Wedding Hair Accessories

Rich variety of wedding hairstyles andaccessories for them introduces many brides in confusion. Among such an abundance of beautiful tiaras, rims charming, playful ribbons, bows and barrettes studded with stones or sequins, organza flowers or other intricate decorative elements, it is difficult to find the perfect option. The choice of hair accessories largely depends on the image of the bride, her dress and other details festive toilet.

What kind of hair accessories you can pick up the bride?

Fata is a classic elementwedding style, which remains the most popular hair accessory among brides today. In the old days, traditionally the groom could not see his darling until the day of their wedding. When the beautiful bride before the altar cleaned from the face veil, the groom saw his future wife for the first time. The ritual of removing the cover from the head symbolizes the acquisition of a new life for the girl as a wife. Today the veil - it's just a charming feminine hair accessory.

Gentle hairpin with flowers for the bride

Many modern fashionista well dowithout this symbolic decoration, replacing it with decorative pins, rims, ribbons, tiaras or decorated stones, crystals, pearls, artificial flowers made of fabric or clay. Fashion designers offer each year more and more original and extravagant hair ornaments. To choose the perfect option that will blend in with the holiday, it is worth to consider and try on different types of jewelry.

Wedding Flower wreaths

Wedding flower wreath - a beautiful accessoryHair, which will give the image of tenderness and charm. In the old days the bride adorn their heads with floral wreaths, from which flows down a light veil. Traditionally, this element, along with the wedding rings, a symbol of marriage, fidelity and love. Today, decorative wreaths hair made from both man-made and from natural flowers. When choosing the right jewelry to consider the bride's bouquet floral arrangement.

Floral wreath give wedding charm image

Diadem or tiara with sparkling stones

Accessories made of flowers and touching lookincredibly cute, give the girl innocent, but this style is not close to everyone. Many modern brides prefer to shine on her wedding in the image of the real queen. For these young ladies designers prudently prepared a rich selection of all kinds of tiaras and crowns, decorated with luxurious stones, sequins. These accessories are universal, they look great with almost any hairstyle.

If a girl decorates tiara hair, thiselement becomes the dominant image. If you choose the other accessories, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, you should be careful. Supercharged glitter stones image risks becoming ridiculous. Choose elegant neat decorations that will not be rivaling the main decorative detail - the crown. If the bride has chosen a modest tiara, handbag or, for example, a necklace may be bright or massive.

Tiara bridal jewelry as a bride

Wedding rims and hoops for brides

Effective hair band is a greatoption that gives the image of femininity, elegance. This is a great alternative to a sparkling tiara, owners of suitable short hair, which is usually difficult to attach bulky tiara. When selecting the rim sure to try on it. Wrap in no case should not squeeze or deliver discomfort. Another interesting option - a bandage-rim. This decoration fits perfectly into the image of the 20-30-ies of the last century.

Headband Bridal hairstyles

Studs with rhinestones, beads and flowers

Hair-pins, richly decorated with stones,rhinestones, pearls and other decorative elements will become a charming accessory to wedding hairstyles. This pin can be unobtrusive, with one or a pair of modest stones. It is not only effective, but also useful for hair detail, which will help to fix the locks. Stylists use helical hairpins to fix a complicated hairstyle or veil. Prefer models with droplets at the tips that will help prevent cuts and punctures.

Studs for fixing hairstyles and jewelry

Combs with flowers made of chiffon or organza

Comb decorated decorative fabricflowers or stones, is simple in design accessory, which often make out a ready hairstyle or fix the veil. The rich diversity of the crests of hair allows each bride choose the appropriate option. Correctly chosen decoration will help to emphasize the femininity of its owner.

Floral crest emphasize the image of the bride

Pins for brides

Hairpin for hair - versatile accessorystylists who often used to decorate the wedding hairstyles. Pins may be the most unexpected form, to be decorated with all sorts of stones, crystals, decorative flowers, pearls. Choosing the right option depends on the bride's style, complexity of installation. This is not only a spectacular decoration, but also a piece securely fixing her hair.

Decorative clip decoration wedding hairstyles

Wedding hat hair and veils

Wedding hat - a festive hat,spectacular hair ornament. When this accessory should be taken into account height, age, shape of the face of the bride, wedding dress style. Low slim fit girls hats with small fields, but on the model of growth beauties would look great wide-brimmed hats adorned with a veil. Owners of magnificent forms should avoid small caps.

A hat or veil will complement the elegant bridal suite

When choosing a hat notehats decor. Such hair ornaments can be furnished details of organza, mesh, lace, satin. Modern designers offer models, decorated with rhinestones, beads, ribbons, feathers, or other elements. Note that a rare hat combined with lush wedding dresses. But they are perfectly suited to fitting dresses or pantsuits.

Veil - is another fascinating varietyhair accessories. Neat wedding hat with veil give the image of mystery. In addition, the veil can be attached to the rim or barrette. This ornament belongs to the vintage style, so this option will be the perfect complement wedding dress in retro style or refined festive toilet.

Video tutorial for creating a hoop with flowers with his own hands

The trend of this summer - a charming romantichoop, decorated with beautiful buds. This wonderful accessory will be a wonderful complement the festive toilet. Flowers on the rim may vary from neat to lush roses peonies. Below is a detailed video tutorial for self-production of a spectacular holiday decorations for the hair.

Photo of wedding hair accessories

It is no secret that in order to create the perfectcomplete wedding image little to choose a dress and hairstyle to make spectacular. Particular attention should be paid to accessories. Correctly matched hair ornaments will make the image of the bride's feminine and charming. In this hairstyle, as a basis, it may be difficult or vice versa natural. Spectacular accessory accents help make styling stylish and festive.