Wedding Jewelry Bead

Make the image of the bride a special charm and make itunique able simple but elegant wedding decorations of beads. By the choice of accessories must be approached with great responsibility, because the abundance of decorative elements can simply spoil even the most feminine, sophisticated image or make it unique, stylish. When choosing jewelry, stick to one simple rule - the richer the bride, the more modest must have accessories, and vice versa. Too massive jewelry can overshadow the image lightness and tenderness young.

Options bridal jewelry for the bride of bead

The image of the bride's wedding dress and veil apartIt should be a gold ring on his finger, which will shine a precious stone. And all the other decorations - simple jewelry. For example, very gently, the air and looks elegant necklace, which was used to create beads. This accessory perfectly complements any bride and does not look cheap. To make the image of a young harmonious, you can pick up beads, necklace, bracelet, tiara. Looks nice butterfly pendant earrings.

Beaded jewelry for the bride

Bouquet of beads, crystals and glass beads

Wedding Jewelry Bead exquisite, delicate,modern. Bouquet made from this material, complete with beads and sequins, looks very beautiful, original and rich, ideal for virtually any image of the bride. The advantage of this enhancement is that he was not afraid of the wind, the rain, it is well tolerated cold and retain its beauty even to the end of the evening. For a long time your bouquet does not change its correct form and will long remind of the happiest day in my life.

Bridal bouquet with beads

Bouquet for the bride, made with beads and bugles - is a fashionable, stylish solution, but you need to follow a few tips when choosing:

  • Bouquet of the bride should not overshadow her outfit, which is the main decoration of the young.
  • Make sure that it was not too faded.
  • The colors chosen bouquet should go well with the clothes of the bride.
  • It is advisable to stop the selection on to the compositionthe creation of which used small square beads, pearls, glass beads, rhinestones. This ornament will look elegant, and the weight will not be a large odd.
  • Round or cascading bouquet is perfect to dress with a fluffy, voluminous skirt.
  • If the bride chose a stylish dress, skinny silhouette, it is easy to pick up a bouquet, not overloaded with a large number of decorative details.

Necklace and earrings made of beads and stones

Choosing wedding jewelry white beads forbride, it is recommended to buy a set at once - earrings, necklaces. Beauty Air necklace charms - a string of beads on the end of a small hook. These products are very stylish and modern and transparent beads resemble precious diamonds. However, the bride need to be very careful not to overdo it and much, otherwise it runs the risk of becoming like a bright Christmas tree.

If you chose the elegant dressbody hugging silhouette, supplement it with a set of wedding jewelry bead - earrings, necklaces, made with stones and beads. For accessories and the bride evening dress in harmony with each other, we must be able to combine them correctly:

  • If the dress has a V-neck, suit beaded necklace or a product of glass beads of the same shape.
  • To open neckline suitable aircraft necklace with beads.
  • Jewelry on the neck of the bride should be chosen taking into account the style of dress.
  • Choosing wedding accessories, keep in mind that all products must be made of the same material.

Tiara for the bride hairstyles

Tiara - the perfect decoration for the bride. To feel like a real princess, is not necessarily a few years to save for a piece of jewelry. No less beautiful, stylish looks, this accessory if it is made of beads. Tiara hair decorating, as well as other wedding decorations should be chosen taking into account the style of the bride dresses. To complement the image, the bride can use the bracelet, but not worth a lot of accessories to choose to not look vulgar.

How to make a necklace for a wedding with his own hands?

The huge popularity acquire jewelry,made of beads. Manual work is highly appreciated. If you want to impress your wedding guests the original set of beaded items, for starters, you can not hurt to learn the technique of decoupage. Then you can with your hands to make a necklace with beads to complement your wedding image of the bride. For sale is a wide range of beads, beads and other materials needed to create original products. First, get your hands on simple weaving techniques, and then proceed to perform complex decor.

Charming necklace for a wedding with beads

Driving weaving and job description

To own hands to make a beautiful necklace for a wedding, you will need the following materials:

  • beads (diameter 6 mm);
  • beads №15;
  • beads №11 (Czech №10);
  • transparent fishing line.

Weave necklaces occurs as follows:

  1. Take the line, we collect on her beads №11 (16 pcs.), Then the locking ring.
  2. Gaining 1 №11 bead and bead 1, then return the line in the bead, hold the line after 2 rings beads. Under this scheme worked until the end.
  3. Take beads №15, entwine beads (8 beads for beads 6 mm in diameter).
  4. At the end of doing a number of beautiful decoration, using beads №15.
  5. Putting flowers in a necklace ready.

Video: Master-class on making decorations on the neck

It does not always have the opportunity to wear the expensivejewelry and accessories without image may look unfinished. Of particular note is the selection of wedding jewelry for brides, because they have to be attractive, practical, that lasted all night. If you want to purchase a truly unique product, look at the wedding of delicious, make it yourself, look at the following workshop:

Photo of the beautiful bridal jewelry in the neck from beads

Accessories made using beads,just perfectly complement the image of the bride. These products look for the wedding of air, gentle, cute, elegant, modern: woven in a pattern of beads, necklace, collar necklace in several tiers with translucent beads. Very unusual looks a necklace around his neck, the basis of which the beads are attached to the frame, and complete with a large number of white pearls or stones.

Decorations for the wedding of beads