Wedding Jewelry

The range of jewelry for wedding diverse andcomplex. The choice of model depends on the image, style attire. Jewellery can be executed in different techniques and styles - from classical to modern. Each accessory must harmoniously complement the bride's wedding attire. Avoid brute force, otherwise the abundance of jewelry overshadow your natural beauty, and guests will pay attention not to you, but the sparkling bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings. Wedding - it's your lucky day, the chief, so the focus is to be the bride.

Sets wedding jewelry for the bride

Bride on your holiday is to shine,feel like a queen, catching admiring glances guests. Proper dress, a combination of beauty and impeccable style, like descriptive hairstyle, bouquet ... But in the way something is missing? Without a doubt, you need high-quality, beautiful and relevant jewelery. Remember that little things form the final image, making it memorable, unique.

Necklaces and earrings made of pearls

Coco Chanel herself said that pearls are always right. How lucky the fair sex, where this famous person to make this jewel a symbol of his fashion house. If you are looking wedding pearl earrings and necklace, then give preference Seto finished as jewelry should not be different in color and style. The classic version - a string of pearls, earrings, drop or stud stud. Pearl jewelry in combination with the metal to try to trim dress color: yellow, pink jewelry - to the warm tones of the dress, white - to cold shades.

Pearl jewelry for wedding

Earrings and necklace with crystals

the bride often opt forjewelry with crystals. By themselves, these stones are beautiful, and when any of the faces of the rays of light play or the sun they are iridescent, encouraging their brilliance, taking a variety of shades. This feature of jewelry is to use wisely, then you can become a fantastic fairy, around which there is a play of light on the faces of the stones. But remember that jewelry should not be too evident. Wedding sets in select specialty stores and showrooms to obtain a qualitative thing.

Wedding decoration with crystals

Complete sets of earrings and necklaces in gold

Some believe that jewelry looks cheapcompared with jewels, so it is absolutely not suitable for the wedding day. However, this stereotype is obsolete. In modern times, not every girl can afford to buy a set of ornaments made of precious metals, but gold jewelery under - completely! Such decorations look better than the real jewels, and are much cheaper. So feel free to look closely to the jewelry jewelry, which is very diverse.

Wedding necklaces and earrings in gold

Earrings and necklaces handmade beaded

Accessories, jewelry is not the same type of kitsways to satisfy the tastes and demands of some brides that on the wedding day need something stunning, unusual, exclusive. The best solution would be a necklace and earrings handmade, made from beads. This kit you can make yourself or order from the masters, who all perform according to your needs, taking into account the design of the wedding dress. Diverse beads and bugles turns into an incredibly beautiful wedding decorations. In addition, it is necessary bead jewelry is much cheaper.

Beaded wedding jewelry for the bride

Possible wedding jewelry on hand

Wedding Bracelet is considered not as a traditionaland must-have accessory of the bride, as the veil, bouquet. But many of the couple, wearing sleeveless or with short sleeves, a flashlight, want to decorate wrist bracelet. This accessory can be combined with earrings, necklace, ring, wreath, belt, shoes or trim on the dress. However it is necessary to observe moderation and do not act like a Christmas tree.

Wedding bracelet with a ring

The bracelet may be performed bytraditional materials, such as leather, plastic, metal, and from unusual -. fresh flowers, cloth, etc. If you choose a wedding ring set, it must be combined with other accessories, dresses. The bracelet is better to choose a thin, stiff or mobile structure, especially if the image is present in the chain and earrings. This option can safely be combined with more ornaments on hand, creating multiple layers.

Bracelets with a ring for the bride

Wide bracelet with stones and sequins

Almost any store jewelry, but also inwedding salon you can find a model of jewelry as a bracelet with crystals and stones. He looks very bright, catchy, so good in itself. If you choose to prefer neatly made, high quality wedding products. Check the terminals on the rocks, locks, all securely kept, do not scratch the skin, it does not cling to clothes.

Wide Bracelet with rhinestones for wedding

Volume Bracelet with flowers and pearls

Do you want to supplement the outfit pearl bracelet? Then give preference to surround options. This creates a current, trendy wedding image. Volume bracelets look great on the gloves. Color pearls choose to match the dress. If the wedding will take place on the beach, you can purchase a pair of pearl string on foot. Remember that catchy wedding bracelets will not tolerate Neighborhood bulky, spectacular details.

