Wedding wreath on the head of flowers

The ancient Slavs, our ancestors, no weddingnot without ornaments wildflowers. The central attribute was a wreath with fresh flowers for the bride, which symbolized the natural purity, the innocence of the girl. In the autumn, at the time of the Slavic weddings fresh flowers replaced with colored autumn leaves of trees. There were whole wedding ceremonies for taking pictures of a wreath and lowering it into the reservoir, indicating that from that day on a married woman has more.

How to choose a wreath of flowers?

The first and basic rule of choosing a weddingwreath should be complete its combination with the rest of the dress of the bride. When the image of the bride is completely thought out, contact the florist for advice. An experienced specialist will tell you what color the wreath with which the components fit the particular bride, according to her appearance. Floral wreaths are best suited to young girls of 25-28 years, especially the owner of long hair. More mature women with such accessory may look not only ugly, but even comical.

Possible wedding wreaths on his head

If you decide that your ornament on your headshould only be fresh flowers, note that they resonated with a bouquet in content and color scheme. The most beautiful of all the plants look in the long flowing hair. But this does not mean that women with short haircuts are denied the right to adorn themselves headdress, created by nature itself. For brides with any hair length floral wreath there.

From wildflowers

The gentle image of the bride emphasize surround a wreath,created from wild flowers and ears. Pale shades give lightness headdress. Bride with long flowing hair, in a unique way the forest nymphs, will be surrounded by an aura of gentle inflorescence of rue, mint. This decoration will suit blondes with fair skin and blue eyes, wearing a dress made in folk style. Any girl knows how to weave wreaths, but for making a wedding decoration best to consult a florist. Due to the variety of plants, it is easy to achieve excellent results.

Wildflowers Suite

From alstroemeria and shrub roses

In ancient Greece, the rose was considered the most importantflower and worshiped her. No wonder, Suite bed showered with rose petals, and a wreath with this regal flower always admired. The height of the headpiece, which is woven in vivid curly or shrub roses can reach up to 10-15 cm, which enlarges the low growth of the bride. No less beautiful and sophisticated look wreaths with roses. The variety of colors of these flowers attached to the image of the girl even more freshness and delicate beauty. Blending in different proportions of these plants, you get a unique wreath.

Rose and alstroemeria in a wreath

The snow-white wreath of baby's breath

Wreath with roses can be compared only with the"Crown angel", associating with a gentle manner, without blemish. These flowers will suit girls with comely rounded features. Small white blossoms as if specially created for them were decorated with elaborate hairstyles for wedding or woven into wreaths. The charming flower crown allows the bride to feel unbeatable, that give nice memorable moments. Wreaths with verdure are favorites of the girls who are going to the altar, because they can hold out all day without losing its beauty.

Wreaths with verdure

The composition of tiny flowers and berries

Hair Ornament berries and small flowers -a tradition that originated centuries ago. Women already want to look attractive and elegant. Traditional Slavic traditions have survived to this day. For example, a wreath of flowers in addition to Ukrainian girls must contain a sprig of bright red viburnum entwined with leaves and ribbons. The combination of clusters or individual berries and small less bright colors gives a special color image of the bride.

The combination of berries and flowers for the bridal wreath

What hairstyle will suit under the bridal wreath?

Wedding hairstyle with a wreath on the bride's head -the whole work of art. When creating the image of the bride is given maximum attention to all the elements were in harmony with each other. The smooth transition between the parts of the wedding decorations help provide various decorations. Rare bride without any attributes in her hair. In recent years there has been a tendency to return to the national traditions. Returning to fashion a wreath decorating bridal hairstyle, is at the peak of popularity.

The longer the hair, the bigger in size should beflower decoration. Using a single inflorescence of small, properly placed in the collected hair - add racy romantic image of the bride. Those little flowers will complement the long hair, if they are braided into a French braid. Impressive beautiful combination of large buds and loose soft curls of hair in the form of free curly strands.

For short hair is best suitedasymmetrical wreath containing one or three flowers, interwoven lace. Songs with delicate middle-sized flowers are more versatile. Especially organically they look for short haircuts and loose hair of medium length. If properly attach the hoop with flowers, a wreath will be a wonderful complement to the hair arranged in or freely flowing long hair.

Options for hairstyles for wedding wreath

Photo of wedding wreaths of flowers

Wedding hairstyles with a wreath - a trend of the season. Possible that the crown worn only at the time of the marriage ceremony, for the most solemn moment. If it does not cause discomfort or severity, and correct color will not fade after a short period of time, you should stay in it until the end of the wedding celebration. To extend the life of plants, in the preparation of compositions, florists treat them with a special compound.

Skillful hands of specialists creates immaculatea combination of flowers, leaves, ears, ribbons, rhinestones, feathers and lungs. The variety of these decorations is only wonder. They are very organic look, combined with the dress, creating a single image of the bride. This work of art does not require any additional decorations, it in itself is wonderful, and only emphasizes the beauty of the bride. Look at the pictures below, it looks like.

A selection of wedding wreaths