Wedding umbrella

Exquisite dress for the wedding is chosen, shoes,jewelry, veil waiting in the wings ... But not enough of a bright accent. Do you want to give to the image of a romantic? Select lace wedding umbrella! Autumn fairy tale wedding threatens to melt away in the drizzling rain? Bright umbrella will help to forget about the bad weather, giving you and others delightful sensations of joy and fun. Well, for a stylish photo shoot this attribute Turgenev ladies will create spectacular, original images of the bride and groom.

How to choose an umbrella for wedding

Want bright rich colors in a solemn, butbit gloomy wedding day? Weather in contrast to a limousine, a restaurant and a banquet, do not order a. But the cheerful mood, happy smile, amazing wedding photos are dependent on you and others. Fall - the golden age of weddings, the weather sometimes surprises. Unusual decoration at the entrance to the restaurant will be bright umbrellas of various colors that adorn the overcast sky above the heads of the newlyweds and guests.

Umbrellas for a wedding celebration

Agree with her friends about this importantaccessories like an umbrella: if the tender sun will spoil this day with its rays, umbrellas can be used as a stylish entourage for the wedding photo shoot. In case of inclement weather, they will save from the rain, bright colors decorating the outside world. Transparencies, large size umbrellas, like a magic dome lovers hide from adversity, and the whims of nature.

Choosing an umbrella for the bride

Incredibly elegant look Weddingexclusive handmade umbrellas. From the weather, and from the sun, these models are not useful, but it will become an elegant accessory to chic outfits of the bride. Decor beads, sequins, satin textile material, flowers turn an ordinary umbrella into a masterpiece of high art. Do you want to about your feelings learned the whole world? Decorate accessory unusual inscription, confessing to love each other, and the "heart" model will remain a reminder of the most beautiful day of your life.


Create a romantic, fairy-tale image of the airfairies help wedding lace umbrellas. Delicate lace patterns, repeating the pattern of the bride dress, emphasize the gentle image of the bride. Do you want to hide from the scorching rays of summer sun, strolling along the shady alleys of the city park? Pick up the white cloth umbrella with lace trim around the edges. A harmonious combination of the wedding dress, "Turgenev's ladies' elegant accessories on a background of the nature of a riot of bright colors decorate the photo shoot footage fragile beauty of the bride-and-groom elegant gentleman.

Lace umbrellas at a wedding


If the solemn day of the wedding the weatherpoor, the great idea to take refuge from the rain or snow, the newlyweds will be transparent umbrella. The great advantage of this model is the shape: dome - it allows you to protect a delightful hairstyle Bride on the vagaries of nature. The impressive size of most transparent umbrellas will save bridal wedding dresses. Photos taken by a professional photographer, will remain in the memory of the tenderness and love that enveloped your soul in this fabulous day.

Transparent umbrella weather for a wedding


Thinking, how to connect a riot of colors andclassic snow-white-black decoration of the wedding the newlyweds? Bright umbrella perfectly complement the picture of lovers walking on the rainy streets of your favorite city. Choose juicy, saturated colors - red, purple, blue, if you prefer contrasting options. Delicate pastel shades are combined with delicious cream dress of the bride.

Color umbrella for the bride

Photo newlyweds kiss, hidden underumbrella, will give the atmosphere of romanticism, sincere feelings of the newlyweds. In such a joyful day you would like to paint the world the colors of the rainbow? Pick up for the bride and groom, friends, colorful umbrellas. They will become an indispensable attribute for the wedding photo shoot, and will continue to give a joyful mood in any weather.

In the shape of a heart

Wedding umbrella in the form of heart

To emphasize the overwhelming feeling young? Easily! Wedding "heart" umbrellas will be refined entourage for a holiday photo shoot. The unusual shape and design confidently won the mind and soul of the newlyweds. Bright pink, scarlet, crimson - they are ideally combined with a bouquet of the bride, creating a unity of style, and in addition help to convey the power of love, Valentine's hearts are connected.

Chinese paper umbrella

Wooden Chinese umbrella - exotic andelegant wedding accessory. The fragile beauty, graceful lines, weightlessness make it an indispensable attribute of the ceremony. To be a wedding in the Oriental style? Without Chinese paper umbrellas can not do: dragons, characters, he will emphasize the theme of the celebration. To make a colorful picture with the bridesmaids, choose a similar umbrellas for all guests. Multicolored give color and delicate pastel shade the exquisite outfits.