Jewellery in the form of pearl bracelets for the bride

Wedding Jewelry hair ornaments

Select wedding decorations on the head is not easy,because the range is very large. Studs, pins, headbands, ribbons, crab - there are so many costume jewelry, but first you need to choose a hairstyle. Wedding hair accessories is to choose according to the style of apparel. Do not overdo it with shiny stones, details, sequins. If you're going to wear a veil, then it will suit thin tiaras, combs and hairpins. Remember that this accessory is self-sufficient, so the jewelry choose not cumbersome, not overwrought.

If the bride's hair will be collected to highbeam, the hairpin with pearl will look elegant. This option is ideal for a classic image. Hair a la Malvina decorate all kinds of pins, clips decorated with delicate details and colors. Curls will look very romantic and straight hair accessory wedding soften and give a charm. there are plenty of options to decorate short hair:

  • Fine tiara, which will give a festive look to any installation. It is perfectly combined with a short veil.
  • Ribbon, tied around the head. You can decorate it surround an artificial flower that will create an image in retro style.
  • For a romantic, mischievous style screw the hair with small curls and a secure lock of the beautiful wedding barrette.
  • Excellent combined with short hairstyles headbands, under which the hair is easy to style.

When you choose wedding hair ornaments, think about their harmony with the style, color dress, hair:

  • With short hair you should not choose jewelry with large parts, better to choose a small bandage, tiaras, barrettes.
  • If the dress is decorated with rhinestones and other sparkling elements, do not choose hair accessories with bright and colorful prints.
  • With lush, sophisticated styling look ridiculously conspicuous, bright decorations, because hair itself is very solemn.
  • Think about harmony jewelry color with a bouquet of the bride.
  • Tiaras, tiara quickly lost in a luxurious, large loose curls.
  • Fatou and hair accessory must be very careful to combine with each other. If you give preference bright, large accessories, the image can become ridiculous.


Diadem and Tiaras

Tiaras, tiara bring something to the image of the bridefabulous, turning it into a princess. During the selection of the wedding decorations on the head, think about the quality of the stone which is decorated with jewelry. It is best to look natural gems, stones, Swarovski crystal. Think of harmony with the dress, because in this case it should be with a fluffy skirt, richly decorated corset. Wedding tiara must be suitable to the shape of the face:

  • Elongated face is recommended to decorate the tiara average shape that the entire length has the same height.
  • For the oval face is perfect tiara-hoop.
  • Chubby brides advise you to pay attention to the high wedding decoration head cent of which must be at least 5 cm in height.

Wedding tiara and tiara on Eivere

Combs and clip

Wedding comb will help to create a gentle way. You can find a variety of jewelry with textile print, decor, iridescent sequins, matte pearl. Comb is not only adorns the hairstyle, but also supports other elements, fixing them. This wedding accessory can play the role of attachment to the head veil. Invisible, barrettes, pins are also used in hairstyles for fixing locks, decoration. Choosing a sparkling jewelry for the hair do not overdo it with the number.

Pins to the wedding as a jewelry

Video: Review of jewelry for the bride

Wedding decorations are designed to impress guests,emphasize, but not overshadow the beauty of the bride. They serve as a link between all the parts of the image. When the dress, shoes, handbag ready, select hairstyle, it is time to look for his ring, and after him and a bracelet, earrings or tiara. Huge selection of jewelry can lead to confused state of the bride. This video provides an opportunity to get introduced with the entire palette of bridal jewelry, displaying the finest collections with sequins, stones, pearls.

Photos jewelry for the bride 2016

To complement the image of wedding jewelry is used. It is her choice to take responsibility, while taking into account fashion trends:

  • The favorite theme of jewelry designersflower remains. Flora dominated the jewelry at shows of famous designers. It symbolizes gentleness, femininity. It is better to choose an elegant bracelet, flower necklace. Referring to the theme of eco accessories you can make fresh flowers.
  • Jewelry style tatting, which is a special kind of crafts - weaving yarns air ornaments. They give the image of grace, tenderness, a special flavor.
  • Massive jewelry for concise,modest wedding dress. A catchy necklace will emphasize, emphasize the individuality of the bride. At fashion shows demonstrated decorations in several rows, weighted abundance of details, elements.
  • The most popular are ethnic jewelry motifs which literally born nature.
  • Complex geometries - Suprematism,cubism, futurism reflected in bridal fashion jewelry. Bizarre bulky necklaces, bracelets, three-story structure is a current trend of the season. Just be careful, because this jewelry is heavier image.

Variants of fashion jewelry for the bride