgeousdress, it's time to think about comfortable and beautiful shoes. It should harmoniously complement the image, to be comfortable. On the beach look out of place pins high, so give preference elegant sandals with light decor. Elegant shoes without heels with beads or pearls perfectly fit into the image. Another alternative - to spend the holiday barefoot because the sand around.

Decorating for the legs on a beach wedding

The original complement to the image of the bride to beminiature handbag fashionable colors and elegant shapes: in it you will be able to lay down all the necessary stuff. Bridal bouquet and boutonniere serve as a harmonious complement to the image. These items should not be pompous, awkward. Ornaments on the neck, the hands is better to choose small, graceful, with gleaming stones that shimmer beautifully in the sun. The image will be completed when all its parts are in harmony.

Photo light wedding dresses for the beach 2016

Beach wedding dress does not necessarily implymaximum openness of your body. The most relevant models are considered to be dresses with straps, which add lightness. According to the rules of good taste, choosing the dress with a deep neckline, back left closed (or vice-versa, open back and a closed front). The winning dress looks at the floor of the flowing, lightweight fabrics, it is better with a cascade of multi-layered skirts. See a selection of photos, where there is everything - modest and causing dresses of different styles.