Umbrella in the Chinese style for a wedding

Wedding umbrella with inscriptions

You are extremely happy, because next to a loved one,who became your spouse? Tell others about your feelings and emotions. Paper umbrella with the inscription will be an elegant complement to the image of the bride. Admit in boundless love for her husband, by selecting the accessory with the words "Thank you for your love", or share with the world their new "social" status with the help of an umbrella «Just married». You can not find a suitable option? Do yourself a gourmet umbrella, which will decorate the handwritten words from the heart.

Umbrellas for a wedding with inscriptions

How to choose an umbrella for wedding dress

What accessories to pick up along to the wedding,to emphasize the elegance of the bride? Openwork umbrellas in perfect harmony with the gentle appearance of a romantic person, wrapped white foam lace air. Long tanned legs, frail figure, dressed in a mini wedding dress with a train - spectacular, bold and stylish outfit needs to close. Perky character, sexuality and emphasize the beauty of the bride's lace umbrella with a pattern, a recurring motif pattern on boots bride.

How to combine a wedding dress with an umbrella

Solid umbrellas pastel colorsunderlined the harmonious combination of all the details of the wedding bride's toilet. Tempted by this option? When choosing an umbrella on the wedding, try to dress colors and different accessories for a maximum of one tone. I love the bright colors? Create a striking contrast to the white dress will help the bride's bouquet and an umbrella, picked up in the color tone.

Snow or rain on your wedding daycaught off guard? Ask the groom and his friends to organize a "security agency". Elegant men in suits, with black classic umbrellas, led by favorite "bodyguard" will give a flavor of the wedding photo shoot, protection from the weather. Give each other a bright rainbow - a colorful magic umbrella lights up your day with bright colors, giving joy and happiness.

Please note when selecting such an important enhancement to the following points:

  • The luxuriant wedding dress, the less should be the size of an umbrella.
  • Laconic attire decor elements allowsunusual, ornate umbrella. The abundance of frills, ruffles, embroidery dictates the choice of classic white or pastel color attribute romantic ladies.
  • Create a spectacular image of the fatal ladies will scarlet umbrella, bright make-up and finishing / decoration of the bride dress details of the corresponding color.
  • In the measure should be observed: an abundance of lace patterns, which are repeated in every detail of the wedding toilet, cause memory rather grandmother muslin cloths and cushions than accentuate the romanticism of the image of the bride.

None of the existing umbrella on weddingcelebration you do not have liked? Upset, as well as to acquire the first available, it should not be. Draw a mind, what he - an umbrella for your wedding. Try to outline the sketch, selecting the model, color. Do not forget about the wedding style, consider the time of year. Agree, not very nice, if during the festive photoshoot word love written by you on paper umbrella slowly are spread out with accessory coverage in the pouring rain. And ... go for it! Make your own hands wedding miracle umbrella.

Video: Master-class on making an umbrella with his own hands

The decision on his own to the wedding umbrella Made still in force? Go ahead get down to business! You will need:

  • Umbrella any color. When you select a note the color of the handle - preferably white - and accessory weight, because for a long time you have to keep it in your hands.
  • Lace, related specifically the size of the spokes of the selected mechanism.
  • Super glue and to perform rough work scissors. When sewing with a needle and thread required, out of which related openwork fabric.

Let's get started. For transformation of umbrella you need a "naked" mechanism, so the fabric cover to be removed completely. Separately, remove the special clips, fastening the ends of the material to the spokes - you need them. The preparatory phase is completed. Further wisdom of creating exquisite openwork umbrella with your hands, you can see by looking at our video:

Wedding photo shoot with umbrellas

Arrange a bright, unusual wedding photo shootIt helps an indispensable attribute of the true gentlemen and romantic beauties of the last century - an umbrella. Stylish photo lovers newlyweds walking in the autumn city; rainy but happy in fact frames romantic date; fun, sometimes funny pictures with friends of the bride and bridesmaids - a variety of options, enticing photography ideas for newlyweds are shown in the photo below.

Wedding photos newlyweds with umbrellas